Live with Lisa - Week 86

January 19, 2022 0 Comments

Live with Lisa - Week 86-Plymouth Cards


Hey friends! There we go. Sorry. As I was starting my stand started falling. 

Hi! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I am Lisa here at Plymouth Cards. I hope you're doing well today. I am so excited to be sharing with you our new 2022 card colors. So I wanted to get into that. I hope -- Well, I guess I should ask you how are you doing? I'm doing good. I just finished moving 50 boxes of envelopes. So that was a little project. And it's actually chilly here today. I'm in Plant City, Florida. Say hi, if you're watching live or even if you're not watching live say hi after and let me know where you're watching from. I always love seeing where everyone is watching from across the country. It's always fun. 

So I have the new card colors. It has been so hard to keep this little secret to myself, and not share it with everybody. Because it's always fun to add new colors to our card line. Some of the colors have been retired. Unfortunately, what's been happening in the world of paper, I'm not sure if you care or don't care, but I'll share a little bit of it. With everything that's going on, a lot of the paper colors are getting discontinued, which is a bummer, because I don't know until I run low on a color and then I want to order more. And they say no, sorry, it's out of stock or not out of stock, it has been discontinued. You can never have that color again. I'm like no. I'm really happy that I was able to find these colors to share. So let's get into it. I don't know what order it's going to tell me to put it in, so the first new card color for 2022 is apricot. It is so fun. I love it. It has a little hint of peach to it. I don't know, it's kind of like peachy color. But I shouldn't say has a little hint of peach, it has little flecks in it. I'm going to show you the back. So there's these little flecks in it, which gives it some interest. It's not just a flat color, which isn't ever fun. So I just took the picture out that I had in here. The cards, you know the photos slide in and out. I'm not demonstrating it very well, because you're supposed to do it on a table with some rubber fingertips or latex gloves. Makes it much easier and smooth. 

But as I see names pop up, I'd love for you to say hi, tell me where you're watching from. I'm Lisa, and I'm in Plant City, Florida. I'll start. 

Check out all new 2022 photo insert note card colors

So this is apricot. This is one of our 2022 new card colors. So there's a handful of new colors, and then I have a new ornament, and then I have some other ornaments that the woman that makes the wine bottle glass ornaments -- Sorry, I lost my words. She sent me some pictures of what she's thinking. And I'd love to get your feedback because y'all are the best. You always give me the best ideas and feedback. So I just want to get an honest opinion what you think. 

Let's see what the next colour is. So the first new card color is apricot. What do you think? You like it? Hate it? Wish I had a different color? And if you in the comments, want to share with me colors that you would like, if you look at all our colors, and you're like, Oh, I really wish she had this color, let me know because I'm working on -- because of the paper shortages that we're having. I'm actually working now if you can believe it on 2023 colors, because they say it's going to take probably a good 5-6 months for me to get the paper that I want. So I got to work on that. I've been working on that this week. 

Okay, daffodil. Isn't that so pretty. It's a really light, buttery yellow. And it has little flecks in it for some interest. So it's just not a flat, light yellow card. I really like that, it does add; but it's not an overpowering amount of flecks or you know it doesn't take away it just adds a little bit to it. Hopefully you can see it. I'm going to try to hold it up close. If you're new here, welcome. And all the cards hold a 4*6 photograph, it just slides in and out. You're supposed to use rubber fingertips or latex gloves so you don't get fingerprints and it makes it way easier to slide the images into the card. Anything that's 4*6 will fit into these cards. So it's the most amazing way to make a personalized card for less money. $15.99, the price you see right there is for a 10 pack with white felt envelopes, not the standard white. Typically it's $14.99. This Facebook shopping thing, I have a love hate relationship with it. I tell it what I would like it to show, and it decides what it really wants to show you. So I hope you can work with me on that. But if you're interested in this new Daffodil color and you clicked on that little shopping button that's appearing, it will bring you in, then you can pick the envelope that you want. We have four envelope options, we have our standard white; all the cards come with envelopes, and then you can choose a standard white and then for an additional fee there's white felt, a natural felt, and craft brown. So those are the four options. But it works with any 4*6 items. So you can use a postcard, you can use a piece of artwork, anything you want in the card. So they're designed, you don't have to know in advance if you're using a horizontal or vertical orientation, because they're blank inside. And we came up with this great idea to put our logo on the back at an angle. So it works with either orientation and you don't feel like the picture, if it's a different orientation, it doesn't go. We do have a few of the old backs that we had where we had them only go vertical, those are in our clearance section. So if you're new and you want to just try some of the cards, go there. Same quality, just different back. Let's see. 

Okay, Misty Blue. Misty blue is such a surprise fun color. I put it with a black and white photo so you could see. It almost has like a hint of grey to it. And it's this really nice, soft, soft blue. And I just put some pictures in the cards to show you just so you could see. But again, it would look so cool with any of your -- Oh, I think this will look so amazing with some nature pictures in the fog or just at dusk, I think it would look really, really nice. So there's that. So this is our new color Misty blue. 

So I've shown you three colors so far of our new colors. Oh, they all seem to be soft palettes. So Apricot, Daffodil, Misty blue. And so those are three, let me know what you're thinking. Love them, hate them. 

Ooh, Canary, Canary is our bright yellow. Look at that. This really adds some pop to your colors. Oh, and I should show you if I can -- Oh, you know what I'll do is I'm going to put this picture that I put in khaki and then you can see it in more than one card just to see what it looks like. So look at that, doesn't that really bring out the colors, the fall. I love this picture. So this is Canary. This is the fourth color I've shown so far. And what I'll do is, we do have a special collection that is going to include all six brand new colors so you can try them all. I will put a link in the notes or in the comments after I'm done because it wouldn't let me add it to the shopping cart. I don't understand. Oh, thank you Cindy. Thank you. Isn't it really pretty? It's really, really nice and like all our cards they're all blank inside. So there's that. Let's see the next colour, Khaki. Okay, so I originally had put this photo in khaki, so I'll put it back in and then you can see what it looks like in khaki just to give you a visual difference. It's so amazing how the card colors change your picture. It complements different things. See now I feel like it's toning the photo down and it's showing you the wooded -- I'm sorry like making it weird with my face. It's showing you the weird -- now I've got my head in the weird zone. It shows you all the wood. I just really feel like it really makes it feel like a fall picture where this one the yellow made it seem brighter. Let me know what you think. I'd love to know. So that's khaki. I think the picture makes it look a little yellow but it really doesn't have yellow in it. It's a really nice textured paper. The cards are all 80 pound cardstock if that helps, if you know what that is or what that means. They are at least 30% recycled post-consumer waste. All the cards have recycled content in them varying from 30% on up to 100%. So, just like that. So this is our new color khaki. 

So far I've showed you five of the new colors. 

Oh, Wisteria, this is so pretty. It's purple. Purple is my favorite color. And it's hard to find purple papers, but I found this one and look it at how pretty that is. I think this will look really amazing with spring flowers, Easter pictures, if you do Easter. I'm trying to think of what else it would look amazing with. I think it would even look really pretty with the ocean. So there's  Wisteria. So I will hold up all six card colors together, so you can see them. Yeah, let's see. Just putting them all back together here. So I'd like to do everything in the rainbow. I don't know about you. But that's how -- when you work with color all day, you just have to come up with a system and I'm always doing rainbow, light to dark. So here they are. So those are the six new colors. And if you missed it I there will be a collection with these six colors. It's on the website right now and I will post a link in the comments when I get off live. If you have any questions about these cards or the colors, let me know. They all hold a 4*6 image postcard, or you can even put a lottery ticket in it; if you have one of the bigger lottery tickets they fit in there too, the scratch ones. And so that's a fun way to use the card; lottery ticket, a postcard. If you're a knitter, not knitter, a sewer, quilter, do cross stitching, needlepoint and you have a 4*6 one that will fit in there too. So that's really cool. I'm trying to think of what other people have told me they've used them for. Some people use the cards for paper art and that's really cool too.

So those are the six new colors. I hope you liked them as much as I do.

 Set of all the new cards

And let's see what else I got now. Weathered wood. Oh, okay, I don't have that. Let me go grab that. Of course I don't have something because it wouldn't be a live without me having to go get something. I will be there soon. I forgot about this. So what ended up happening, hopefully you can hear me was weathered wood was supposed to be introduced right now, but I accidentally introduced it at Christmas time. So this is weathered wood. And that's what that looks like. It's a grey undertone to it. We have a barn wood which is a brown undertone. So if you have grey photos or artwork that would be a great one too for that. So that's that one. And then I bet yep, this is another one that wasn't supposed to be introduced until this year but I accidentally did it at Christmas time. So I got ahead of myself. So those are those cards.

And now we have our new love ornament. I don't have a sample of it yet. But I have a picture, so I thought there it is. It's amazing. So it matches with -- oh I should show you in case you're new here. Some of these have green ribbons but it doesn't matter you can pick we have about 20 different color ribbon options. So this is the brand new love ornament, it will be here at the end of the month. We're taking pre-orders now, I'm getting a limited supply. I thought it would be great for Valentine's Day, but just so you have an idea. These are some of our other word ornaments just so you can kind of get an idea of what it will look like. The quality is amazing, my brother-in-law Allen makes all my pewter things in Massachusetts for me and then ships them to me down here in Florida. Or actually sometimes when I go visit I take home a suitcase full of product which saves me on shipping. So hope, there's this one. And like I said we have many different ribbon colors. A lot of people have been buying the hope ornament and putting a pink ribbon on it to give it to someone going through breast cancer. We could do any other you know cancer color ribbon but I think that's a really great use for that one. The ornaments, they're just not ornaments. They can be displayed year around because they're not Christmas. So those are the four that we have right now but the love one is coming. We are having a limited quantity come in. And so I'm taking pre-orders. I started taking pre-orders yesterday afternoon, and that's been fun and it will go out to me went on our email list tomorrow. So then I know that's when things will go crazy. That's what usually happens. So if you're watching live and you like it pre-order now, so you're guaranteed you'll get one. 

New Love ornament in time for Valentine's day and perfect to display year round

Now I have a question to see what you think. The wine bottle ornaments, they're amazing. I'll show you one just so you can kind of get an idea, in case you're new again. So, here's one. They're really amazing. They're made out of wine bottles. Oh, I should actually show you the other one that is more similar to what I'm about to show you. So her name is Carol, she's amazing, she's in West Virginia. And she makes all these different wine bottle ornaments. And she messaged me over the weekend and said, Lisa, I'm going to make some easter egg ones. What do you think? And I said, you know what, I'm going to ask my people because they're amazing. And they always tell me what they think. So what do you think about little easter egg ornaments, or suncatchers is what I should actually call them because that's what these really are. What do you think? Love them? Hate them? Think it's a good or a bad idea? I think they're super, super cute. I think they would look really great if we put them on a card. But yeah, I'd love to get your feedback on those. And then she also sent me these ones as well, little heart ones. So let me know. Before I place my order, I'd love to know if you're interested in one, or a particular color. It's hard, you know, to know what everyone likes or doesn't like. I always get what I wish, which seems to work, but sometimes it doesn't.

So that's what I've got today. So I'm really excited to show you all those card colors. And I'll pop them up here one more time so you can see them. Here they all are, they all hold the 4*6. 

Oh, can you show the heart ones again? Oh, absolutely. Sure Cindy. Sorry. I didn't mean to do it so fast. They are cute. I think they're really -- Oh, thank you, Naomi. Which ones do you think Naomi are cute. The hearts ones or the eggs? I'm sorry. Like it just showed me, so I'm not sure. So there's the hearts. I'll put them each one up here. Does that help? I'm trying not to go too fast. There's the hearts and I'll put the Easter. Thank you very cute. I love the cowboy. Oh my God isn't the cowboy one adorable. Oh, you were talking about the eggs. Okay. There you go Naomi. Perfect. Naomi I'll just hold them up again so you can see them in case. Yeah, I love the Cowboy snowman. I should show that one to people so they can see it again, I still have them in stock. Because like I said they're ornaments but they're suncatchers too. So you can hang these out. You can hang it up all winter long. It doesn't have to just be at Christmas time. I have some in my window. So there's that. Okay, it's adorable and my favorite. I agree. I love them too. When I was looking for a different kind of wine bottle or not different wine bottle, just a different type of ornament to add to you know, we have a ton of pewter ones, which we designed. But I just wanted to look for something a little bit different. And I was in the wholesale section of all these different companies, you know, typing things. And as soon as I saw, this was the first ornament that I saw of her collection. I was like, this is what I need to have I need her product. And everyone agreed. So yeah, but I'm so glad to know you like him as much as I do. I think he's so stinking cute. My mom bought one as well. So there's that. 

Do you have any other questions anybody before I sign off for the day? I am here to answer any questions or any suggestions or take any suggestions/requests? I'm here for that too. Well, I thank you all so much for being here. It always makes me happy to chat with you every week and I do try to get in on the weekends too sometimes, but I didn't get on last weekend. I've been working on -- Okay, so I guess I'm going to plug this, Tik Tok. If you're on tick tock, go follow us over there Plymouth Cards, you'll find me doing all kinds of stupid things or whatnot, showing different processes, behind the scenes. I posted one of the videos on this Facebook page a few days ago of Meet the employees which got -- oh thank you Cindy, that's so nice. That makes me so happy. But yeah, if anyone is on Tik Tok, I would love for you to go over there and follow me. That'd be so great. Tik Tok's rules are, I need to have 1000 followers before I can go live on there. So bummer I think I'm at 33. So it's slow and steady wins the race is how I'm looking at it. Tell your friends or anyone, or your kids or anyone to follow me until we get to 1000 then once we're over 1000 if they want to unfollow that's great. I'd love for them to stay but -- so I'm working on -- you know, I was just recording a video before I got on here to do that. 

Okay, well, I will sign off now if you need to get in touch with me. I would love to talk to you. You can direct message right through Facebook. On the website, there's a chat with us button on the bottom right hand corner of the website or on your phone, it should be in the bottom right somewhere. And you can always call me at 877-830-3405 Okay, I thank you so much and I'll see you again soon.