Live with Lisa - Week 77

November 17, 2021 1 Comment

Live with Lisa - Week 77-Plymouth Cards


Santa gift set - https://www.plymouthcards.com/collections/gift-sets

City map cards with state heart ornaments - https://www.plymouthcards.com/collections/state-ornaments

Wine bottle stocking ornaments - https://www.plymouthcards.com/collections/wine-bottle-ornaments

Package protection - https://www.plymouthcards.com/products/package-protection

Mayflower Club - https://www.plymouthcards.com/products/mayflower-club


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Michelle A
Michelle A

December 20, 2021

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
I found Plymouth Cards last year by accident — or was it!?

For years my “trademark” gift to close friends and family has been unique ornaments, and we all get the same one. Sometimes those searches began Jan 1 😆

Once I saw Clarence with his mask last year during the pandemic I said OMG this is THE ornament!  And then the pin was a must have for a couple people.

Clarence not only helped me expand my gift giving, but my few neighbors who became friends during the pandemic really appreciated the humor because we were all in it together!

This year I didn’t search far or wide for our ornaments because Lisa and her family are a no brainer go-to!  And supporting made in the USA and a family biz is a bonus!

For the new year I plan on a new tradition—I will begin sending out pins. This year will be “hope”, so yes Lisa, I will be ordering again to start 2022 with “hope”!

Thanks so much for being awesome! 

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