Live with Lisa - Week 74a

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Live with Lisa - Week 74a-Plymouth Cards



Hey there! Third time's a charm. I am Lisa with Plymouth Cards. I hope you're doing well today. Let's see if I can get this working. It's the day after Halloween, it's Monday, November 1st. I have some great new gift sets that I've been feverishly putting on the website. I'm actually not done but I wanted to show you what we have so far. We will be adding more and yeah... say hi. Let me know where you're watching from. I am here in Plant City, Florida. In between Tampa and Orlando, in case you didn't know. And it's like, tons of strawberries growing. They'll be ready in a few months. But that's where I am. Where are you and how is it where you are? Say hi, don't be shy. Let me know where you're watching from. 


So gift sets, oh my gosh. Let's see, I don't even know which one I'm going to start with because sometimes it shuffles -- What it does in the system...


So what we have is a positivity line and they feature all our inspiring words like blessed, peace, believe, hope. Oh my gosh, I'm trying to think of the other things. So those are the main things that we have. So what I have is some gift sets. So there are three different levels of pricing and I wanted to show you, let me grab my thing, my paper here. Okay, this is going to be the same for peace, hope, believe and blessed. So I'm going to show you a sample, but again, it's the same for all four, just obviously the different words. 


So first, for the small set, which is I believe $34.99, if I have it right. And what it will include is one of our candles; they're soy candles made here in the US. We have a great company that makes them for us. And they are in a recycled wine bottle, which is amazing. So yes, a recycled wine bottle. The great thing is that if you don't want the label showing, you can turn it around and now it doesn't show. This smells so good, I can't even tell you. The believe smells like a Christmas tree. So if you like that Christmas tree scent, this is the candle for you. So I can just smell it, it's amazing. I can't wait to -- I keep forgetting to bring matches here so I can't burn one. Kill me! So the first gift set, the small size will include one of these candles and it will also include the coordinating ornament.


I love our ornaments, they're so beautiful. I'm going to put a piece of paper behind it so you can see it better, not through me. So this is our believe ornament. They are made in Massachusetts by my brother-in-law Allen. So let me know what you think. Hopefully it's not backwards. I tried to make it so it wasn't backwards, but it almost looks backwards to me. Are you seeing things backwards? I apologize if you are. I'm so sorry. Let me know, can you see everything okay and can you hear me? I'm in a different location right now. I'm in the business, I'm just in a different spot than usual. I'm hoping the signal is okay, it seems to be settled down some, it kept glitching on us. So that is our believe ornament. So that is the small set. 


And then they all come with a gift bag. So we have many different styles of gift bags. So for example, we have our snowman gift bag, we have this one. So the gift bag will not be guaranteed the design, it'll just be based on what we have in stock at the particular time that your order is placed for the gift sets. So like I said, make sure you stick around for a little bit because in a few minutes I'm going to announce a special offer to thank you for watching and tell you about why we're giving this special offer today. So there's that. 


And in case you just joined I'm Lisa here, owner here at Plymouth cards. The company has been in business since 2005 and I've been the owner since 2014. I was the bookkeeper before then. So that's the quick abridged version of the story here today. 


On the positivity line -- I have to use my notes because quite honestly, this weekend and today is when we just finished making all these gifts sets. I do have more coming but I'm never going to be able to remember all this look like a little spreadsheet I've got going down. 

Gift Sets -

So the small is 10% off, the medium is 15% off if you had bought everything separately, and then the large will be 20% off if you had bought everything separately. So just to give you some idea. So the positivity medium is the candle again, this amazing candle. Oh, and I forgot to say the candle is 12 ounces and it will burn for over 100 hours. That is what they say; they say about 100 to 120. So just depending on how you burn your candles, so there's that. So the medium will include the candle, it will also include the believe ornament that I just showed, but also, the believe pin. And the pin, on the back we have this little message so that when your recipient gets it, it says the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. It's an Eleanor Roosevelt quote. So that'll be on the back of the card that the pin comes on. And the pins are just like this. If you live in a cold area and you have a really thick winter coat, this will not be -- it's more for like jean jackets, your bags, your shirts, and you know I have them on my apron. I put one on my baseball hat, so those kind of things. But with a thick winter coat you'll be disappointed and I don't want you to be disappointed, so that's why I'm telling you, not for a winter coat. So the medium set, recap again, comes with the candle, the ornament, the pin, and then our notebook journal. 


Our notebook journals are exclusive to us. I designed them and then I had my graphic designer put my designs to life. So if you look you can see all these positive words are on the cover of the notebook journal. The cover and the back are chipboard, they're really sturdy, I'll show you, I'm bending it. I don't want to obviously bend it in half and increase it but, they're thick 100% recycled chipboard, and then the pages are made with an 80-pound paper which is thicker than the paper that they usually use when they're making notebook journals. I didn't want to make something junky. Oh my gosh. That's just such a funny word. There you go, throwback! But I didn't want to make anything cheap, I wanted to make something nice. So this is an 80-pound, I don't know if you can hear it. It's you know, can you...?  I think that probably gives you the best feeling that it's a really nice paper. There are 70 pages, but in the paper world it's really interesting. They will say 140 pages because they're counting the front and the back as pages; but it's 70 pieces of paper, front and back, makes it 140. Let's see, what else should I tell you about this. 


So every third page has one of the positive words. I didn't want to make it overwhelming. The journals are there for you to write in, they're not there for you to ooh and aah over designs on the pages. So it alternates top to bottom. And the other thing is if you're a lefty, this is lefty approved by my daughter who was a lefty because the spiral is at the top not the side. So it won't get in your way when you're writing. 


So the medium gift set like you're seeing right now is showing the notebook journal, the candle and then the believe ornament and believe pin. So that's the medium size. And again, we have this for blessed, believe, hope and peace. So those are the four words. It's the same set but just swapping out the ornaments, the pins, the candles, etc. I think you get the gist of it. And there are three different price points, there's the small, the medium and now I'll show you what's in the large. 


The large has the candle; again, so amazing. And it also has a wax melt which is 2.5 ounces of soy wax. It comes with six pieces. Is that what they're called? Are you a wax melt person? Do you know what they are called? Do they just call them pieces or do they call them something else? Let me know. Because I'm new to the whole wax melt thing and I must say, I really like them. I've been using a cinnamon bun one, It's a Wonderful Life is what it's called. Oh my gosh, it's amazing. I digressed. So that's in the large, those two things. The ornament and the pin, ornament and pin again, and then we also have a keychain.


So this will be a great set to give to someone that -- any of them. The hope one I think would be really great for someone that's going through some struggles right now. You know I've had a lot of people that know someone that's going through cancer, so they'll get the hope with a pink ribbon or whatever color is associated with their cancer that they're giving it to, and give it to that. So I think the hope set would be really great for that, or someone that's just down right now. The believe I think would be fabulous for someone that's really being insecure about themselves. Tell them they can believe in themselves. So there are just some ideas off the top of my head. 


Let's see, coasters are also included in the large set. I just feel like we need more positivity in our life. So we have these positivity coasters. Let me know what you're thinking. 


And I don't know if you know, I don't usually do this. But Facebook has really changed everything, and it makes it harder for a little small business like ours to be seen. So they like it better when you get the heart versus the thumbs up. I don't understand why because honestly, I'm not into all these algorithm things, it's way above my head. So if you have a second to just do the heart, I would so appreciate it. And you know what? I'm going to give that bonus code in a minute, just so you know. 


So the coasters, this is a lot of stuff. Like I can't believe how much is in this set. I know, you're going to say it's only $80, but really, it's a lot of products for the amount of money that you're spending because the large is 20% off if you had bought everything separately. 


So this is the notepad. The thing that's really cool about our notepads is that they're unique. Again, I designed them, my graphic designer makes it all come to life. That is way above my level. But note pads, usually what you see on the front is usually what's inside. Ours are unique, because it alternates the words, the designs, through the pages. So it's not a boring notepad, it's really a cool notepad. Check them out, every few pages. So I think there are 14 words; so it alternates the 14 words, and then it starts over again and again. So that's more of what's in the large set.


Okay, so there's the four sets, there's this small, the medium -- I guess there's four sets, three sizes, that's probably a better way to say it. So these new gift sets are, believe blessed, peace, and hope. I think they're just amazing. And like I said, we have the three sizes, so you can have something for everyone at all the different price points of your gift-giving. But for the next 24 hours, if you use the code happy HAPPY, you'll get an extra 5% off. And the reason why I don't usually do these kinds of codes and specials and things but today's my birthday, and yeah, I know, crazy. And I'm in the fives, that's as much as I'll tell you. So I thought happy and you get an extra 5% off of the gift sets. So yeah, crazy, crazy, crazy day. I missed Halloween by four hours, I was told by my mom. But yeah, so I thought it would be fun to give you a gift on my birthday. So you save an extra 5% when you use that code HAPPY. But it expires tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2 at 12 o'clock Eastern time. So use it quickly. And the gift sets are limited. I only have so many per design. So I just wanted to throw that out there. So let me know what you think about that. Okay, let's move on to the next set that I have. I just need to grab a sip of water. 


So, I also have a photographers. Because our cards are for photographers, or artists, or quilters or sewers. Say hi, I see all these names flashing it's so exciting and I'm loving it. So Hi, I'm Lisa. Say hi, I'd love to talk to you. It's my birthday. I usually don't make a big deal about my birthday, I'm usually very -- I know, I'm on Facebook Live, you're like sure she's quiet, but honestly, put on this little apron at work and I'm a different person. And I can jump in front of any camera. So I'd love for you to say hi, and let me know where you're watching from. If you missed the beginning, I am in Plant City, Florida. Oh, thank you Debbie. That's so sweet. Originally, we're from the Plymouth Massachusetts area, so hence the name of the company, but I am now in Plant City, Florida enjoying the sun. 


Okay, the photographer set is really great. I shouldn't even call it a photographer set because it's more for anyone that wants to sample our cards. So our cards come in -- we have over 50 colors and designs in our cards. They're amazing! So the cards, they are recycled, they're made with recycled paper. They're really high quality so you know -- Oh, hold on one sec guys.


I'll be right back, guys. Sorry. I'm getting all your packages out. Thank you for being patient. I'll be right back. 


Thank you, Donna. Okay, sorry to just disappear like that. Donna, our amazing mail carrier just came to pick up all the packages from the weekend. And I forgot to give her the manifest, which makes her life so much easier. If there's a lot of packages, it works better. 


So let's see. So the photographer gift sets, which are not just for photographers, they're also for artists, they're for quilters, sewers, cross-stitch, my sister-in-law uses them for her cross-stitching. So we put together three sets. One has 12 cards, one has 18 cards, and then one has 24 cards. And that's a great gift to give to someone that's just testing the waters to see will my photography sell? Will my artwork sell in these cards? And with the cards, your images will slide right in through this opening. And then they're blank inside, so the recipient can write their own message. The back has our logo on an angle, so that way you can use them either horizontally or vertically, which is really cool. We try to design everything thinking how you're going to use it. The cool thing about our cards is that you don't need any glues or tape to put your picture in. I had to put it on a table otherwise I can't get it in, but I'll show you. It slides in and there's no glues or tapes needed. I'm going to shake it. So there's glue lines in such a position that you -- I use rubber fingertips, we sell them for $1 a set, but they're included with the gift sets that you're going to be getting. Or if you have latex gloves at home, use those. Two benefits - it makes it really easy to slide your pictures in, or art or postcards, or anything 4 x 6. Oh my gosh, they actually hold lottery tickets too, the bigger ones which is really cool. And you won't get fingerprints on anything. So that's another positive. And I'll just show you, it just slides right out, just like that. 


So the photographer/artist set, we have three different levels. They have cards, either 12, 18 or 24. They all come with a set of rubber fingertips and then they come with coasters also. What size? I'm, yes. It's my birthday and I'm an old person, I need my glasses. Let's see, coasters are included. And check this out. There's four different vintage camera designs, aren't they adorable? So they're nice, they're thick, they're chunky, they're sturdy and the images are really cool on them. 


A woman makes these for us. All our products come from -- ooh I had that one sideways -- come from small businesses. Either we manufacture them ourselves or I get them from other small businesses throughout the US.  And then if it can be eco-friendly products, we make sure that it is eco-friendly. So that set has that. 


The bigger sets have our picture frame in it. You can see the mess probably. The picture frames are about two inches thick. They hold one of our cards perfectly, so that's what I love. All our picture frames hold our cards. Our cards are designed to hold a 5 x 7 picture frame. So there's that. And let's see what else is in the set. We include one of our pens. We have some -- Oh, hi Donna. How are you today? Thank you for being here.


Okay, so for everyone else, I see the numbers are growing, people watching. It's my birthday today. And so any gift set that you buy between now and tomorrow at noon Eastern Time, you'll get an extra 5% off if you use the code happy - HAPPY. And you're like 5%, but you have to remember that the gift sets are already 10%, 15% and 20% or more off. So it's a really a great discount that you'll be getting. And so there's that, I just wanted to throw that out there to you. 


What else do we have in our photographer set? We have the picture frames. So each level -- it's all spelled out if you click on the product. It will show you what's in the small, what's in the medium and what's in the large and there should be three pictures there as well showing you. So you can actually like zoom in and look and see what's in there. Keep in mind that card colors will vary, gift bags will vary, based on the stock that we have in. 


Oh, I should probably give you a little glimpse. Can you see that wall? Look at that wall, can you see the wall? I'll give you a little tour. Those are all our card colors. Oh my gosh, it goes all the way to there. So like I said, we have over 50 card colors and patterns. Isn't that amazing? I love it. I keep them in rainbow. Oh, thank you Donna. Appreciate it. Yeah, the day after Halloween was not the best birthday when you have kids when they were growing up because quite honestly, all of them -- Hi, Eric, thank you for being here and watching. It's definitely not ideal as a mom having your birthday the day after Halloween because honestly my kids were always crabby because they were on a sugar high and then they crashed and but now it's been great. I've heard from all of them this morning. It's been fun. They're all adults now. 


So that should give you a gist of what's in the photography/artists giftset. Thank you, Pam. Appreciate it. Like this is so awkward for me because I usually don't tell a single person. Like I have my birthday blocked on Facebook so no one knows but I thought it would be fun to give all of you a present on my birthday. So call me crazy. Let's see. 


So I've shown you the positivity word gift sets, I've shown you the photography/artists gift set, I have a few more to show you and I do want to tell you that over the course of the next 24 hours, I will be adding a few more. Hopefully by the end of that day. So you can use that code HAPPY and save an extra 5%. So in essence, you'd be getting 15%, 20% or 25% versus the 10%, 15% or 20%. So there's that. 


If you have any questions while I'm chatting here, don't be shy. That's why I'm here, ask away. I'd love to answer any questions you have. That is 100% why I'm here. And if I don't catch it, ask again. Sometimes I miss them because it goes fast. I am keeping my glasses on so I can see things better. So let me see what it's going to tell me to put up next. Okay, the hope, we already showed you; I already showed you all of those. 


Oh, dog lovers! Who has a dog or a dog lover in their life? Thank you. I love that. I wish I was 35 but ooh. That'd be kind of hard to explain how I have a 26 year old on Thursday. But anyway, I love that Eric, thank you for the laugh. I appreciate it. 


Let's see. Okay, we have dog lovers! Dog lovers! Dog lovers! Do you have a dog? I would love to know. What kind of dog do you have? Our dog Jake was a rescue. He was the most amazing dog for our family. We're not a family that wants to take our dog on ten walks a day. I like a calm dog. We rescued him when he was six and he actually just passed away last year when he was 15. He was German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix which sounds so interesting. So he was black with the long hair like a Golden but he had you know the German Shepherds are brown he had those brown paws like a German Shepherd. He was the most calm dog ever. People always come over; he only barked if you heard the doorbell and then in the last year of his life, he went deaf so then even that he never barked or anything. You have a Pomchi that will be two in December. Ooh, what is that? What kind of dog is that? Oh, it's a chihuahua and a Pomeranian, is that what it is? That's what I'm guessing. That must be adorable. So Jake was about 50 pounds. He was a really, really good dog. So there's that. So the dog lover gift sets. 


Instead of going through the small, medium and large, I think it might be just best if I just show you all the different things and then you can go on, click that link for the dog lover gift set. Three quarter Pomeranian -- Oh! So look at it, I was right. I'm so excited. Thanks. You should post a picture at some point, I'd love to see it. Maybe I could use it. If I have your permission, I could put it into one of our cards and post it. That would be fun. He looks like a skunk. Oh my gosh! That's amazing. 


Alright. So I'm just going to show you all the different things that will be in the gift sets. The different sizes, of course, will have more. So we have the small, medium and large. And let's see, I will start with an oven mitt. This is in the large, I know that. The oven mitts, check them out. I love the little different characters of the dogs. You see all their little personalities. They're super soft inside. Let me tell you, oh my gosh. And if you don't want to buy a gift set, because there's a few things that you don't want in the set, everything is sold individually as well. So here is the oven mitt -- No, that was the oven mitt, here's the potholder. Get your words right. With the metal back, that silvery backing. So there is the potholder for the dog. This is all in varying levels in the dog lover gift set. 


So we have the flour sack towel and check it out. One has a Santa hat the rest of them do not. Oh, I will open it up, I will show you. So on one sixth of the towel is the design, the rest is blank. Oh let's see. Just checked out the gifts. That's great. Is all that all your snowman items? Donna, yes, I believe it is. I believe I went through and got every single snowman item and put it together in the set. And I'm going to be showing that in a few minutes. I just hadn't got there yet. 


And for anyone that is just hopping on now. If you buy one of the gifts that's between now and tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2 at noon and use the code HAPPY, it's my birthday, you'll get an extra 5% off my gift to you for watching and hanging out with me and all this craziness that I -- obviously you can tell. Oh, awesome. Thank you Donna and use that code HAPPY. It's my birthday. I don't usually tell people so this is really out of character for me. But why not? Right. Let's have a little fun with our life and not be so serious and take life so serious. 


So the dog towel. We do have the flour sack towel with a little snowman hat. But if you're not liking the Santa cap, we also have in blank. And let's see, we have the notebook in this set. We have another ornament that Allen made. You're asking who's Allen, he's my brother-in-law, he's amazing. He's in Massachusetts, he makes my pewter visions, my visions come to life. So what I said is, I have this card and I want this ornament right there or this little dog bone right there to come to life. And he says, you got it! And then this is what I get. It's amazing. So he is so super talented with pewter, so I use him exclusively for all my pewter products. So anything that's pewter comes from Massachusetts, made by him. I love supporting. Well, it's really fun working with family and then I love supporting other small businesses too. So as I go through, I'll let you know. I use a small company here in Florida that makes all the cards for me because I just don't have the machinery to. You think that oh a card, it's not that hard to make. No, it actually is, because our cards are unique in the sense that they're trifold, so that your picture will slide and hold into place. So that does make it a little bit different. But some of the sets do have cards and the dog bone soap rest. How adorable is that? And let's see, what else do I have? In the dog set, we have the notepad with the magnet on the back. So there's that. And then we also have the coasters with the same dogs on it. So all of those products in varying levels are in the dog lover gift set. The higher you go, the more that's in it and again, 10% off the small, 15% off the medium, 20% off the large. But now until tomorrow, November 2 at noon Eastern Time, I should make sure I keep saying that you can save an extra 5%. It's my birthday. How many times have I said that today? More than I've probably said in my entire life, or my entire adult life. When I was a child I probably enjoyed it much more. 


Oh, and I also should mention that the dog bone gift tags will be in there too, we'll have sets of those. And I just need to grab a sip of water. I don't usually talk this long. Let's see what is next up on the list. I don't know. 


Oh, the snowman! Here you go Donna if you're still watching, I'm going to show all the snowman products right now. So let's see. So everything will come with a snowman gift bag and a snowman gift tag. So there's that. And depending on the small, medium or large, we have a small and a large bag so we make sure that everything you get will fit into the bag. Oh, you're welcome. Thanks so much for being here and chatting with me. It makes it -- I know I say it all the time, this makes it go by or just makes it not feel so weird just talking to my phone. Although my mail lady's name, my mail carrier Donna, she was just here. And she was very confused that I was just like standing here talking. So let's see. And again, just like the other ones, I'm just going to show you all the products, you can go on to the website by clicking this link, and then it will list what's in the small, what's in the medium and what's in the large and then there's pictures as well. And you'll know, on all the gift sets the small is on a whitish background, the medium is on a brown and then the large is on the tan. I made three different backgrounds so that if you go through the sets, you'll see the different backgrounds. But it includes our notebook journal, which like the other one I showed you, has the snowman, they alternate pages. So it's three pages and then there's a snowman. Three more pages and then there's another snowman. This book is 100% recycled; the chipboard, the paper is an 80-pound cover stock. If you missed me showing it a few minutes ago one of the other ones, it's a really thick card. It's an 80 pound paper, which is much thicker than a copy paper to give you some relevance. And hopefully you can hear that. It is solid, it's really, really nice. 


I'm very particular. I think some of my vendors get frustrated because I'm so particular and I want everything to be the way I want it. So this paper has flecks in it. If you've ever purchased our seashell card, this is the same paper just a different weight of course, because the cardstock is much thicker. So there's that, lefty approve with the spiral at the top. So that's in the snowman collection. So there's that, there's that. What else have I shown you? Oh, the flour sack towel. And everything we do sell separately if you just aren't interested in the whole set, but you want something. There you go. So the snowmen are on 1/6 of the towel, just like the other one, I'll show you the back is white. So there's that. The same snowman that are on the cover of the journal and then they're also on our notepad. The note pad has 50 pages, it's recycled paper. And look at it, every page they alternate. I don't know when you've joined in, so I apologize if I'm being repetitive but like our other notebooks, our notepads are different than the ones you typically buy at a store. Because typically, the image you see on the front is what's on all 50 pages. Ours are unique, I designed them that way because I don't like seeing the same thing on all 50 pages. So I'll show you, it changes. So there's really faint snowflakes and then the snowman alternate; there's eight snowmen so they alternate every eight pages. So I just thought that was much more fun. And then the cover, you can use the back to write a little note on, put it in somebody's lunchbox. So there's that. So there's 50 pages in those and those are included. 


And then we have our really fun soap rest. And yeah, there. Excuse me, I guess I'm talking too much. But they're nice and thick. I love them because they don't get moldy or gross, for the lack of a technical term for stuff. You just rinse them out in the shower every few days. I really really like them. So I've been using one since May that my mom bought me and then I had them custom make the snowman one for us. So there's that. 


Let me see what other snowman things. Oh, our snowman fun cards. Aren't they so cute? So you can put whatever picture, it doesn't have to be a Christmas card. It can be a winter scene, whatever you want. In this set, we are we're doing the ones that are blank. We do have some that say Happy Holidays here but in the snowman set, because we didn't know what you're going to be using them for we are we're including the ones that are blank and look it, how fun is that? I just love them. Let me know what you're thinking of these gift sets. Is there something that I haven't covered, something that you like, don't like? I'd love your feedback. 


Okay, so there's also our snowman pin. So he's got his little card and a super tiny, super, super, super tiny bandage on his right stick. Oh, I don't even know if you can see that. But here's the large one, the writing with the year on it. And then we also have last year's. So you get to pick different snowmen that you want. We have the set setup that you can pick the two Clarence’s, you can pick Benny and Louise, or you pick George and Mary. And again, I'm typically pretty flexible. So they'll come with a red ribbon. So those are all in it. We will include with each ornament and pin will be the story of Clarence. Oh, thank you. Thank you. I really appreciate that Donna. Thank you. Much appreciated. So every Clarence ornament or pin comes with the little story of how he got his name and why he came to be. So we include that we thought that would be fun. 


Let's see, I lost my notes here. Have I uncovered everything? I'm not sure. Oh, also in the large one, we're including the wooden bowl. These bowls are amazing. I can't even tell you how much I like them. They're made by a company in Arkansas, handmade there in Arkansas. And I just thought the white one would look good with all the snowman items. So let me show you. Now one thing you should know about these bowls -- so everything you just showed is in the large? Yes, absolutely. Also, if you click that link onto the website, it will list everything in case I forgot to say something. I do my absolute best but sometimes I do forget things. And so it will tell you listed out what is in the set, hopefully; but there is a picture there too. So the wooden bowls are made and just to give you some visual.


Oh, I should mention these are 4.25 x 5.5. So it's 1/4 of a piece of copy paper. Oh, you're welcome Donna. Any other questions, just ask. Really, that's why I'm here, is to answer your questions. And I don't know what you want to know, unless you ask. I know the other day, I forgot to say how many pages were in the notebooks and someone asked. I'm like, oh yeah, that's really important to tell you. So there's that. So those are the snowman set. So yes, everything there, then let's see. But you can click we do have -- hold up one second let me get my water. 


But if you're just joining now, if you use the code happy - HAPPY, between now and Tuesday, November 2 at noon, Eastern Time, you will save an extra 5% off on all the gift sets, which are already 10%, 15%, and 20% off depending on what level you get. So yeah, it's my birthday. You can say happy birthday, that would be fabulous. I will say thank you for wishing me a happy happy birthday. Yes, let's see. 


Okay. So if all these are too much for you, for your gift giving needs, we do have some of our Rustic Tin candles with coordinating soaps. And it's basically you're getting the soap for free if you buy it as a set. So that's an amazing deal. And let me just show you. Plymouth Sun of a Beach. So these are the rustic tins. They do have rust, I guess. That is not a flaw because these are rustic. And each one is different. So don't think -- it's just adding some character. I'm going to just turn it all around so you can see the whole thing. So there's that. And it has a wood wick. We do include instructions on how to burn them properly to start. So there's that, but it smells so good. It just reminds me of the beach. And then we have oh, I got the wrong soap. But I will hold it up like this is the Plymouth Sun of a Beach soap that matches. I accidentally pulled the wrong one but you get the idea. So these candles burn about 50 hours versus our wine bottle ones that burn for over 100. So just so you know the difference. And we have many scents available. 


Let's see what else, Lime In Da Coconut I didn't pull that one. But it's the same thing, you get it. It's our candle with the soap. Frasier Fir, I got that one. So you can see. There's the candle, there are these cute little tins, they are about three inches high just to give you a reference. And then we have the coordinating Frasier Fir soap. But if you buy it as a set, you're getting the soap for free, which is amazing. And then, between now and tomorrow at noon, Eastern Time, November 2nd, you will save an extra 5% using the code happy - HAPPY. Yes. Happy. You're asking, you're new you just joined on and you don't know why. Why would the code? It's my birthday. So we want to say happy. So there's that. So those are the sets. There are a few more on the website and I will be adding over the next day or two, kitchen, office, what else, the bath. So there are more coming. But I just wanted to give you a good sampling of what we have for now. And yeah, so let me know what you think about them all. And if there's a set that you're like... I know Donna had asked about snowman sets, so that was definitely on my list. So if there's something that you're like, oh my gosh, I would love to have a gift set for this person -- I can take these off now I think -- let me know. I am happy to work with you and we can make a set that would work for your needs. So I'm so happy that you're here watching with me. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate it. And again, I'm Lisa, it's my birthday today, which is so silly. I am really not one of those people. I do not do a countdown, I do not tell people days in advance. I have it hidden on my actual personal Facebook so literally no one knows because I'm just not that person. But I thought it would just be fun today to give you all an extra 5% off on the gift sets because it's my birthday, so I don't know. Thank you.


And what else was I going to say? You can always call 877-830-3405. Let's see. Oh, thank you so much Linda. That's so so nice to hear. Yeah, I don't know how long you've been watching but I do say that I think some of my vendors you know -- I do have high standards, they're learning. They're learning what I want and what my demands are. Not demands, I'm not mean at all, but I only want to have our company sell products that I would be proud to purchase and own. So that's basically how I run everything here. 


So what else was I going to say? I don't know. Oh, if you want to get in touch with me and you're not sure how, you can message through Facebook, we have this cool app now that brings it all together, so I get it all in one spot. So you can message on Facebook, on our website we have a chat with us button, so you can go there and chat and ask your questions. You can call 877-830-3405. So those are all the best ways to reach out to me. Email, I will admit we're getting so many emails. Sometimes it's easier if you just do the direct message or the chat with us because that goes in one bucket and doesn't get lost. 


Can you show me George and Mary? Oh my gosh, absolutely. Absolutely! Let me grab them. Just give me one minute and let me find them. So I will get them. I will grab one of each and we'll go from there. I don't know if I have any that have ribbon. Oh, I do. Let's see. I'm still here, in case you're wondering. I didn't disappear. Just going to pull them all. Okay. Alright. 


Here is George. We got George and Mary because of... Okay, so hold on. Sorry, let me just take another drink of water. So Clarence is from the movie It's a Wonderful Life. My father-in-law loved that movie. We watched it, he loved it. So he had all of us loving that movie. And it always reminds me of him whenever Christmas comes and we watch it. So we named Clarence, Clarence after that movie because I felt like last year, our whole family we talked about it, we named it together. We just felt like we all needed some hope and Clarence seemed like the best name because he's giving George hope in his time of need. So then, of course, when we added two more snowmen, they had to be George. So here's George. He's got his sunglasses on and his winter scarf. And then we have Mary. Well, Mary and Louise don't have ribbon yet because I just haven't... These are -- I'm sorry, I hate the packaging noise, I apologize. But here's Mary. So she's got her little red sweater/jacket/vest thingy. So that's Mary. And then then we have Benny and Louise. And Beni is not only my daughter, but we actually named him after my father-in-law. His name was Benedetto, he came here from Italy when he was in his 30s. So we have here we go. Here's Benny, who instilled our love of It's a Wonderful Life. And then Louise was my mother in law. So you know, we had to name them together. So that's where you get the name. And we do call my daughter Beni. Her middle name is Benedett dad after my father-in-law, but that's what she goes by. So she goes by Benny as well. Probably more than you wanted to know. I guess I have some chatting going on today. But that's Benny and Louise. I love them. I think they're so adorable. I love all our snowmen. They make me smile. I don't know what you guys think about them. 


Is there anything else you would like to see before I sign off? And yeah, I think that's what I've got. So, but use that code HAPPY, 5% off all the gift sets between now and tomorrow at noon Eastern time. And if this isn't live when you're watching it and you have questions, just comment, and I will check and I will answer your questions. And what I'll do is when I get off, I'll get a link and I will put a link in the comments to all the gift sets. So you don't have to go and fumble through the website and I think it might make it easier for you if I just put one link. Boom, here's all the gift sets. 


So I thank you so much for watching and being part of my birthday celebration today. You know, use that code Happy. Oh, let's see. Excuse me. Oh, you're welcome. Oh, that's good. I'm glad. Sometimes you wonder is it TMI, but I don't think so. I think it's, you know -- that's where we got all the names. I loved my in laws. They were amazing, amazing people. So it's fun to name them. Oh, thank you, Donna. I will. Chocolate cake tonight. Can't go wrong with chocolate. So yeah, but I so appreciate you being here. I will be back Wednesday afternoon with some more things. This was just a special to show you all the gift sets and get them out there and give you that special HAPPY bonus offer. So again, any questions, write them in the comments and I will answer them. I appreciate all of you. Thank you so much for being here. Bye!