Live with Lisa - Week 73a

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Live with Lisa - Week 73a-Plymouth Cards



Hey friends! This is Lisa, how are you today on this great Saturday afternoon? Hopefully, you're having a great day. I just wanted to hop on because today I was working on our gift sets still and I just cannot believe how many cat and dog products we have. So I just thought I would hop on and show you everything we have. I think you're going to be as astounded as I am. It's really exciting. We've been just getting ready for packing up all kinds of cards and ornaments for the holidays. It is definitely Christmas here. So I hope you're all doing well and let's go! Let me get into this. 


So cats and dogs. And I know I have that little feature that the product pops up on the screen. I don't know what order it's going to show up in because when I saved it, it did its own little thing on me because technology sometimes hates me. So bear with me as I stumble when I put something up. Well we'll just work with it together. If you have any questions on anything, ask away. I love asking -- not asking, well, actually I do like asking questions, but I like answering questions too. So if you have any. Okay, so it looks like we're starting with cats. 


So today is cats and dogs. I lost count, I think there's 26, I don't know, there's so many products. And I'll let you know. This is a notepad with these cat. Aren't they adorable? You're going to see we have a lot of products with these adorable little cats on them. So this one is really cool, because there's a magnet on the back. So that is our notepad. They are the standard 8 inches long and then it's 1/4 of a piece of paper, which is just over 2 inches wide.


And say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I forgot to say, I'm in Plant City, Florida right now. It's beautiful here today. It's starting to feel like fall here. So it's only, I know this is going to be crazy, but it's only in the mid-80s and humidity is getting better. So it's really great. Yeah, I love it. We moved here to the area about just over four years ago. I really like it though; the weather is why we're here. Let me know where you're watching from. And hopefully I'll be able to see it when you comment. Oh my gosh.


So our flour sack towels, adorable. Check this out. Can you see those little cats? So this is our every day, year round one. And then I bet that lets you know that there's something else. I will open one in a moment. I just don't want to open them all. Because we really spent some time getting them wrapped up just right and I don't want that to happen. But they're really a nice quality here. You know what, I will just open it, because I feel like you've got to see it. You're not going to want to -- You want to see it. So there it is. There's the design right on the flour sack towel. And just so you can see they're about 28 * 28. So you can see that the design is on 1/6, because I have it folded in thirds. So it's about 1/6 of it. I think this is going to be perfect for the cat lover. If you're not the cat lover, for the cat lover in your family, they're going to be so excited to have some fun cat things that I'm going to be showing you. And oh, what else should I show you on the -- Is it this one. I lost my train of thought here. But I apologize. No, it's not that one. But it's a nice quality. If you're an ironer you are not going to want to put your iron on the design, you're going to want to put it on the other side because that will take it off. You're not going want to do that. So that's the cat flour sack towel. So that's the second cat item I've shown you, so let's see what we got next. What's going to come up now? Cat with Christmas tree. 


Oh my gosh! Check out these. Okay, I love these wine bottle ornaments and check them out. These are made from the bottom of wine bottle ornaments. So she recycles the wine bottles, and then hand paints those designs on there. And they're just amazing. It should pop up, they're $12.99 and if you want you can get a box as well for an additional $5. We'll box it up. We'll put in our boxes, they're craft brown, they're recycled, Made in the US. Just like all our other products, Made in the US. Whoops! And you just heard me drop it. Oops, that will not be your box, I promise. But they're really nice quality, you can hear it. You aren't going to want to drop it on a concrete floor though, I would tell you because I did do that and I broke one, that was really sad. But they're really nice and durable, they're going to last you forever if you take care of it. So I have a few more of these other designs to show you. But that's the cat with the Christmas trees. It's really cool. And actually, I'm just feeling it now, and you can feel the little ornaments, so they're slightly raised. It's really cute. I love it. Did you see that? Hopefully you can see the little ornaments. The glare from the light. I'm putting my head over the light so you can see it better. But that's that. So there's those. I really really love her ornaments. So she's in West Virginia, and she hand paints all the ornaments. Just trying to see what's next on the list. She hand paints them all in. She's amazing. And I actually made a video she sent me all the steps that it takes her to make those wine bottle ornaments and I'm going to show you a few other wine bottle ornaments too. But I digressed. 


So here is our potholder with the fun cat design on it too. And we do have a matching oven mitt, which I will show you in a minute. It has the quilted pattern on the back. So there's that. So that's the cat one. But if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Don't be shy. And if you are shy, you can always private message me and I'll answer them when I get off. So there's that.


I used to be nervous getting on Facebook Live. I will tell you, I think this is the 75th week in a row that I've been doing it. And the first few weeks that I did it I honestly wanted to throw up. And now it's just like talking to my friends because you are, you're all my friends. You're all so nice to me. 


So here is the Cat with balls. So we have one in stock right now nad we are getting another shipment in in a couple of weeks. So we will be taking pre-orders on those. But aren't they adorable? Size, dimensions, you probably want to know. Since they're wine bottles that she recycles, they're all different. So they range anywhere from 2-4 inches. So you can see that. Yeah, here's this one and then the other one I showed you, it's a little bit bigger. They all vary, so there's that. But I just think they're adorable. And the really nice thing about them is that you can keep these out year round, you can put them in your window, so the sun goes through them and then the colors will dance off your walls, which is really cool. So there's many purposes, it's just not a Christmas ornament, just like we're not just a card company. 


Although our name is misleading. We started as a card company and now we've got all kinds of Made in the USA products. And the name Plymouth Cards, if you're new to watching a live or new to Plymouth Cards, we started in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2005. I started as the bookkeeper, fun fact. And in 2014, I bought the company and we moved the company to Florida in 2017 because we were tired of winter. So there's the quick, abridged version of the Plymouth Card story. So there's that. 


Alright. Continuing on with cats. It looks like it's all cats first. So if you're a dog lover, please be patient, they'll be coming up too.


Here is the overn mitt, just like the potholder it covers the whole entire oven mitt and the back is quilted. And I want to show you the inside, it is really amazingly soft. Can you see how soft it looks in there. It's just so soft and luxurious, as I guess. It feels like a super soft bathroom. You know when you get a bathrobe that's just really super soft material. That's what it actually feels like inside. Or even you know when you get a brand new sweatshirt and the inside of the sweatshirt is so cozy. That's what that feels like. I hope that's helpful for you. So there's the cat. And then if you just jumped on, we have the matching pot holder. So you have the oven mitt and the pot holder. So there's that with the flour sack towel; it's cats right now. 


Oh my gosh! So this is my favorite one. The flour sack towel. Well look at it. We have one Santa hat. Isn't that adorable? So this has been a best seller and it's not even November yet. So just so you know, this has been flying. So again, just like the other flour sack one I showed you, it is 1/6 of the towel. They are really, about 28 * 28 but they do vary as it is cotton, so it will fluctuate. You can machine wash them, just don't iron if you're an ironer. I am not an ironer, I will fully admit that. I don't even know the last time when I used my iron. But if you do, don't iron on the pattern because it will damage it. So there's that. So I just think it's really cute, it's really fun. Cat lovers, I'm sure you have a cat lover or maybe you are the cat lover and you deserve a gift. Maybe it's your birthday, Thanksgiving is coming, you want to get ready. There's so many fun things that you can do with that. Make a little gift set. 


Oh my gosh! And of course I knew I was going to forget something, I always do. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself here. Okay! Coasters and they're the same pattern, just so you can see. It's the same cat pattern and they're about a quarter of an inch thick.  I apologize if that light is distracting back there. I don't want to turn it off because it'll make it too dark in here. So they're cork. These are circles, about four inches in diameter. So the back is blank, so you can see that. And that is the coaster. And they come in sets of four and I'll give you a sneak real quick peek. So we wrap them like that we put a cute tag on it. Obviously, we're going to put something cat related on the cat ones. We won't put a dog bone on it. So that's a really fun gift too for cat lovers. 


I'm just going to take a peek and see, I see all these wonderful people. Hi everyone that's watching. I see all these names, so I'm not sure who's still here and who's not. But hi, thank you for being here. Let me know where you're watching from. I am in Plant City, Florida. 


Okay, what is that?  Oh segue into the tag. So here is our brand new cat tag. Isn't that so cute? I just love it. So this will be on our coasters when they go out. And I think they're so cute. So we have it in black, we also do it in white - here's the white one, and we have a gray. And if there's like another color, you know if your favorite color is pink, and you want a pink cat and we have pink cardstock, we'll make you pink. So you just have to ask, but I just made the white and the black to start. There's about 12 different twine options right now. There's Halloween, there's gray and white, black and white, red and white, green and white, red-white-green, red-white-pink, purple, yellow, everything has white with it and there's just so many colors. So you can definitely get the color to twine to coordinate with whatever your event is. I'm going to try to stand right here so that light stops acting, bothering us. So there they are. I just think these are so adorable, little cat tags. And then you go buy them just as such. If you have a cat Christmas or cat event or you're doing something for Halloween, you want to put them on your little gift bags. These are so cute. So they're $4.99 for a 12 pack. And they come with the twine, we don't put the twine on for you. We let you do that because many customers ended up calling saying that they took it apart because they wanted to do their twine a different way. So now we just put the tags and the twine in the bag and let you decide how you want it to be attached. So I hope that's helpful to you. Feline fun. 


This is our brand new Christmas holiday card and check it out. So if you're unfamiliar with us, a photograph, which I should have but I don't have with me at this second because I was cleaning up. A photograph slides into the card, and then they stay in place. You don't need any glues or tapes. You can use either a horizontal or a vertical card. And they work. They are blank inside with the exception of obviously this pattern on the side just to give it some festivity fun so it's not just boring and blunt and blank inside. And so this side is for you to write. But again, it's blank. So you can use it with either horizontal or vertical picture. But can you see the pattern? Hopefully you can. It has mice and balls of yarn and little fishes, skeletons, it's just so adorable. So it coordinates with our dog card if you've bought our dog card last year. So this is brand new, hot off the presses. We just got it about two weeks ago in house. And it's been very popular so far. You know, I never know what's going to happen. People say they want something but they really -- we're really excited. So there is our cat card. So let's see what else I got for you today. So many fun things. 


Snowman with a dog. Seriously, I did not know we had this many products with animals - cats and dogs. So check this out a snowman with a dog, it's so cute. Okay, perfect for the dog lover. All the dogs are black. So if you have a golden retriever or something like that and you're going to want a lighter dog, I can ask her if she can do that. But all the dogs are black. You know, what I just realize because her dog Sarah is black. I bet that's why. But there's that. But I'm sure she will be happy if there's something special that you'd like, you can ask and I can see if she'll make it for us. So that's the snowman with a dog. 


Let's see, the dog bone ornament is amazing. My brother-in-law Allen, he's still in Massachusetts and he makes all the pewter products that I give him. And this one, check out the detail. I just love it. So it's a pewter dog bone. This one is going to have my dog's name on the back. We do not personalize, so I apologize for being slightly misleading. I just did this myself with my little  machine. I wanted to see what it would look like. And I wasn't really the biggest fan. I prefer handwritten on the back of the ornaments. But that's what the back of the ornament looks like. And that's how thick it is. It is solid, this is not going anywhere. We do this paw print ribbon on it, it's so adorable. Those are $11.99 and they are solid pewter. 


Oh I guess I didn't say where Allen; Allen is in -- I think maybe I did. He's in Massachusetts. So there's that. So he makes all the pewter ornaments that you see on our website because we have all the snowman, the red truck, the positivity line with hope, believe, blessed, and peace. So he makes all those for me and the pins and the key chains. Everything pewter that I have is made by him. So it's really fun working with family. I know people sometimes don't enjoy that, but I do. My husband works here when he's not working his real full time job. So he's always helping and the kids used to help when they were growing up and yeah, so it's great. I enjoy it. 


So let's see what else we have today. So here's the dog bone card. Let me show you something really cool. First I'm going to show you the card up close. So it's all kinds of little dog bones. But did you notice that the dog bone in this card is the same dog bone as our ornament? So I don't know if you could see that. Is it blurry? Hopefully it's not, I'm hoping it's just my eyes. So there's that and there is this ornament that matches the card. And just like the cat card, you can use it horizontally or vertically. I can show you how a picture, now this is the most ridiculous picture you're going to see. I'm just going to show you, please like, you can laugh at this. We call this picture sister wives because we cannot believe that my sisters and I with my husband and my kids posed like this or why the photographer posed us like this, but see this is how the picture fits. Oh my gosh, this is the most silly picture. Every time I see it, I just laugh. And my little guy Jared and he's laughing because he was not cooperating at all, so I started tickling him. So anyway, that's our sister wives photo, we just laugh, we just feel like it looks like my husband and like all his wives and his kids. Anyway, maybe you don't find it as funny as I do, but the cards do work either way and that's probably not the best picture to show you. But they slide in and out. I don't recommend you doing it like I just did, I recommend you doing it on a table with rubber fingertips or latex gloves. That way, it makes it much easier to slide the picture in and you won't get fingerprints on the pictures either. Because no one likes pictures with fingerprints all over them. So that's the dog bone fun card. 


And let's see what else we got. Oh my gosh! I just love all these dog and cat things I've been showing you. So here is the dog flour sack towel. And just like the cat one that I showed you -- oh, I'm on the other side, here we go. See how there's that, I'm totally going the wrong way. But check it out. Like one dog has a Santa cap. I'll hold it up closer so you can see all the dogs. But isn't it so cute? I just think these would be great. You know, if you're going to someone's house for Thanksgiving this year, this will be such a fun hostess gift to give them to thank them for having you. Or you could use it for your -- I think they call it Yankee swaps, or I think some people call it a white elephant. I think that's what they're called. So if you're doing one of those, something different. And just like supporting small businesses, I'm a small business supporting other small businesses because all our products are from small businesses. So it's just kind of cool that you're going to be doing that too. And I think the people that receive will be so excited, but there's the Santa dog one. 


And then oh my gosh, just like the cat, we have a dog potholder. It's so cute. They're so adorable. They just make me smile. I love the one with the black around his eye -- oops, my hand is going the wrong way, there we go. I think he's so cute. And then this one with one ear up and one ear down. I just like that one too. I think they're so cute. And they're quilted on the back, I think I already showed you that. They have a hook which is cool to hang it so you can take care of that. 


And then let's see what we got. Oh, the dog bone soap rest. Like didn't I tell you, I have a lot of dog and cat products. I bet you didn't believe me. The dog soap rest. They're BPA free. They don't get moldy or mildewy. I love the soap rest; they're pliable. You can just rinse them off in the shower. They don't get smelly. I used to have a wooden soap rest and it would get very smelly. I did not like it, that went in the trash. So these are really cool. We only have the dog bone in this color. So that's another dog item as we keep going on. Let's see what else we have today. 


Notepads - Which one is this one? Oh I know which one that is. Let me pull it off my list. There we go. This is so cool. What we have is what we have. I can't even remember how many we have. There's only a few left. But check it out. It's the same dogs. But I am applying pressure here and it is not bending. Obviously if I give all my strength, it's going to crease it, but this is a really sturdy, very, very sturdy notepad with the binding at the top which I really love because our daughter is a lefty, so these are lefty approved. We only buy notepads or design notepads with the -- This is not our design. I don't want you to think that. I got this from a small company. But the spiral at the top is what we always get because she is a lefty. And I've learned through the years that she ends up smudging stuff, so it's much easier for her if we get things with the spiral on the top. They are lined, there's 50 pages, they're lined and it's printed here in the US. And can you see, it has like little spots for you to put like -- Am I on the wrong side? Yes. Oh my gosh, this mirror image has really got me messed up. But it has little sections for you to put your checkmarks etc. So there's that. Like I said, 50 pages, and it's really adorable. I think you could pair some of these. I think I'm going to definitely try to put together maybe a few gift sets too, that might be fun of some of the products. 


So if you think that's a good idea of making some cat and dog gifts sets, let me know what you'd like to be in the gift sets, because I'll try to tailor it to you. If you tell me what you'd like then you win, right? 


So just like the dog, Santa cap and the cat one. This is the everyday dog one, no one has a Santa hat on on this one. And just like the other ones, they're one sixth of the panel, they're about 28 * 28. If you're just joining now, welcome. And there's that, so I just love them. They're just a great gift. And oh, what does that say? Snowman gift sets, you got it Donna. I am going to be working on that. Definitely stay tuned for thatWhat do you think should be in it? What do you think should be in? I know we're supposed to be talking about dogs and cats. And we'll talk about snowmen. I love snowmen, they're so cute. There's so many snowman things too. I just don't even know what to put in it all. Oh my gosh. And I forgot to pull this too. I thought I was so good. Here, let me show you. I've decided I am never going to remember everything. And I try my best and I'm not going to make myself feel bad about it anymore. Sometimes I get off and I'm like, oh, why did I do that again? I can't believe it. I just can't. I don't know. You'd think I would just have it together. But I just clearly don't. 


So best dog ever. These are 6 inches wide by 4 inches tall. They're reclaimed wood. So each one is slightly different. This is printed. This is not stickers. Oh, no, no D, you don't have to be sorry at all. You're like me. I'm always like -- whatever you have. Okay, you got it? Don't you worry. I'm going to work on that. They will be coming. Hopefully, very soon. You know, it's funny, when I always see other people's websites and they have all these beautiful gift sets. And I think oh, that's so beautiful. I didn't realize how much like, thinking about it and what should go together. You just want to make it nice, it's taking a little bit of more brain power than -- just making it be the right price and the right discount off and etc. But they are coming soon, don't you worry. 


But the best dog ever. And the cool thing is that you can put this on a table; it's level, so you can just put it on a table. And it will be great, I love it. I think this would be really cute, if you gave this as a gift to someone. Oh especially if they just got a dog, their first dog, and then you could get one of these cards to go with it. That would be so cute. Yeah, I think that would be a really nice gift idea for someone especially if their dog isn't chewing or ruining everything. 


So now we have the dog magnet pad, just like the cat one. It has the dogs in color. And on the back it has a magnet, so you can put it on your fridge if you are a fridge person. So there's that. That's the dog notepad. Oh my gosh. And I think there's 50 sheets, yeah, I just wanted to read the back to make sure. So there are 50 sheets of this. But yeah, let's see what else. 


The oven mitt, just like the potholder. Check it out. Look at that, dogs. So the dog lover in your family and the cat lover are going to love these. They're so fun. They just make me smile. They're quilted on the back, just silver. And then just like the cat one they are luxurious, super, super amazingly soft inside. Like I said if you're just joining now, I said it's kind of like the inside of a sweatshirt when it's brand new or when you get that super cozy bathrobe. Can you see how it's just amazingly soft. So there's that, so that's the oven mitt and the potholder. I'll show you that just in case you missed it. So what a great set.


Let's see what else I got here. Oh police officer! We have some police officers in our family. Two of my nephews are police officers. So we had to get this one. Yeah, so they're cute. It's so cute. But so like I said, I'm just pulling everything that has either a cat or a dog on it today. We do have a firefighter, we do have a nurse, they don't have dogs. So that's why the I'm not showing them today. But we do have other -- I do have the fireman in stock, it has a little fire hydrant here instead of a dog and then the nurse. And the nurse, it's not a man or woman, so you can give it to anybody. That was a request. They wanted to be gender neutral. Originally it had a little pink purse and I thought, well, I don't think a male nurse is going to want a snowman holding a pink purse or a pink medical bag. So we went with one without the medical bag so that it would be for everybody. 


And then we just got this one in. It is the dog with the ball, playing ball on the grass. Can you see? I'm sorry, I'm going to have to make a note never to stand in this spot again. With ornaments, it seems like it's washing them out. But can you see it with the black ball. And I'm sorry, if I've missed any other comments, I'm doing my best to watch it. It just scrolls kind of fast because it will say you know, so and so's watching, someone's watching. So sometimes I miss a comment in between seeing names popping up. So I see that there's a Gina and a Beverly. So hi! Say hi. Love to know where you're watching from. Thanks for being here.


Let's see. Oh, and then just like the cats, I don't have a dog silhouette, gift tag but I do have a dog bone. And just like the cats, we have 12+ different colors of twine. The dog bone we offer in white in cinnamon, which is a light brown. And so they're made from recycled paper. And you can get any color twine that you want from our list of options. And if you don't see the color twine that you want, or the gift tag color that you want, just message us. On our website, there's a chat with us button, you can chat, and I'll respond and we can chat if that's easiest for you. You can email, we can message through Facebook, you can comment on Facebook. You can always call too, 877-830-3405. If I don't answer it just means that I'm talking to another customer or we are closed for the day.


So there's that but yeah, I hope you like everything I've been showing you so far. Like I said I was working on putting together some gift sets. And I just started pulling our cat and dog products. And I'm just blown away that we had so many. So I thought I am going to jump on live this afternoon and show everyone all our cat and dog items. 


So these are the coasters. We wrapped them in cute twine with a tag so that you can give them, they're pretty much ready to give as a gift. So you can do that. And so that's what I meant to do. I'm going to show you how thick they are. So they're about a quarter of an inch thick, so you'll be able to give that. Let me know what you think. Is there anything you love anything you like nah, I could pass you know, just be nice. I don't mind if you don't like something because we obviously don't all like the same things, but just be kind. There's been a lot of hate on Facebook. I guess I should know this but, not usually on my post, but there's been some like really mean things that I've actually had to -- I don't usually have to ban people but I've had to ban a few people because they've cursed and you know said some really mean things. They just had a bad day, I guess. But we're all about happiness here so we're going to not even -- I don't know why I brought that up.


So anyway, I guess that's everything I had for cats and dogs. Did you have something that you really loved? I think this is so cute. They don't have a cat one yet. So once they have a cat one I think I'll get a cat one too. Unfortunately Willie our cat and Jake our dog passed away last spring during the heat of COVID. We lost both of them. But they were old, she was 17 and he was 15. So we had them for a very long time. They were both rescues. So there's that story, but I hope you're having a great Saturday. I hope you're having a great day. I'm going to pack up and finish up here for the day and I'll be back again tomorrow. So I hope you enjoy your night and tomorrow, I don't know if you're watching college football today or NFL football tomorrow. I hope you're enjoying it. And I'll talk real soon. Thank you so much for being here and watching. I really appreciate you.