Live with Lisa - Week 72

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Live with Lisa - Week 72-Plymouth Cards

Hey friends! How are you today? I am Lisa, at Plymouth Cards here. Hope you're having a great day. I have some new ornaments and some new cards to show you today. So I just wanted to talk about that and a few other things. So I hope you're all doing well and things are going good in your area. 


Say hi, I'd love to know where you're watching from. I am here in Plant City, Florida, which is for many people if you don't know, it's strawberries here. So every day when I'm coming here to work I see all the people out in the fields getting all the strawberry plants ready. So I can't wait for a strawberry season, although I don't eat strawberries, I love the smell of them. So oh my gosh! Last year when Vinny and I drove through the area where all the fields are with the strawberries all you can smell is strawberry. It's amazing. So that's my story here in Plant City. Exciting things. Like I said, I have these new ornaments that are here. The woman that makes the wine bottle circle ornaments, she also makes these really cute stockings and they are red. I don't know, this one has gold trim. They're just -- oh, I should probably do my little thing. And hopefully I'm doing the right one, gold trim. Like I don't know, I think they're so cute. Just so you can see how big they are, I'll put my hand on it. Not that you know how big my hand is but I think you get a gauge and you know a good idea of how it's going. So that's how big it is. And so you can see that, that is one of the stockings that we just got in. I think they're just super, super cute. Let me know what you think. Let me know where you're watching from; say hi, don't be shy. It's always more fun when people say hi and chat with me than just talking to a screen. So I hope you're doing great too. Let's see. 


So we have also one with silver trim. If you're interested in ordering these, I would order them sooner than later. I did get a limited supply in and I'm just not sure how many more she'll be able to make for me. She's a small business, one woman show in West Virginia. And so she makes them as fast as she can. So I did order some and I will be ordering more but you know, I'm hoping to get them before the holiday crunch. But you know how everyone is having issues with supply. So that's why I'm just saying, not trying to be like one of those buy now because that's not really who I am. But just making you aware that this year, I think I would buy things sooner than later. If you see something you like, grab it, even if it's not from me, like just anywhere just grab it because you don't want to miss out on it. So there's that. This is the stockings, they're $12.99 each and like I said she's in West Virginia. And what else was going to say about her? I don't know, I get distracted. I was getting some texts. So I apologize. It was very distracting, through my train of thought off there. So I apologize. Let me go back. So like all our other products, 99% of our products, they're made here in the USA by small businesses. So I wanted to show you that one. So she is no exception to our made in the USA, shop small business mantra or philosophy, I should say. Hopefully you can see. Yep. So here's one with just little holly leaves on it, which is super cute too. I think the whole set would be adorable or if you wanted to write children's names here, you could do that. If you're good at writing yourself, I personally don't trust my handwriting on it, but that's what that would be. So yeah, so those are the ornaments that we just got in. I posted about them a day or two ago. So yeah, that's that. 

Stocking ornaments -

And let's see, what else have we gotten? Our catalog, that's what you can see right here behind me, it's our new catalog. And I don't know if I should give you a sneak peek or I'll just show you the cover. It's coming in the mail. They got dropped off yesterday at the post office so they will be in your mailboxes, I would say sometime next week, if not sooner, hopefully sooner. I would love it if you do get your catalog to say, hi. Who's going to get catalogs? That's a question I've been asked before. Anyone that has purchased from us in the last two years, will receive a catalog in the mail. If you prefer not to get catalogs in the mail, because I understand, that's a thing, just pop as an email. It's too late for this round, of course, but we do a few mail -- we only do a catalog once a year. And you'll see several of our customer photographs in it. I'm not going to go on too much about it. But we've got that. And so it is 36 pages of product and all kinds of information. So there's that for you to check out when you get it in the mail. But I'd love to know what you think about it. I've already found a few little mistakes, but it's okay. 


And seguing into mistakes. Okay, so anyone on our email list, I sincerely apologize for those of you that received two emails from me today. The email went out about our new SMS texting feature which is really cool. We're going to have SMS texting available because not everyone likes emails, not everyone likes checking Facebook all the time. So we are going to start so the texting feature. So hastily, I thought I proofread everything but your was spelt your instead of you're. And quite honestly, it was bothering me to the point where I wanted to resend the email, but I thought I was being crazy. But then one of my amazing customers messaged me and said that she noticed it too. So I'm like you know what I just have to. Even though I think is crazy to be sending out a second email for that typographical error, it was bothering me so much. So if you're on the East Coast and you did get two emails from me today, I'm sorry. Please don't be mad. So that's the story why got two. I probably should have wrote oops, in the subject. But we just stopped the first one. And then the second one went out shortly thereafter. But unfortunately, it would went into some people's emails or inboxes. So that's the story on that. So I'm definitely not perfect. I definitely make my fair share of mistakes. And you know, when you're reading something quickly, yeah, I just missed it. So there's that. Let's see what else we have to talk about today. 


Oh, gift bags! So I got some new solid gift bags in, which are really cute. They're made from the recycled paper like always. These ones are made in Tulsa, Oklahoma by another small business. And hopefully you can see, they have what is called a shadow stripe. So it's not just a flat red. I'm going to hold it up real close. So hopefully you can see the shadow stripe, which adds a little personality to the bag. Let me know what you think. I did get it in two sizes. So this is the small and then I got the medium size. And then look at that we have blue, I'll get all the same sizes so you can see them. Let me do this pink, blue and red. And they will all come with one piece of tissue paper, and a coordinating gift tag. And if you have special requests for a certain gift tag that you want from our catalog of gift tags, just let us know. I don't know, I think what we'll do is if you don't ask for a specific gift tag, we'll just do it based on what time of year it is. So in the summer, we'll put a flower gift tag, in the winter maybe we'll put a pumpkin or something fall related, a leaf, and then in Christmas time maybe we'll do stockings or we have this really cute little tree, red truck, different stuff like that. So we'll definitely coordinate them. I don't know if the other ones are going to show up. Okay, yep, there's the pink one. And let me hold the pink one up so you can see the stripe. Can you see that? I hope you can. Hopefully you can see that little stripe there. Oh there, I think that you can see it best that way. So I love it because it's just not a flat color. It definitely has some -- It just looks nice. And I like the fact that they're recycled and they're made by another small business out in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So that's where I get the gift bags and then here's the blue one. And this one, the blue, this is the medium size. I'll hold it, oh yeah, maybe you can see that better. So you can see the difference in size. The small one fits one of our sampler packs, card packs perfectly. So there's that. If you have any questions about anything, please don't be shy. Ask questions. I love answering them. I don't know what I forget. A lot of customers or people that are watching are always great, because you know, if I forget to say something, they remind me so I don't -- If I didn't say something, please let me know. 

Gift bags -

Let's see what else. What else do we got going on? I talked about the catalog, which I'm so excited about. This sampler -- oh, so every year, we introduce new card colors. And then what we do is we put together like a mini-sampler set of them. So our 2021 colors, we do have a little sampler for those. There's nine colors that we introduced earlier this year. And that sampler pack will be retiring at the end of this month. So I just want to give you a little heads up in case you're interested in getting that one. So I'm just putting it all together right here, I like the colors to be in a certain way. I know it's very crazy. I have my peculiarities-- if I even said that right. Vinny is probably laughing right now at me slurring, but anyway, so here is the 2021 sampler. I think that's what should show up next. Oh no, no. Okay, that's not what's next. 


So, let me show you this. This is a new card that I actually wasn't going to introduce until 2022. However, it's in the catalog. So here we go. Weathered wood, can you see that? So it's similar to our barn wood. Oh, you know what, as usual, I have to go for a second. I need to show you something. Sorry, sorry, sorry, but I think this is important. It's important enough that I had to just get in and out. Alright, so it's quick enough. So here's our weathered wood which has a grey undertone to it. It looks like just that weathered wood that you see outside. And the cool thing is that the stripes the wood grain goes up and down vertically, but you can also use it horizontally, don't worry, just like all our cards. But it's opposite of our barn wood which the barn wood goes -- just so you can see the difference. The barn wood is brown based and weathered wood is a grey base. I just wanted you to be able to see that. So that's our new weathered wood card. We also introduced the weathered wood as a holiday card too. And I love this. It's taken yeah. And you need to save this for our customers but I really really want to do this for my Christmas card this year. So that's that, but just so you can see we do have the weathered wood now available so if you want to just for your everyday use or whatnot, I think that will be perfect. It's really great but you will see that in the new catalog that comes out. 


And as I was saying about the 2021 Color Sampler that we have, it is getting retired at the end of this month. So I just wanted to show you real quick. The colors, I will hold them all up in a sec. But that's what they all look like. I'll hold them all up so you can see them real quick. I won't do a big thing. That's our snow with a black printed border; so instead of our typical embossed ruled border, it has this black line. It just adds a total different dimension to the pictures. So there's that. The colors I should say just so you're not alarmed, the colors are going to stay in stock. These are our colors, but just the sampler itself that is at a discounted price will be retired. So this is dusty rose, it has a pink undertone to it. And then we have our shimmer gold. These would be great for like a New Year's party or wedding. Shimmer gold Christmas and the shimmer silver. They're fabulous. These are actually 100 Plus paperweight, so they're really, really thick. They're luxurious. That's all I can say. And here's wheat, which just has a felt like texture to it, and pecan. And then we have our brights which is cyan. These were so much more popular than I imagined. I thought they were fabulous colors but they've been so well received. Magenta, and lastly, lime. So those are the nine cards. You can buy them as an 18 pack or a 36 pack. But like I said, I think the price that you see is for the -- yeah, that's for the 36 pack. I believe it's $24.99 for the 18 pack. And that will be available till the end of the month and then it will go away; and then in 2022 well introduce the 2022 sampler pack. So that'll be great. 


And then I just wanted to touch base on a frequently asked question. Since we introduced the city map cards to go with the wooden ornaments that we have, I've gotten a lot of questions, so I wanted to just clarify. I have one right here, this is obviously Wisconsin. And yes, you can pick any city you want in that state and we will find it on a map and print it out on the card. Here, so you can see better. The card color is the option that you're picking when you're placing your order. All the ornaments are red for Christmas. The other colors she had were not Christmas colors in my mind. So, it's another small company, another small woman owned business that I work with that she makes those for us. But she had red or like a burnt orange and teal, they just weren't Christmas colors to me. So I went with the true red. So you can only get the ornament in red but the card color is what the option is on the website. So I tried to fix that, so it's more clear that you that it's the card color that you're choosing and not the ornament color. But I just wanted to say that, and if you don't see the card color that you like, because quite honestly, can you see? Look at that. Can you see that wall right there? That's all our card colors. And actually, I haven't even put the new Christmas cards up there yet. But those are all the options. So we only put I think 10 different options up there. But if there's a color that you really wanted or a pattern, you can get it. There's no trouble in that at all. Maybe we'll put in other options. But for now we did red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, grey’s, white, just figuring that would be the most of what everyone would want. But if you really wanted plum, and it's not there, just ask and I'll be happy to do that for you. So that's what I've got today. I hope you like these as much as I do. These were just so adorable. I don't know they're just, I love them so much. And the fact that they're recycled wine bottles just makes them even that much better for me. 

City map cards for State Heart ornaments -

So I will see you definitely next week, if not sooner. If you do have any questions in the meantime, you can just comment on this video. You can go onto our website, we now have a chat with us button on the bottom right hand or bottom of your phone or on the bottom right hand if you're on a computer, you can just click that and you can chat with us. You can call 877-830-3405. I love chatting with you and answering your questions. Sometimes it's easier to call and ask a question than to type it all up. And sometimes, you know, there's misinterpretation on the question. Sometimes it's too long to ask in just a little email. So I'm happy to answer the phone. If I don't answer just leave a message and I'll call you back. And I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and I'll chat with you soon. Thanks so much for being here. I really appreciate it. Bye!