Week 87 - Live with Lisa

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Week 87 - Live with Lisa-Plymouth Cards

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Hey friends, how are you today? I am Lisa, here with Plymouth Cards. I hope you're doing well. I have some really great things. The love ornament arrived a week early. I'm so excited. What else do I have? I have some colors that got discontinued, a few collections that we're running very low on. And yeah, a few other things that I wanted to show you today. So I hope you're doing great. I am the biggest baby. I must say I'm here in Plant City, Florida. I'm sure many of you know that. And it is unseasonally cold right now. And I am like the biggest baby. I have the heat on. And you know, you usually don't see me wearing anything. You know, I have this shirt on. Just trying to get warm today. It's chilly. It's supposed to be really cold this weekend. But thankfully, I am leaving Friday morning for a workshop in California. So I will be spending the weekend there. I'm very excited about that. It's with a bunch of women that I'm in a group with and we are going to get together and talk business. And hopefully I can improve the company for everyone. So that's what I've got going on. I hope you're doing well. Say hi, let me know where you're watching from. Like I said a few seconds ago, I'm in Plant City, Florida. We started in Plymouth, Massachusetts but I moved the company down here a few years ago because we were tired of winter. And that's the short version of the story. 


I know supply chain has been a big topic lately for people and I naively thought I wasn't going to be affected that much. But I have learned I am. Because we're made in the US and our papers are made in the US, I thought oh, we'll be fine. We'll be great. But nope, that's not the case. So what has happened is some of the colors that we have been getting have been discontinued. So I wanted to let you know about these discontinued colors, because if they're on your favorite list, you should buy them sooner than later so you get what you want. 


Blue Stone, that's the first one that's up on the screen. I just wanted to show you blue stone has been discontinued. Unfortunately, we do have a good supply right now but I like to let people know in advance so that you're not surprised. Yes, I did have an opportunity a year or so ago, one of the paper mills that we buy from they did shut down, but they gave me the opportunity to buy many of their colors, which I bought a lot of. So blue stone wasn't one of them. This was a surprise. So if you like this color blue stone, it's there, you can get that. They are $1.59 each. I don't know why it's saying $1.69, I don't know if that's what's showing on your screen. That's with the white felt envelope, the standard white is $1.59. All our cards are $1.59, we to try to make it easy. It's $1.59 for the standard white envelope, $14.99 if you buy a 10 pack, and $43.99 if you buy them in 30 packs. They're all made in the US. So I'm going to move on from Blue Stone. I know it's so sad. I love that color. Actually, I don't think there's a color we have that I don't love. 


So that being said, the nature collection which carries -- I should open this up, I will show you. So the Nature Collection has four colors in it, one of them being Blue Stone. So therefore we are going to have to come up with a new plan for this collection. But I have less than less than two dozen left of this collections. So it has Meadow, it has Seashell, it has Moonlight and it has Blue Stone. The collections are a really great option for two reasons. One, you get to try out some colors that you may not have tried out, and they're at a price break. Yes, they're at a price break. Therefore you can get that. I'm sorry. I just got myself side-tracked. Alright. I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I am not a TV anchor. So I wanted to say there's probably -- like I said there's less than two dozen of the -- Oh, you are interested. Great. Monica, if you click the link right there. Do you see a link? I see it on my side. Hopefully you see a button that says something, buy it, shop it, Nature Collection, something like that. It's hard, because I go live but I can't see what you're seeing because I'm going live right now. But yes, awesome. Thank you. I think after 87 weeks, I think I should have had this all figured out. But anyway. Yes. So the nature collection, we're thinking of maybe replacing Blue Stone with another color in it. I'm just not 100% sure right now what I'm going to do, but I am going to sell out of all the ones that we do have right now. So that Nature Collection, I believe there's 9 with the 24 pack with the standard white envelopes. And then there's some with white felt and some with Kraft brown. So yeah, but I would buy that, Monica, I'm not trying to like hard sell you at all, you know I'm not that type of person. But this is going to go out in tomorrow's email. So if you're going to buy it, I would buy it now. Because I think once I announce this in the email, we have a significant email list that it will sell out. But that's just my advice. Not trying to, you know, buy it now. That is not what's going on here, but I did want to let you know about that. And oh my gosh, okay. And the whole thing, like I make it so pretty in the back end and have my whole order of how everything's going to appear. And then -- okay, Oh perfect. Great Monica. Thank you. And stay tuned, because I have one other collection that's being discontinued that you might be interested in. I just don't know when it's going to pop up. Because like I say, I have it all in the back end. I make it in the order I want and then somehow it jumbles. 


But the love ornament has arrived a week early. I am so excited. It came out gorgeous. Here, I was just going to show you. You can get it in one of our many ribbon colored options. We have pink, we have purple, and we have red. In case you're new here, my brother-in-law, Allen makes all our pewter ornaments for us up in Massachusetts, and then he ships them down to me. Oh my gosh, why is it saying $15.49? These are $11.99. It's $15.49 if you choose it with the card option, and what it will be is a card that will say -- it's not on the website yet but the price is. Clearly you can all tell that tech is not my strong thing. You know, I'm techie enough to get myself in trouble. I don't know if you're like that but that's where I'm at with my tech. So anyway, with the card it will say love is all you need, you know from the song John Lennon, The Beatles. But the ornaments are $11.99 and they'll come in the cute little bags that we have. So we have love. And if you're interested, I probably should just show you in case you haven't seen it all our words, we have peace, we have believe. I love the ornaments so much. I don't know what you all think about them. We have hope. And again, we have 20 different ribbon color options. I believe there's probably only about six or seven on the ornament actual page. But if there's a color that you want, just ask, and I we'll see. As long as we have it in stock. We have, like I said over 20 ribbon options. The system only allows me to have so many options. So I pick what I think people will want but if there's a color that you'd like that you see, I know that we have peach, but I don't have peach probably listed because that's not one of the most popular ribbon color requests. So yeah, the back end, you know, the system is limited. That's a system limitation not a Lisa limitation. But love is here. So anyone we got a bunch of pre-orders everyone that has pre-ordered this, they're going out in the mail tomorrow to you so you'll probably get them. I know I said I wasn't going to ship them till next week but they're here so I'm not going to delay, I'm going to get them out to you. So you'll have them by early next week. 


Okay, the special January collection, all our collection of the month monthly special, every month what we started for this month, starting in 2022 I should say we are doing a whole category of items. And they are in a special monthly specials tab on our website right at the top I believe it's cards and then it says monthly specials, and we're putting some items in there. I know we've already sold out of the soap and we have a limited supply left of the January collection which is Dusk, Moonlight Marsala and you can see it there? Grey, it's charcoal. Okay, so those I didn't pull that I apologize. But this is dusk. So you can see that. It's a beautiful collection and it's only available until Monday. It's $33.99. And what else should I tell you about that? Yeah, it's six of each or six of the four colors, or it'll be you can get six of each of the colors. No, what am I saying? Or you can get nine, sorry. Math was a struggle today, I guess so. Yeah. So that's the January Collection. So every month what we're going to do is put together a special collection of colors that we think complements each other. And it'll just be available for that month that we announce it in. Yeah. So hopefully you like that collection as well. 


And then the candle of a month, oh, I forgot to pull that out. That is embrace. It smells so beautiful. It just it has a musky smell, and oh, I love it so much, Embrace. So that is the candle of the month. All our candles, they're all made in the US with soy wax. This one has a hemp cotton wick and the vessel that the candle comes in is a recycled wine bottle. How cool is that? And then afterwards, after you use the candle, get it down to the bottom you can clean it out and then use it for you know, a pencil holder, something like that. You could do something really cool with it. So that's the candle. 


I see a lot of names popping up so don't be shy. You can say hi, we're all friends here. I'd love for you to let me know where you're watching from. 


Oh I forgot the frame. Okay, so we have the rustic frame. This is another one of our collection of the month items. So that candle is on sale. Oh I should also say the collection of the month items, the monthly specials, they are all discounted just for the month and there are limited supplies of each item. Everything that I'm showing you will be back to regular price on February 1st. But this is our candle -- Oh my god, why am I calling this candle, it's a picture frame. These are made by a gentleman up in Maine. They're amazing, I love them. They're weathered wood, they're about 2 inches wide this way. They're about 6 inches, 8 inches. These hold our cards perfectly. Our cards are 5*7. The cards hold a 4*6 photo but the outside of the card is the 5*7 which fits perfectly into our 5*7 frames. So that is another item that we have in our monthly specials. 


I always feel like I'm on QVC when I'm hitting this button and showing you things. I don't know if you feel like that, but we have our Greetings from the Past -- Oh I crack myself up. I guess somebody has to, right. 


Anyway, there we go. We have Thinking of You; this is a special little card pack that we put together. This is a silly card about the Pelican and holding the food in his mouth. I'll hold it up here for a minute so you can read it. All the Greetings from the Past cards are vintage postcards that we're reproducing. So Get Well Soon and then we have a birthday one. We have a couple of birthday ones in this pack. It's just a fun pack. You know you can buy this for someone for a Valentine's gift. A Thank you and Thank You. So that is the six pack, so this is a special pack. It will only be available until Monday, I believe Monday is January 31st. So therefore after that will be gone.


Marsala - Okay, we're moving on to Marsala. Marsala is another one of our colors that has sadly been discontinued by the paper mill. So therefore, I'm letting you know. This is actually in the January collection, now that I think about it. I tried to order things some of the colors and I was told they're no longer being offered. Which is such a bummer. 


Mocha - Mocha is also no longer offered. This one is in our clearance section because it has our traditional back where some people felt like they couldn't put a horizontal photo in because of the printing on the back but you can. Horizontal photos work in this card perfectly fine. It's just you know, and I can understand it. So what we've done so everyone can see, is now our cards have our logo. That's it on the back, and it works perfectly with a vertical or horizontal photo. So there's that. So Mocha is really cool. This is from our Coffee Collection. Why I call it the Coffee Collection is this paper is made from recycled jute and sisal coffee bean bag. So they chopped it all up and they made paper out of them, which is really cool. So it gives it a nice texture. But as I said it has been discontinued. In a minute, I'm going to show you a collection that -- Anyway, I'm going to pop it up real quick. The Coffee Collection, which has Latte, Dark Roast and Mocha. Because Mocha has been discontinued, we won't be able to make this collection. So I believe there's nine of them left, seven or nine in that range. Be sure to order if you're interested in that. That will pop up in a minute. 


So last week, I showed you a photograph of some ornaments that the woman who makes all our wine bottles -- she makes ornaments out of recycled wine bottles. I call them wine bottle ornaments but I found out last week, that's a little confusing. So I'm going to be better about calling them glass ornaments made from recycled wine bottles. Hopefully that's clearer that they're not for wine bottles where you can put it on a wine bottle if you wanted to. So I have some of -- oh my gosh, I totally lost my train of thought there. So here's one that she sent me. I got some samples, so we could try them out. And we'll be placing a bigger order next week. But I did want to show you some of the ones that I have. And then there's this -- and now it seems to have stopped. I don't know. Here's another one of the butterfly. So those are cute. Let me know what you think about these new ornaments as I'm showing them. I love your feedback. Oh the hearts. Okay. So every single ornament I'm going to show you right now that are glass, they are all made from recycled wine bottles. So the hearts there's four options, oh five options, I apologize. They're all available in that one link. So I'm going to show you. There's one, and then there's this one. These would be perfect for Valentine's. I'm trying to hang one. I keep calling them ornaments and I should also call them sun catchers because they are to be hung a year round and the sun going through them, you know the colors will dance on your walls and look really pretty. Here's another one, this is light pink. So the second one I showed you is the pink and this is light pink. And they're all right through that one link. And then we have this one, look at the little roses. You know, she's so talented. So, so talented. And then we have this one, it's like little sugar cookies. Can you see those little dabbles of -- they have you know it's a real texture. It feels like sugar from a sugar cookie. So there's that one as well. So those are all $12.99 and then I think that's -- oh it's not going to let me show you anything else. 


Okay, well I will just go and what I'll do is I'll show you all the items. But then after I get off I will put the links in the comments. Sorry about that. 


There are some other colors that have been discontinued and it didn't pop those up either, so I'm going to just show them to you now. Sunshine has been discontinued, as well as Coastal Blue. I think I'm showing you five colors today that I have now found out have been discontinued. Therefore if those are colors that you like, you want to get on that sooner than later. The Sunshine, I think we only have about 40 left. And then I have about 100 or so of the Coastal Blue and then you know I have more of these other three colors but not enough to get us through the year, unfortunately. But that means I just get to pick out some new colors from the books and hopefully they'll make those. What's been happening if you're just joining now is you know the paper mills are limiting the number of colors they're making, because of the supply chain. They have a greater demand for whites in so that's what they're making and they're discontinuing colors on me. So I'm working on finding some other new fun colors to replace these and hopefully you'll like them as much as you liked those. 


Now back to the ornaments that are made from recycled wine bottles. Oh my gosh, tell me what you think of these. It's a little kitten and it's knocked over the Easter basket. Love it? Hate it? And I love all the colors because if you hang this in the window when the sun hits it all these little colors are going to dance on your walls. So what do you think of it? I'd love for you to let me know. Don't be shy. I am so approachable. And then I have this one. It's a bunny with a chick and the Easter basket in the middle. So these are just a bunch of samples that I've received. We do have them all on the website, I will be taking orders. I will be getting them sometime in February. And then that's a puppy with the bunny. How cute? There's all those. These are the wine bottle bottoms. Her name is Carol, she's amazing, I love her. And I made a video on how she makes these ornaments. So if you haven't seen it, you can go back or you can look on our website, I should post a link to that too. It's really fascinating how she makes them. Very, very talented. 


Sorry to keep going off camera, I'm just going to grab these last six Easter egg ones that she made. These are adorable also. I had shown a picture of this last week also. So the little Easter eggs. What I'm going to do is I'm going to try to find a way to attach it to a card like I've been doing with the state ornaments. If you don't know what I'm talking about, we have these state ornaments and we attach them to city maps of your choosing. So I think it might be kind of cool to see if I can find a way, and some kind of Eastery card that would go with the sun catcher ornament. So let me know what you think about them. I know I did post a picture last week and show a picture last week, but here they are live in person, they're adorable. And she paints them all by hand. So there's that, really, really talented, I do not have this ability at all to do them. But I like them, they're really cute. This one's adorable, like a little zigzag. There's six different designs in all. So you could just, so you buy one, you could buy a couple to give as a set. You could get each with the two flowers, those would be cute. Or you could pair one flower with the chick that would be adorable too. Or you could get the ones that actually look like when you decorate Easter eggs with the kids, or the grandkids, or your students or whomever you decorate eggs with if you decorate. So those are the six designs that we have. So I showed you the five heart ones, I do have one of each of those in stock and then I'll be getting more in the in the upcoming weeks. I don't know if I'll have them by Valentine's Day, so if you need to have that by Valentine's Day, I would do that sooner than later. Because once the one that I have sells, it'll go to a pre-order status and then we'll get more later on. But for Valentine's Day, I will talk more about that next week too. 


But we do have the love ornament which is amazing. Like I showed you at the beginning, I just love this so much. It is gorgeous. I love it. You could do that. But we do have a bunch of things that I will be showcasing next week for Valentine's Day. And our state heart ornaments would be awesome too because they have a little heart, and you could get the map and this could be the card that you use. They can peel off this ornament. It peels right off. We use that glue like they use for credit cards, and it doesn't damage the card at all. And then this is ready to frame and you can put it back on if you want to. So there's that. 


If you have any questions and you're not watching this live, don't hesitate to write it in the comments. I am happy. I am live right now so if you have a question, feel free to ask. But if you do have any questions after I'm not live, pop them in the comments, or you can private message, you can get onto the website, there's a chat with us button and I can answer all the questions from there. Those are the best ways to reach me. You can also call 877-830-3405. Yeah, that's our number.


Can you show the first link? Well, Monica, let's see, I can try. Is it the nature collection that you wanted? Let me know Monica, and as soon as I get off I will post it in the comments. Sorry about that. I think that's what you're asking. So I will be happy to do that. As soon as I get off I will... Yes, perfect. I will do that as soon as I get off. That way you don't have to watch the whole video again and look for the link. Yeah. 


So what else was I going to say? I think that's it. So if you order -- Oh, I should mention that all orders placed between now and tomorrow at noon will ship most likely by on tomorrow. Otherwise, they'll ship on Tuesday because I am going on a business trip to learn all kinds of great business things, get to collaborate with some other business owners. It's a great, wonderful group of women that I've never met in person, I've only chatted with them. We always do everything online. So it's going to be really great and going to California. So that'll be great. And I'm really excited because it's supposed to be in the 40s this upcoming weekend here and it's not going to be like that in Southern California. So yay me, I get to miss that. So if you place an order, I think by tomorrow, which is Thursday at noon, it should ship tomorrow. I'm going to try but I can't guarantee; I'm going to try my best. Otherwise, everything will ship on Tuesday. I hope you can understand. I don't really close very often. I'm not really closed, you can place orders all you want. But anyway, hopefully that all makes sense. But thank you so much for being here and I will see you next week, if not sooner. Alright. Thank you. Bye!