Live with Lisa - Week 74

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Live with Lisa - Week 74-Plymouth Cards


Hi friends! How are you today? I am Lisa here at Plymouth Cards and I have some great candle sale, and some new cards and new products. So I thought we'd talk about all those kind of great things today. I hope you're doing well. I hope if you're up in the Northeast that you're doing okay, and that you haven't had any major damage. My family has been sending pictures all day. Thankfully, none of them have been impacted in the sense that they didn't have any trees fall on their home, but they're all without power. So that's a bummer for all of them. So I hope you're making out okay, up there. We're definitely thinking of you. 


Did you get your catalog? I'm just dying to know if you got your catalog. A bunch of people have messaged me, I just got a phone call, people are enjoying the catalog, to see everything. I guess it's kind of nice to see the products in paper form instead of having to maneuver through a website. So I hope you got yours. If you didn't get a catalog, you should get one. If you've placed an order within the last two years, and we have your most recent address, you should be getting a catalog in the mail any day, if you didn't get it already. I don't understand, like how it all gets sorted out and goes to people. But I know people in Ohio got it quicker than people in Massachusetts. So it's all good, it'll get to you. But if you haven't placed an order in the last two years, or if you have moved and you're unsure if I actually have your correct new address, pop me a message. You can send me a message through Facebook, you can send it through the website, there's like a little chat with us button. And they all go to the same place now which is so fabulous. That's the wonderful thing about technology. So yeah, just pop me a message with your new address so I can get one out to you. I can check our list and see where it went. 


So anyway, the catalog. I don't know about you. It's so like, I guess nerdy in a good way. This is my most favorite page of the catalog. This is the middle, when you open it up to the middle and check it out. You can see all our colors. So let me know. Do you like that too? Where are you watching from? I forgot to even ask. 


Hi, I'm in Plant City, Florida, which is in between Tampa and Orlando. It's the strawberry capital. There's lots of strawberries growing right now. But this is my most favorite part of the catalog. So let me get into showing you what I have to show you today. I hope you are doing well. And don't be shy, say hi. 


So we got a couple more flour sack towels in. This should be the last of our designs for this year unless I see something I just can't resist. So this one made me think of my daughter Beni, it says eat more hole foods. And I will share with you -- let me show you. It's on just over 1/6 of the -- Can you see how it spills over just a little. But it is on that 1/6 panel of the towel. They're about 28 * 28 ish. They're cotton so they do fluctuate in size. So that's why I say about. But oh my gosh, I took Benny to the pediatrician when she was two years old for her check-up. And the doctor says what's your favorite food? And she says powdered donuts and I was like oh my gosh, I'm like a bad mother, I guess because powdered donuts. Yeah, she loves powdered donuts. We have pictures of her with powder all over her face. It's adorable. But anyway, this made me think of her so I thought there must be other people out there that love donuts just as much as we do so. So that is one of our new designs. And then I just got these in yesterday; just put them on the website maybe an hour ago.

Then I also have the You Are My Sunshine one which is new as well. You are my sunshine; so they open up just like -- I'll show you. And so I like it because it spills over just a little bit onto the other side. So it says you are my sunshine. Let me know what you think.


I'm happy with them. I'm really pleased with them. I like the quality, they do a nice job making these. So those are the two new designs that we just got in. I got about 10 of each. So be sure to -- I think I can get a little bit more. It's so interesting. I was naively thinking when they talked about supply shortages that oh, I buy USA made products, I'll be good. Well, maybe not. So it seems like everyone else has my idea of buying US made products, so it's making the supply smaller for me. But it's okay, I will prevail. I keep finding new things to add on to our product line. So hopefully, you're pleased with what we have. 


Let's see what else do I have. Okay, our new heart houses, I was able to get some of these. And let me show you. I guess I don't even know how to show you. I guess I'll show you them plain first. These are wooden heart houses. And I have them unfinished but there is the option to have myself finish them for you, which is fun. And I want to show you how they work. There is a slit right here, I don't know if you can see that. But it's big enough to hold a photograph or a card. So I can show you, our card slides right in and stay. I should have gotten a horizontal card but here we go. So it holds the card for you and the great thing is you can swap it out as needed throughout the seasons. So it does come on unfinished but then I told you there's an option. And I should show you, we have two sizes. The small is about five inches tall and the large is about seven inches tall. And so the small has the four hearts, the large has six hearts, and they both have the slits. So you could get two and then have two different pictures side by side. But then I want to show you we have -- you're probably sick of hearing me say this, I like things rustic, weathered. So those are made with the scraps of wood that would have normally just gone to the landfill. And so I have a gentleman who made those for me, he's in Pennsylvania. But what I prefer is that it looks like it's been around for a bit. I don't like brand new. So what I've done is I've weathered one. And so this is now an option as well. Can you see the character, there's marks. Every single one will be different. I do want to mention that. So I'm trying to remember, I think they're $8.99 and $7.99 for the unfinished and then add $5 on to get them aged and weathered. So this is the weathered grey. Hopefully you can see the little marks and the character that I add; there's like here and there and here. So each one will be different. So I just want to make sure you knew that. And so there's that. And then it does have the slit for you to put your photograph or your card, whatever you want to display. So there's that. So that's the weathered grey. And then I also have a weathered black and I apologize if you can hear them doing the landscaping right now. I can hear it really loud, hopefully you're okay. Let me know if you can hear it. I apologize, I'll see if I can move somewhere if it's distracting. They mow the lawn once a week because in Florida with the rain and everything, it just grows like crazy wildfire. And here is the weathered black. The back came a little bit darker than it should have. So I have some work to do on that. But you can see, again, the aging, the character. I like character. I don't want to have but everyone else has, I want to have something a little bit different than everyone else. So those are our heart houses, we do have a limited supply of them. So if you're interested, you can hop on. There should be a link right on your page right now on the screen for you to see them. So there's that, and let me know if you have any questions about them. So five inches tall, they're three inches wide and an inch and a half thick, if that helps. But they are definitely tall enough, sturdy enough, wide enough to hold your picture card without toppling over. Well if you have a cat, I can't guarantee that if your cat jumps up and knocks it over, but they might think it's who knows what building but yeah. So there's that. Let me know what you're thinking about that.

Oh, okay, so I had posted to let me know if you had any questions, things you wanted me to show. And I had a customer Peggy, hopefully you're here watching hi Peggy, if you are. She had said that I've been chatting about our snowmen ornaments and our wine bottle, but she wanted to see the red truck and the gingerbread up close and personal. So here they are. So I just wanted to show you so you can see the red truck ornament. And if you have a request for something you would like to see up close and personal like this, I am happy to take them. Just pop me a message, you can write a comment here and then I will do it on the next time I go live; unless I have it readily available, and I can run and grab it. So they're about an eighth of an inch. They're about a little bit thicker than a quarter, just to give you some perspective that helps. So there's the red truck. They all say on the back with made in the USA because my brother-in-law Allen, he makes all my pewter ornaments for me up in Massachusetts. So they are made in the US. So there's that. So you do have your choice of about six or so different ribbon colors, and if there's a different color that you you're dying to have, let me know, ask we might have it. We have a lot more colors available than I've put on. The graduation ornament, there was a bigger need for a variety of colors based on people's school colors, favorite colors, etc. So there's the red truck ornament, just so you could see that up close. And then she also wanted to see the gingerbread man. Hopefully that's what's next. I just never know what -- I hope it's next. Did I click it? There! Oh, it is, yay! 


So here is the gingerbread man. He is adorable. He looks just like a gingerbread man, the gingerbread cookie. What am I saying? He is a gingerbread man. But I mean it looks just like a gingerbread cookie. So he's got a brown enamel, he's like I said just a little bit thicker than a quarter. Here's the back, he is solid pewter with the enamel. So Allen makes all of these color fills them all for me and then ships them down to me. So there's the gingerbread man. Hopefully you think he's as cute as I do. One day, I'm not sure if you saw, there's a few Facebook pictures that I posted here of me. I put them on a cookie sheet because honestly they just like cookies to me, so I just made pretend I was cooking them. But I do not cook them, Allen does all the making of the pewter. That's just me being silly, I guess.

We do have a gingerbread wax melt and it really does like gingerbread cookies. So just something I just thought I'd throw that out there with all our new wax melts we have about almost a dozen different wax melt scents now. And I found a made in the USA wax melt warmer that I bought, I'm testing out right now. Right now, I used the It's a Wonderful Life which smells like cinnamon buns. Oh my gosh! It smells amazing here. So if you like cinnamon buns, it's so good.

Let's see what else do I have today. I also wanted to show you oh my gosh. So I've been working on Thanksgiving because you know we do have to mail things to people, so you know you can't buy something the week of Thanksgiving and expect it to be there unless you pay for Express overnight shipping and most people don't want to do that. So I like to plan ahead and let you see all our Thanksgiving things. 


But look at our little turkey gift tag. This will be so cute for your table setting, little treat bags for the kids at thanksgiving to keep them entertained. So I think he's adorable. I put it with the orange and white twine, I just thought that looked really cute. But you could actually get a different color turkey if you so choose or a different color twine if it matches your table better in a different way. So don't be shy to ask. I'm happy to make adjustments for you, I'm very accommodating we try. That little crease will not be there, I just accidentally bent him so I just noticed that right now when I was looking at this. So those are our turkey gift tags. They are 12 for $4.99 and we typically ship within 1-3 business days. Usually on the lower end, but then as we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, it will take a little bit longer. So just so you know that we'll be closer to the three. And then when it does change, we will update the site to say that.

So on to Thanksgiving. Our greetings from the past card line is made of vintage greeting cards -- postcards and they are greeting cards. And I did want to give you all a tip for watching. We have not raised the price on our cards in over 10 years. I know, isn't that insane? So these cards have been $2.99 for over 10 years. So I do want to give you a heads up that over the weekend, the price of these greeting cards are going to go up to $3.49 a card versus the $2.99. Just so you know. So if you want to get a few now before the price goes up, I'm giving you the heads up. 

So I'm going to show you some of our designs. I think I printed out about a dozen, maybe.  I didn't want to bore you or take up too much of your time. So I just wanted to show you some of our designs. And there are many more on the website. And there are some more that need to be added but just so you know. So here's our first one, Thanksgiving Greetings, and it's two little soldiers with the flag and the turkey and it says Thanksgiving Greeting at the bottom. So that's one. This is in our nutmeg color. And then we have a Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrim in Plymouth Rock. Did it not show up? Oh, there it is. Okay, there you go. So this is honestly one of our bestselling ones. I'll tell you some of the best sellers, they look like they have the same little pilgrim and I am from this area, the Plymouth area. Oh, I should mention they're all blank inside and they just have our little logo on the back. So there's that, the pilgrim one and now I see that Good Wishes for Thanksgiving Day is up. This is in our Marsala card color. A little struggle there. So you can see, I'll hold it up. I like this one a lot. The fireplace just makes you think of New England I think or winter. So there's that one. Let me know if you like them. And like I said, the price is going to be going up to $3.49 versus the $2.99. If you're new here and you haven't met me, I'm Lisa because I can see some names are popping up and shipping is $5 no matter how much you order. You can order one card, you can order 100 cards, you can order gifts, etc and it's all $5 shipping. 


So here is our next one. Hopefully it's Thanksgiving Joy's. Wishing each -- Oh my gosh. Wishing each Thanksgiving - You listen to me, I cannot even read to save my life without my glasses. Wishing each Thanksgiving may give you greater cause for things. There, now I can read it. I tried so hard not to have to put them on, but here we go. This is our green card color. So just I'm just telling you the card colors in case you're interested that the cards -- we do sell the cars blank. So if you want to put your own image artwork, photography in them, that would be just so you can have like a little tip on what colors they are, if you like a specific color. This one is Thanksgiving Day, John Alden and Priscilla and this is another one of our very popular ones. And hopefully it's popped up. I don't know, I'm not sure if things are going at my speed or from being impatient. So there's that one. Hopefully you can see it. And so, just like that they're blank inside. And oh, I should probably show you -- Oh, this this one is with our dark roast. It's a really rich texture. I don’t know if you can see the really cool flecks in it, there's that. And then I should also show you that like our other cards, these cards all fit into a 5*7 picture frame. So I have a lot of customers who buy our images, because they love them. But they don't use them to send to people they use them to frame them. And I know this probably isn't the best example because it's a dark card with a dark frame but just to give you an idea that the cards -- look, I just popped it right into the frame. It's nothing, no cutting or anything like that. They fit perfectly right into the frame. On our website I should have put on here for today, but I didn't. But on our website, you can see all the different frames that we offer. 


Here's another one Good Wishes for Thanksgiving Day in our green as well and then I think what do we have next? What is popping up next? I guess I really am being impatient because it says next item, I click Next item and then it doesn't pop up. So I don't know. We'll figure it out together. Thanks for being patient with me, hanging out with me. Hopefully it's nice where you are and you’re staying safe in that north east or if you're up north. This is this one. I will take a step Thanksgiving. What am I thankful for today? For strength to walk on the world's highway, for a hope to hold on to work and a blessing of a friend like you. So that's that one. All the cards, in case you missed it are made from vintage postcards. So from the early 1900s. So that's what those are. And can you oh my gosh. Oh, that's so loud. I'm so sorry if you can hear that. Hopefully you cannot hear that. I'm so sorry


Appoint a meeting with this old fat fellow and this is another one of our bestsellers. It has the wishbone up here. They usually come in the morning, so that's why I always do my lives. Well, I've always been doing them Wednesdays at three but Eastern. I'm sorry, on the text I forgot to say Eastern. So I will make sure I do that from now on so you're not confused if you're not in the eastern time zone. But this is one of our other bestsellers. So cute. And then, what else do we have? 


Alright, so the next one I have is a blessed -- See, oh my gosh. Alright. I don't know. I'm just going to keep chatting. Just keep moving along. It'll catch up or it'll pass through me. A Blessed Thanksgiving with thankful and contented heart and they're saying a little prayer right before they start or blessing before they start their Thanksgiving. There's that one. See, I press. You all are going to think I'm crazy. But I'm just going to keep pressing it and eventually it'll catch up. And Best Wishes for Thanksgiving [inaudible 22:43]. This was in our pumpkin spice card, which is another one of our cards from the coffee line. And it has that rich texture with the little flecks in it. So this is made from recycled jute and sisal coffee bean bags. What they do is they chop up those bags, you probably see them. They almost look like burlap and so they chop that all up and make it into paper, which is such a cool thing. Cool way to repurpose and have it just not go to a landfill. So that's the coffee card or this Thanksgiving card and let's see, okay. 


A Happy Thanksgiving. Oh my gosh, this one we've been getting a lot of orders from already this year. So it says, Oh sing a song of pumpkin pies and turkey’s roasted brown Thanksgiving Day is here again. And come this year to crown. Oh pray receive my wholesome wishes for well-prepared Thanksgiving dishes. So that one is there. Let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite one? I tried not to make them all brown or orange because I know you get a lot of those colors. So I wanted to add some new colors to the cards just so that you can see that. Oh, those cards of very... Oh. Hi Jane. How are you? Hopefully I can see your whole message. Thanks. Thanks for being here. I appreciate it so much. I'm glad you like them. So it won't let me -- cards are made from recycled cardstock. And just so you know that too. Okay, so this is one of our brand new designs. I just put this on the website this morning. And that's probably why it's not letting me show you it per se, but if you go onto our website, under greeting cards, you'll see greetings from the past. Click on that. And then on the top right hand side of your screen or if you're on a phone, you can have a look, there'll be like a little pulldown menu and you can scroll to Thanksgiving and it will pop up all our Thanksgiving cards. But I guess I should show you another cool feature that I forgot about that but it's like one of those well kept secrets. So the cards, the image can slide out like that. And then check out the back, it's a postcard. So then if you send this to somebody, they could pull it out. If they're not going to frame it or save it, they can take the image, and then pop it in the mail to someone else and spread some more joy. So and who doesn't love getting mail, like real mail, not just you know, bill mail, junk mail. My catalog is not junk mail. But everyone loves getting mail. So that's thoughtful mail. So there's this one. Oh my gosh, this is a cool, my older son found this postcard for me and sent it off to me. So I thought that was really cool. He is a sports nut. So I thought that was it was only fitting that he sent me a Thanksgiving card with a boy playing football. 


Do I have a store? So we and you can shop on our website. If you live in the Plant City area, we do offer pickup and we do have a mini showroom that you can call before to make sure we're here, you know. So yes. I don't know Jane, where do you live? Do you live in the Plant City, Florida area? You don't have to if you tell me if you are worried about privacy, I completely understand, don't worry about that. But if you live in the area of Plant City, then feel free, you can just call me and say are you here? I’m typically, definitely here from 9-3, but then, you know, morning earlier later, I have to run errands, post office, UPS, all that kind of stuff. But you should always call beforehand because sometimes I have to make a delivery etc, etc. But otherwise, you can order on our website -, our whole product line is there. Or you can also call and place an order, the number is 877-830-3405 and I'd be happy to take your order over the phone, if that's helpful. So that is the cards. 


Let's see what else, oh, the candles. Oh, that's what I was wanting to tell you. Right now we're having a sale on all the candles, all our rustic tin candles. So it's buy two and you get 35% off. If you buy two, instead of them being $19.99 each, it works out to them being about $13 each with the 35% off. So I just wanted to point that out, that we are doing that special sale. It's right on the website, you don't need a coupon code, it will automatically do it for you, as long as you put two of them in your cart. So I wanted to just show you Farmhouse Streusel kind of goes with our whole Thanksgiving theme today because it smells like cinnamon buns and it's amazing. So there's that one. You could stock up and get some for hostess gifts, as Thanksgiving and all the holiday things that you might be doing. Yankee swap, if you have a Yankee swap or do what else do they call them? I think in some places I hear like a white elephant. What kind of thing -- what do you call it where you are? And then Frasier first most just like a Christmas tree. So those are a couple of the candles. But like I said the ustic tin ones only are buy two get them 35% off. So I thought I'd share that with you. So you get to for $26 instead of 2 for $40. So I think that's a really great offer right now. And then of course you still have to pay the $5 shipping. But that is a really great price for shipping. Let me tell you, as they've raised shipping across the board, but that's what I've got for you today. 


I hope you like everything and then Jane, if you're still here watching, we do have a print catalog that I can mail you if you'd like to private message me your address, I'd be happy to pop one in the mail to you. And it does give you a sampling of all our products. It doesn't have everything by any means, it would become a Sears catalog if that was the case. But it does have a good sampling of our products. So if you do want to get the print catalog, you can private message me here through Facebook. I'll never put your address out in the world. Or you could email or on our website - there's a chat with us button and you can pop it there. Those are all very private secure ways to provide your address. So if you're watching and you are new to Plymouth Cars and you're interested in seeing our products our products are made in the US unless there's a few exceptions where I can't find something of the quality that I require. So they aren't. I'll continue my search but until then there are a few things that are not made in the US, but the majority of the products, the large majority are. So we're made int he US, we're eco friendly all our cards are made from recycled cardstock, made from 100% recycled paper, our notepads are made from 100% recycled paper, our notebook journals have a significant -- the backs and fronts are made from 100% recycled chipboard, so you kind of get what I'm getting at so.


So those are we repurpose, recycle, reduce, reuse everything. Wave a partnership with our local newspaper, which is really amazing. So whenever they print newspapers, they always print more than they need. They never know how many readers they're going to have. So the ones that don't end up getting read, instead of them just getting thrown into the recycle bin they save them for me. And once a month I go and I collect them. And that's what we use to pack all our products with. So it's unread newspaper, and I'm just really happy to be able to do that, it's great. And obviously, it does save money so that we can keep our prices lower. So here's that too. So it's a win-win for everybody. So that's a little bit about Plymouth Cards and I am Lisa, the owner here. And that's all I have today. But if you ever have any questions, don't be shy. I'm here. I love answering them. I love chatting with you. So yeah, let me know. Alright, I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will be back if not by the week, if not sooner., definitely one day over the weekend I'll be here. Alright. Thanks so much for watching. I really appreciate you.