Live with Lisa - Week 75

November 03, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa - Week 75-Plymouth Cards


Hi friends! How are you today? I hope you're having a great day. I am Lisa, back for our weekly Wednesday chat and I got some new things to show you. I'm really excited. Our special November collection is here. A couple days late, I know but it is finally here. So that's what I've got for you today. I hope you're having a great day. I am having a really good day today too. 


So let's get into it. Let me know if you're watching live or not live, that's fine too. I understand that everyone lives in different parts of the country, so not everyone can see me live at 3 on a Wednesday. But if you are here live, feel free to say hi. I am here in Plant City, Florida. Let me know where you are. It is gorgeous here today. 


I'm really excited because our Class of 2022 ornaments are here. Last week, I don't know where you live, but my whole family is up in Massachusetts on what's called the South Shore and they were affected by that big storm that happened. Many of them were without power for 3-5 days. Which is crazy, right? But one of the people that was out of power was Allen, who makes my ornaments for me. So they were delayed a little bit. But I do have the class of 2022 ornaments to show you. They're amazing! Let me see, I'm going to put it here because I -- Let's see what color. Purple! Oh, of course, I don't have purple yet. But I will show you last year's so you can get an idea of what it will look like color wise anyway, the wording is different. I can't believe it, this program hates me. It's probably just user error. And I like to say that it hates me. 

Class of 2022 ornament

Okay, here we are. We've got the black. So Class of 2022 ornament, this would be perfect as a stocking stuffer or a Christmas gift, use it as a tag, you can use one of our ornament Sharpies and write on the back a message. I personally prefer handwritten messages over just typing, I don't know, I think it's more thoughtful to put something handwritten. Everyone has their own things. My thing is I like the personalization, the handwritten note. So I'll hold it up. Class of 2022 #APartOfHistory. And the zero in 2022 is the Wi-Fi signal because they did spend a good portion of their high school days in virtual school. So I thought that would be fun. We have about 20 different color ribbons, so you can make your school color combination, which is amazing. What else should I tell you? I'll show you how thick they are. These are so solid, they're just over an ounce. And like I am giving it all my strength and there is no way that this is bending. So that is fabulous. I have in stock five colors, and then two are coming. So that's where that is to. Our pre-order is for the week of November 15th. So if you pre-ordered now or even up until the 15th, we would ship it and you would have it in time for Christmas, assuming it doesn't get lost. We're going to have faith in our delivery companies. 


Okay, so of course it's showing you orange, which is last year. So I do have orange, this was not the order things are supposed to show. But just so you know, we do have 2021 ornaments still available. So if you have a graduate from 2021, we still have those available too. Yeah, so that's that color. Let me see what other color. 


Okay, green. I love this green. This is the color that my kids high school was, green with white. So I wanted to show you that one. You can see it up close. This year we have some little definition lines, let's see if you can see those. So it kind of makes it look a little bit more like the mortarboard. 


Hopefully you can see that and it's not too blurry for you. I am sorry that this is backwards or mirror. There used to be a mirror image feature and for the life of me I cannot figure out where it went. So I have some researching to do later on today. Before I get on live again so that I can actually figure out where's this -- You know, it used to be this like a little tool, I know you probably don't care, but now it's missing. So this is the Class of 2022, green. So we do have them in stock right now to order, shipping is within a few days of placing your order. And you can get the box option if you want. What colour is that? I can't tell. It says crimson. Okay, so here's our crimson one. So you can see that, and this is the black ribbon. So we've got that one. 


I see a bunch of names popping up. Say hi, I'd love to know where you're watching from. It's so fun to see where everyone is across the country. It's just so cool to see where everyone is from. I am in Plant City, Florida. I am originally from just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Hopefully, I don't know if you can tell by my accent or not. I seem to think I don't have one, but I probably do. 


So that's how thick this Class of 2022 ornament is. And on the back. That's what it looks like. So it's about 3-4 inches long the ribbon after you hang it. We do hand tie them, custom as you place your order. So that way you get the combination you want. And then we have red, which I put in my pocket. So here's the red one. It's a nice bright red. 


What color do you think is the most popular color? I'm going to see if you can guess. Last year, we had all these colors I just showed you: black, red, orange, green, purple, white, yellow, light blue, maroon, crimson. I think that's what I had. Blue, black, yeah, I think that's all the colors. What color do you think is the most popular? It wasn't what I expected it to be. For us, anyway, sales wise. I don't know if it's accurate to say that's the most popular school color in the country. But for us, what color do you think is the most popular. So there's a red with a blue ribbon. And just for those, jumping on now, I'll show you how thick it is again, and the back. So those are our Class of 2022 ornaments, perfect in time for Christmas this year. Usually we don't get them until January, February. So I'm really excited to have them early this year. So I hope you are too; we did get a good amount of pre-orders, which was nice. All the pre-orders are now in the mail. So if you've pre-ordered, you should have received an email by now with your tracking number. So if you didn't get that email, please let me know and I will find it and resend it to you. 


And blue. I can't see if anyone guessed. But if you did guess blue, blue was our most popular color last year by a significant number. It was surprising. So that's the blue one and I'm showing it with a gold ribbon. Oh my gosh, you name it, we should have your color ribbon. We have white, black, red, gold, an antique gold, we have pink, we have light pink, peach, yellow, blue, green. I'm trying to think of them all. If I miss some tell me or feel free to ask if you're thinking of a colour. But there is a grid that I made, a very old school to do it. But I cut a little piece, a one inch piece of ribbon and taped it down on a piece of paper because I couldn't figure out how else to show you all the colors of the ribbon. I wanted it to be the actual ribbon and not a computer generated, so that way you would see what the color really looks like. So that is on hopefully, I believe it is, I thought I put it on there for every page that shows you all the different colors. But if there's a color that you're -- Oh, burgundy, that one was really pretty. So we do have your school color combination available. So I think that's really a nice touch to make it more personal for your student or your graduate.


Let's see. That is 2021, which I didn't grab a black one I just grabbed the purple and the orange, just to give you an idea. So if you have a 2021 graduate from the spring or even this December, those graduates will want one of these too. And I really think that'd be great, if your graduate is 21 and up you could put it on a bottle of wine for them as a little tag. If they're not, if they're graduating from high school early, because I didn't realize that was a thing. But here in Florida, a lot of kids graduate early. So you could just use it as a gift tag. There's so many. Let me know what else; if I miss something. They'd be great for stocking stuffers. I think those are all great ways to use them. And I don't know why it's showing so many different 2021's there, I'll just go through the -- okay. 


So our new special November collection. So what we do is every month, we have a special card collection that's only available for that month and then then it's gone. So the pricing, I think it's about 10% - 20% in that range. Oh gosh, 10% - 15% off, depending on if you buy the 24 pack or the 36 pack. It wouldn't let me add the November collection. So after I get off, I will put the direct link into the comments. But anyway in any event, I will show you the cards that are in that collection so you can see them. So I'll hold it up so you can see it all together. And the cool thing we're doing for this month only is typically, we have our standard white, our white felt, and our craft brown envelopes. And the white felt and the craft brown are typically more money because they cost more money. But for this month only, in the collection, you can pick any of the envelopes and they're all the same price as the standard. Which is really another great savings.

Special November collection -

And so it's pecan, ivory, shimmer gold and burnt orange. And do you call it pecan or do you call it pecan? What do you say? Here I hear a lot of pecan. Which is fine, it's very regional how you say it, but that is the collection. You get six of each or nine of each depending if you pick the 24 or the 36. I will hold up and show you each color. So that's pecan; it is a really cool textured. It almost feels like, not in a bad way, a grocery store bag. You know it has that whole grocery store bags feel a little bit rough. That's what these kind of feel like.


I see more people popping up. So say hi! Hi! I'm Lisa if you haven't watched me before, here at Plymouth Cards in Plant City, Florida. So let me know where you are, where you're watching from. Let's see, I don't know if it took that. Alright perfect.


So I showed you the pecan. Now here's the burnt orange. This is a little bit smoother than the pecan. But isn't that just such a rich, beautiful orange. I love it. And I should show you that our cards work with either a horizontal or a vertical photo. They're all blank inside for you to write your own custom messages. And then on the back we have our logo on an angle so that they you won't feel like it's in the wrong orientation; so they work either vertical or horizontal. So that is burnt orange. So that's the second color in this special November collection. And I just think it's really cool that for this month, you can pick any envelope you want and they're all the same price. Shimmer gold, I don't know, can you see that? Can you see the iridescentness of it? It's amazing. This is a really thick card, this is one of our thickest cardstocks, it's 100lbs. Which most of our cards are 80lbs, if you buy our cards you'll know what that means, you'll know the texture. This is one of our thicker cards, but they all have this embossed ruled border to give it some additional interest and make it just feel like the picture is really being framed. So there's that. And if there's anything you want to see up close and personal while I'm live even if it's not something that I'm talking about, please let me know and I'd be happy to grab it. I've done that you know in the past, so I'm happy to do that, get me while you can right. 


And then last but not least is Ivory. I see that there's an imperfection. I grabbed a bad one so I apologize for showing you a bad card but I assure you, yours will not have imperfections on it. But see, this one has a felt-like texture to it. So that's ivory and I'll hold up the cards again. So this is a great collection, I love this. I think this is a really pretty collection, just for the month of November. So $33.99 for the 24 pack, no matter what envelope you pick, which is really unusual. And $48.99 if you pick the 36 pack. And again, I will post the special link for this because it wouldn't let me do it. For some reason I was having significant tech troubles today. But that's okay. We just work with it, we roll with it. So let's see what else. 


Oh, before I go on to the next thing, I wanted to show you the envelopes so you can see because you're probably like, what are all these envelopes? What does this all mean? So here is our standard white envelope. I'm going to just stand back so you can see it. So this is standard white, it's a smooth texture. Here's the back, it has rounded corners right here, just so you can see that. It just opens. So that is our standard white envelope. Next is our white felt envelope. And hopefully, I'm holding it up so you can see that little texture to it. We call it felt because it has like a piece of felt, it has a little bit of texture to it. So the back, it has pointed corners. I don't know if that makes a difference to you, but I just want to point out the differences. And I'll hold the white, and the ivory next to each other so that you can see that they are slightly different shades of white. So that's the standard white, white felt. And then we have craft brown. So there's that one compared to these, can you see them all? Hopefully you can; I'm making a mess here. I can try and -- there we go. This is a smooth card, but in the print of the paper, it actually looks like there's little flecks in it but there are not, it is a smooth feeling card. And I'll hold it up so that you can see it with the collection. I think the craft brown looks amazing with this collection and these colors. So see that. So I think you really should, if you have never bought one of our collections, you should. This is one to really buy because you could pick any envelope for no extra charge, which I think is a great option/opportunity this month. So that's craft brown. 


We also have a natural felt. That is not available with this collection. This collection only has the standard white, white and craft brown. But I just wanted to show you, we do have a natural that's available with some of the cards. So I just wanted to show you, so you would know if you were buying. And you can always buy our cards, so say you only like the burnt orange that I just showed you, you can buy the burnt orange singly, you can buy them in 10 packs or 30 packs. And that's another cool feature too, so that you don't have to buy one of the collections if the colors aren't what you're looking for. So that's that. 


And we also have -- oh my gosh, I can't believe Thanksgiving is going to be here in a few weeks. So we've been making a lot of Thanksgiving samplers for customers. So I just wanted to mention real quick, you can get the Thanksgiving sampler. I already packed and shipped all the ones that went out today. So I just wanted to give you a quick peek of some of our Thanksgiving cards, just so you can get an idea of them. They're all blank inside just like our other cards. But with these are all vintage, reproduced postcards from the early 1900s. There we go. I just wanted to show you some of the designs real quick. So there's all that. What else was I going to tell you? We're shipping in our 1-3 business days still, weekends don't count so when you're doing the calculation, you'll know that. If you have any questions ever, you can put a comment here on this post or you can private message me through Facebook. On our website, we have a chat with us button, so you can click that and that will bring you to me so that I can answer your question. Those are honestly the best place because it keeps it all in one spot. I get so many emails that unfortunately sometimes they get buried and then I feel bad because it takes a week. And I feel awful that it took that long. I like to respond right away. So if you are going to reach out to me -- I know behind the scenes you probably don't know, but it puts it all in this one spot for me. So then I don't lose anybody or anything. Or you can call 877-830-3405. That's what I've got today. We have, lots of ornaments going out. Oh my gosh, the gift sets are doing well, you guys seem to love those. So thank you for that. And if you have any other ideas for gift sets, let me know. I have some more that I'm working on. I just haven't taken the photos yet to get them. I don't want to put them on the website without the pictures. So there's that. But yeah, let me see -- I don't know if there's anything else. Oh, I think I just put a few of the cards. So if you were interested in some of the designs, you could just click on them. But that's what I've got today. I hope to be back sooner than next Wednesday to share with you some more things. Yeah. I hope you have a great rest of the day. And I will talk to you real soon. Thank you so much for being here. I so appreciate you.