Live with Lisa - Week 73

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Live with Lisa - Week 73-Plymouth Cards



Hi friends, how are you today? I am Lisa. We have a lot of new followers on Facebook. So I wanted to just reintroduce myself. My name is Lisa, owner here of Plymouth Cards. Our family has owned the business since 2014. Everything we do, we try to find Made in the USA products. I think all but two things are made in the USA. Everything is eco-friendly, and we always work with small businesses. So that's been our company motto. So I have some really amazing products.


I just want to go through all our fall pumpkiny things today, and show you them all. So I think that's what I've got for you today. I hope you're having a great day and I am having a great day. It is fall, as far as Florida goes. I don't know what it's like where you are, but fall in Florida is low to mid 80s with minimal humidity. Not sure what it is like where you are, so let me know. Say hi, I'd love for you to say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I'm here in Plant City, Florida. It is almost strawberry season, a few more months. And right now, as I drive here every day, they are just planting all the strawberry plants right now. It's amazing. In a few months when they are ripe and ready to pick, it'll smell like strawberry everywhere. It's amazing. So that's where I am. Let me know where you are. Say hi. I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I took last weekend off for the first time in a very long time. I'm getting ready for the holidays now, so I won't have another weekend off until after Christmas. So it was really nice. We got together with the kids. And we went up to Philadelphia, I'll talk about it some more as we go. I don't want to keep you're waiting on everything I'm going to show you today. Let's see what I got.


So it just feels like fall so I thought I will show you all our pumpkin things which are great for Halloween and great for Thanksgiving. You can use them for hostess gifts. This is our pumpkin flour sack towel. And I will show you the really cool thing about this flour sack towel, we have a couple, we have this one and a Santa Claus one, is it is the entire pattern. The entire thing has the pattern. We have some that are just 1/6 of the panel, but this, the entire towel is the pattern which I think is so amazing. Check out those pumpkins. So this is made by a small company here in the US. 


Oh, hi from Rhode Island. Hi! Oh, let me see who you are. Donna. Hi Donna! Thanks for saying hi. Hopefully it's nice up there today. The sun is shining here. So this is our flour sack towel and we have a coordinating oven mitt. Let me just pop on that. There we go. So now you can see that. Check out the detail, it just matches perfectly with the flour sack towel. So I love it. I've been working on gift sets for everybody. I know the holidays are coming, you have Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and you want to be able to give hostess gifts or Christmas gifts, Open House Party, whatever you're doing. So I've been working on gift sets. And I was hoping to have them already today but I didn't want to rush it, hopefully you can understand that. So I think I'll do a live in another few days and go through all the gift sets separately. But I love the pumpkin towel. This is a really nice, thick quality. I'll show you the inside. Can you see inside? It's quilted in there. And this is made in the US. So that is our flour sack towel and the matching coordinating oven mitt. So those are some of our pumpkin things. 


Let's see what else I got here. Our candles. So we finally got all our candles in our new line. We've named them after all our positivity and wicked. I know you're probably like wicked means terrible, but actually where I'm from wicked means awesome, wonderful, amazing. Like it's wicked good. It's a positive adjective. So I'm from Boston, if you haven't guessed, and so we named this one wicked, partly because we love the word and partly because you know, Salem, Massachusetts is where all the witches are, we just felt it was perfect for -- you guessed it, a pumpkin scent. It is amazing. I love it so much. And so the great thing about our new candle line is it's 12 ounces of soy wax. It has a hemp wick which burns longer and more safely for the environment. And the glass bottles that you see, look at this glass jar, it is a recycled wine bottle. So what they do is they cut them down, clean them out, and then they make them into candles. So it's really cool. And the really amazing thing about them is after you finished burning them -- they burn for almost 120 hours, which is pretty phenomenal because our other candles only burn for up to 50 hours. And they are 10 ounces. So that's why I love these ones. I'm really happy with them, that they burn so much longer. So for five more dollars, you're getting double what that candle burned, which is amazing. And what else was I going to tell you about them? So yeah, they cut them down and after you finish burning the whole candle, you can clean it out and you can use it as a little vase, you can use it as a pencil holder. There's so many things, you can put all your little -- you could fill it with candy corns. Wouldn't that look so cute in this. I'll have to burn a whole candle down and then I can demonstrate in the future what we can do with them. But this is our Wicked candle. 

And I think we have a total of 14 different scents and names. So we have believe which smells like Christmas. It's a Wonderful Life that smells like cinnamon bons, we have hope and peace and joy. So we have a whole line. And we went with our whole positivity line. We have the positive words, we have the ornaments, and we have the journals and notebooks. So we just thought it was great to make the scents match all our positivity. 


So you're wondering how the candles come to you. They come in this great recycled box. It says the name right there on it. And so it's really great. So you can embellish this however you wish, you could put some twine and a tag on it and make it -- there you go. It's all wrapped as your gift. Or you could just give it not in the box if you like to do that too. So that's that.


But all this Halloween chat makes me think of our weekend. We went to Philadelphia this weekend. Our youngest son lives with us and the three of us flew up to DC, we met our older son there. And then the four of us drove to Philadelphia to meet our daughter and her boyfriend. So the six of us spent 36 solid hours together and we had so much fun. We walked through Philadelphia City, we went to -- I don't know if you've been to Philadelphia, we went to see the Liberty Bell. I'd seen it when I was a kid but you know I hadn't seen it. It's kind of anticlimactic. We went and saw the love, which when I went when I was a kid the love was huge. I remember my sister's and I sitting on it. I don't know about you, if that's what you remember but now it's little. I posted a picture of the six of us the other day on that. But the highlight of the trip was we went to -- this is going to sound really strange The Eastern State Penitentiary, I always struggle on that word. But anyway, they do a haunted house. And I like getting scared, controlled scared. I don't like creepy scary, you know, don't come peeking in my window. But I like the haunted house scare. I don't know how you feel about that. Let me know. But it was fun. We had a good time. It wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be. But it was really cool because it's the oldest penitentiary in the country. And you got to also take -- it was funny. Like we did the the haunted house. But then it's like, oh here's the headset and you can walk around to take a tour. So we did a 20 minute tour of that, which was really cool. We saw Al Capone sell. So I don't know, have you been there? Are you in Philadelphia? Have you been there? Let me know what you think about it. But it was cool. It was fun. We had a really good time and it was really nice for the six of us to be together. And we're hoping to get together -- My older son usually has to work at Thanksgiving. So we're hoping we can sneak something in before. Otherwise we'll see him at Christmas when we go back to Boston. So anyway, that's me rambling about my weekend. I hope you had a great weekend. I am feeling really good, I got to see everybody, I'm recharged because I did take two days off, which I don't usually do and now I'm seven days a week until Christmas. So I'm ready for it. 


We have that wicked candle but we also have wax melts that go with it. So if you like wax melts -- I have this thing I keep forgetting that you can't smell. I keep holding things up like you can smell through the the phone or the camera. But anyway, it smells exactly like the wicked candle. There are six tablets, I guess for lack of a better word, six pieces. And it's two and a half ounces altogether. And we have them, we have I think about six or seven, maybe we have a dozen different scents. Some match with our candles, and some are other scents from another company that I found that's amazing, as well. So those are the wax melts that match with the wicked candle. I'm telling you this smells so good. My favorite, if I must say is Believe because it just smells exactly like Christmas. And I'll show that one as we get a little closer. So I just wanted to show those real quick.

The October Photocard collection is available just for another week and a half. So every month what we do is we do a special collection for the month and make it match with the month. It's only good for that month and then it goes away. So we have the October collection is our espresso card. Espresso is made from recycled coffee bean bags, those jute and sisal coffee bean bags. What they do is they chop them up and make paper out of it. Can you see all those amazing flecks and the texture is amazing. So this one is part of our coffee collection, hence the name espresso. We named them all seven colors to go with coffee, which I thought was fun. We had fun doing that. And then we have orange bursts, which is bright orange. If you're an Oklahoma State fan, this is the color for you. We have family that went there. We have sunshine, which is our bright yellow. And then we have white, which is more like an off white because they don't use bleaching agents when they make this particular color, so we just want to make you aware of that. So there's that collection. So that collection is only available till October 31st and then it disappears. So get it while you can. A lot of people have bought it and taken advantage of getting it, and they are at a discounted price. Just so you know that.


Let me see, what else was I going to show you? So I hope you're all doing well and you're following everything I'm saying. Hopefully I'm not too all over the place today. Doing my best here.


To stick with our whole pumpkin theme. We have a pumpkin Chai soap. And it has these really great ridges which makes it easier to hold. So you're not dropping it and flying all over the place. It smells just like pumpkin. It smells amazing and it has that sweet Chai scent undertone to it as well. And the great thing about this soap, just like all our other things that I've been showing you, they're all made by small businesses. Now this particular soap is made for me. She makes it and then she puts my name on it, in Florida. It's about an hour from where I am and I got to go there and take a tour of the goat farm. It was really cool. I got to see all the goats; I posted a picture a few weeks ago of all the goats, which is so cute. So I love that the carbon footprint is so small on this because we're picking up the soap there. So it's not flying on a plane somewhere and it's really great. It's natural, so I really love it. So you can check that out. And like I said, I just love supporting other small businesses like us. We are a small business too. We're here in Plant City if you missed that at the beginning.

So let's see what else I want to show you. To stick with our whole pumpkin theme, I wanted to show you our pumpkin soap rest. You're like oh my gosh, what? Yes, it is plastic, but it's 100% recyclable. And it's about 4 1/4 inches by 3 1/4 inches I believe. I'm sorry, there should be a little link on there that will tell you the exact dimensions, I apologize for not knowing them exactly. They do fluctuate a little bit and they're about a quarter of an inch thick just so you can see that. They are pliable, so that's good. And the really cool thing about our soap rest, again made by a Florida company, but they're really, really, really easy to clean and your soap doesn't get mushy. I hate mushy soap, I don't know about you but I just really dislike that mushy soap. So what's really cool is this dries the soap out and then every few days what I do is you hold it up to the showerhead when you're in the shower, or if you put on your sink or whatever, and then with some warm water you just rinse it out. And that's how you clean it. I used to use a wooden soap rest, but I found that it got moldy and started to smell and that was very unappealing to me. Because then my soap started to smell. I don't know how you feel about that, have you ever used one of these kinds of soap rests, let me know. I'd love to know what your thoughts are. And so we have them not only with patterns on them, we have a snowman, we have the red truck, we have a mermaid, a flamingo, a Christmas tree. We have some shapes too like a dog bone, a rubber duck, a seashell and then we have colors also. Let me show you. Sorry, I should have gotten this ready in advance. But we also have solid colors. So if you're particular and you want your soap rest to be solid, we've got that covered for you too. And like I said, they fluctuate between a quarter of an inch to a little bit more than that, a little bit less, plus or minus. But those are the soap rests which I think are really cute. And they range from $4.99 - $5.99, so it's really good. And they last, I've had mine for almost a year and it looks brand new still.

I don't know if I mentioned this today, but I have mentioned it in the past. I test all our products. I buy one of everything, pretty much before we decide to offer it to our customers. I'm a stickler for quality and so what I do, is I buy it and test it out, see if I like it. And if I like it, then we add it to our product line. If we don't like it, then it doesn't make the cut. And that happens sometimes. But more often than not we like the product. 


So let's see what else I got for you today. Oh gosh, I didn't even get the Clarences. So I'll just skip right through them. Maybe I should go back. Well you saw them real quick. We have the Clarence ornaments. This is my usual, I was trying really hard not to get away from the screen, I just can't help myself. I always forget something and I don't understand why. You would think I didn't know what I was doing but I promise you I do at times. Let's see... Now I can't even find the one I want. Well anyway, I don't know where they went.

Clarence, in case you haven't seen him. There he is. This one has a scarf, he has a little bandage on his right stick and he's holding his little snow-vid card with his name on it. We have this in about over 15 colors. And then we also have the version that we made last year, but it's also applicable for this year and he's wearing a little mask with a toilet paper scarf. So this one is a glitter one. So they're $11.99 but the ones with the glitter or the camo are $14.99 because they take considerable more time to make. So there's that. 


All the pewter items are made by my brother-in-law in Massachusetts. We come up with designs, either my family and then we send it to him and then he makes them come to life. So it's been really fun working with him. And it's just been really fun. I really like him, it's good to work with family. I know, they're always saying like you shouldn't work with family, but I really enjoy working with him. 


Our barnwood card, I wanted to stick with our whole fall theme. And so the barnwood photocard. Our photo cards, the picture slides in, there's no glues or tapes needed, it stays in place and see you just slide it in and out. And the cool thing is the cards are designed to work with either a horizontal or a vertical photo. We put our logo on the back at an angle so that you would feel comfortable putting in either orientation photo. We used to put it in a vertical orientation and we got a lot of feedback from customers that they didn't feel like they could put a horizontal picture in. So that's when we changed it to be a circle in the corner so that it's on an angle. 


And then here is our weather wood card. Let me know if you have any questions about everything you're seeing or if you have questions about anything else. Our shipping,  I should go through some of our Frequently Asked Questions.


Shipping $5. Order one thing, 100 things, it's $5. No matter how much you order it's $5. Yes, occasionally we do a free shipping offer. You can sign up for our email or our texts. We just started texting, collecting phone numbers to start texting. So that will be where you would get those offers. And yeah, so there's that. So this is our Weather Wood card. This is brand new, hot off the presses. I actually wasn't going to introduce this until 2022 but it accidentally got in the catalog that's in the mail right now. So we felt like, well, we have to have it on the website now, because otherwise people are going to be looking for it. So whether wood is a grey undertone, where barnwood is the brown undertone.

And what we did is, I love getting customer feedback and requests, because then it lets us know what you want. And we always take your thoughts into consideration. So please never be shy, just be kind, but never be shy about telling me something that you'd like or you think that we should be doing. I'm happy to do that. That's how so many of our card colors got introduced or designs and patterns, but we had a customer respond to one of our surveys. And her comment was, see the way the barnwood goes, the wood goes this way and when you turn it this way, it goes up and down. Well, she wanted a landscape card that went horizontally. So we introduced that with our weather wood. So now we have the barnwood and the weather wood. If you're particular about that now we have both options for you. I know this is a horizontal picture and I'm holding it vertically but that's that. So that's what I've got.


I forgot to put a link on this, so I won't be able to click it. I'll add it in the comments afterwards. But we are taking pre-orders for the Class of 2022 ornaments. It will be here, I'm going to get some samples tomorrow, I'm so excited. And then they're going to start shipping next week, as long as everything as the powers may be, all works out. Allen's been feverishly working on them for me. So we're going to have them in all these different colors. And it just says Class of 2022 and instead of a zero, it's the Wi-Fi signal just to memorialize the year for them, which they've spent a lot of time online. And then it says #APartOfHistory. So that's the 2022 version. If you're interested in the Class of 2021 version, oh I should get that, we still have those. So you could get that and we have them in 7-10 different colors. Here's the Class of 2021, where it has a little mask instead of a tassel, it has the Wi-Fi signal again, and for the one it's a bottle of hand sanitizer, and it says #WeMadeHistory. Yeah, so there's that. That's what I've got for you today.

I talked to you about how much shipping is. We've been shipping one to three business days right now we're trying to get them out fast, on the one versus the three. But sometimes the orders, there's just too much, we physically just can't pack them all. So we're doing our best to get them out. But nothing has been over three business days. If you order on a Friday night, the clock doesn't start ticking until Monday, just so you know that. We try not to ship on the weekend. But I think in another week or two, we'll probably start shipping on Saturdays also. And actually, it's really cool. I'm just outside of Tampa, Florida. And at the Tampa airport, there's a post office that's open seven days a week. And they have extended hours during Christmas. We found that out last year, which was really cool. So we were able to ship packages seven days a week last year, which really helped. But I think that not just from us, but from any company you should be ordering sooner than later. Some of my small businesses where I just went yesterday to order some additional product that I know was going to sell and their out of stock and it's all stuff made here. I foolishly thought, oh, it's made in the US. I'll have no problem getting it. I'm be so mad at myself. So anyway, I'm going to be checking their website every day to get more, so what I would say is order early. And they are saying shipping at the post office is going to slow down even more. So I want you to get your your products, your orders, your gifts in time, so don't be a procrastinator. I know I am one for Christmas gifts. I usually, wait till the last minute and then my kids, they're all in their 20s now so they prefer the money, I'm sure. So I every year I say by Halloween I'm going to be done Christmas shopping because it's so busy for us, I won't have time to shop. And then December 23rd is like, okay, where are we getting gift cards from which I'm sure like I said -- they never complain. They're the best kids. I shouldn't even call them kids anymore because they are adults, but they'll always be kids to me. 


So I thank you so much for being here and watching. If you have any questions, you can always pop a comment here. You can private message, you can call me at 877-830-3405. And how else can you get in touch with me? On our website, there's a little button now, oh, our website plymouthcards with an s .com - And on our website now, on the bottom right side, I'm trying to visualize, on the right side of the screen, if you're on a computer, there's a chat with us button. And if you're on the phone, I believe it's on the bottom that says chat with us. So those are ways, which is really fun. We just started the chat with us a few weeks ago, and it's been really well received. But I think that's what I've got for you today. I will be back in a few weeks. 


Oh wait, I have one more thing. I was thinking we have --


I was thinking of adding a fun game. Where no cost to you and let me know what you think. We were talking about this over the weekend about adding a bingo game. I don't know why I like bingo, I just think it's fun. And we would play bingo, you would fill out your card in advance submit it via text or email or however we figure that out. And then we'll give away prizes to people that got bingo. So let me know if you like that idea. If you'd be up for it, probably do it sometime on a Saturday because we have customers from the east coast all the way to the west coast. So I can only think of like a Saturday, late afternoon/evening would be the best time to do something like that. So let me know what your thoughts are. Are you a bingo person? Are you up for free prizes and having fun. So that's what I've got for you today. So again, I appreciate you being here. I'm Lisa, and I will talk to you next time. But thank you so much. Bye!