Live with Lisa - Week 89

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Live with Lisa - Week 89-Plymouth Cards

Class of 2022 grad cap ornaments -

Card collections -

Hi friends. How are you today? I hope you're doing well. I am Lisa here at Plymouth Cards. Make sure this is a good angle. Yeah. Oh my new aprons logo. I don't know if you saw the picture. Uh, yeah, we updated our logo a few months ago and I had just got some new aprons in, so yeah, you'll see a whole bunch of new colors coming in.


So today I wanted to share with you. About the, um, the nature collection I wanted to share with you about the nature collection changes. Um, I had some other customer requests. For me to show some products,  live, cause they wanted to just see them up more closely. So that's what I thought I'd do today.


And if there's anything you want to see, just let me know. I'd be happy to run and grab it for you and let you see it. So, all right, here we go. So I have the Nature collection and the Nature collection has been one of our most popular collections. If you were with me a few weeks ago, you knew that I found out one of the colors blue stone that is in the nature collection, got discontinued.


So therefore the Nature collection, you know, we only had a few left and I do still have a little bit of blue stone left, but for the most part, you know, the nature of clean. As we knew it with the Bluestone is gone, but, um, after doing some brainstorming, because I just loved the colors that were in the Nature collection.


I came up with the idea to use our brand new color, Misty Blue. So that's what we're doing now. The price is actually 43. No, that is. I have the worst. I am going to complain to Facebook or Meta, whatever it's called now, but man, they kill me. The price is  $33.99 for a 24 pack. So that 48 99 is if you buy a 36 pack.


So yeah, there's that? So w what am I, what am I doing here? Okay. So here is the new and improved Nature collection yeah, it just hit me one day. Like, why don't we just, you know, so distraught that they discontinued colors on me and I thought, oh, why don't I just substitute the Bluestone with Misty Blue? And I think it looks fabulous in this collection.


Let me know what you think. Hopefully you're happy about it. Yeah. So this is Misty Blue. It's very, very light blue. All these card stalks in the Nature collection are smoother. So they're very easy to write on. Uh, yeah. So, and then here is Moonlight has some flecks in it. Moonlight is oh, one, one of our whites, but it does have a blue undertone.


If that's, um, makes sense. And then we have seashell, which is an ivory color. Again, it has flecks in it and you can see the border. We have that emboss border to highlight and you just add some added interest to your pictures. And then we have. Meadow is green. So this is the new improved, I guess, Nature collection.


And as always, they'll come in our cardboard wrap just like that. And. Yeah, they're ready to give as a gift if that's what you, you know, you need. Um, if you have an artist photographer friend, even, you know, we have a lot of cross-stitchers. I have, um, I'm looking to get some sample cross stitching or, you know, I used to cross stitch, so maybe I'll, um, I'll do one for my, you know, do a kit myself, but you know, I'd love to feature some customers' work.


If there's anyone out there that would love to, you know, trade. Hit me up. I'd love to do that. And sorry, I'm looking the, there is, um, I don't even know what's going on. There's some children out there pushing things and there's usually not children here. So that was very distracting. Sorry. Um, yeah, so that, that's the nature collection.


24 cards, 33 99. Oh my gosh. And I forgot to pull this. I, you know, just think I would know better by now, but a hundred. I think I have a hundred percent rate of forgetting something. So let me, let me grab this. I will show you this swatch book. Now, if you are new to Plymouth Cards or if you are just interested in all the different colors, sorry.


I think I seriously have. A hundred percent of forgetting something and having to go in the back or wherever I'm not to go get it. I don't understand why you would think I would be able to get my act together or not really mad. I don't know. I just put the stuff there and I think, oh yeah, I've got everything.


And then I go and look, and I really don't. So this watch book, it includes samples. I'm going to show it to you and just tying it up real quick. It has samples. And it's a good size of every single one of our colors. And this is how it comes. So this is a swatch book. Look at how thick that is and it shows, it gives you a good size.


It's about the size of a three-by-five index. Slightly bigger, but, um, yeah, so you can see all the coast. So that gives you a good swatch size to match up with your pictures, your art, your cross stitching your postcards, your lottery tickets, everything that fits in a Plymouth card. So that, that gives you a really nice size of everything.


And, um, it is $10. It's it's about an inch thick at least. And that shows you every single one of our colors. So yeah, that way you can, um, match up, you know, I think that's a really great tool for people where color is super important, you know, when you really want it to match, because, you know, we try our best on the computer to make it so that it is the best, um, rendition of the color, but, or, yeah.


But it just doesn't work because everyone's monitors are different and, you know, I try to fix it for my monitor and then someone else says, oh no, it looks different. So, um, so when, if color is super important, I would highly suggest getting one of the swatch books so that you can, you know, have one of every color that we have.


It does include the printed cards now, too. So I think that's really great. Yeah. And we always have these in stock. And that, that is the story of this watch books. I just wanted to bring, you know, it's about three-by-five. And if you're, if you have any questions, let me know. I'd love to answer them. That's why I'm here every week to answer your questions.


And you know, if there's something you want to see, say hi, or, or even if you don't want to see anything, you can say, hi, I'd love to know where you're watching from. I am in Plant City, Florida. It has chili this week. Hopefully it's warm where you are. I know chili is a relative term. I understand. I understand.


But. Um, I did have a customer messaged me. She watches the lives after the fact, but she wanted me to show the new colors again, the 2022 new color sampler again. And yeah, so that is 33 99 when you purchase it as a 24 pack and then the 48 99 is when you buy it as a 36 pack. So here is apricots apricots.


Really cool. It has some flex in it. I don't know if you can see that. So that's one of the colors let's do it. And then we have Daffodil, which is a yellow, and they all have that embossed border around the right here, that in boss border, it just adds some interest to the picture that you put it or artwork or whatever you put in.


This is Canary. And then we have Misty Blue. So that's making an appearance in both collections that I'm showing you today, that's Misty Blue. And then we have Wisteria, which is a really fun purple that we just got in then Khaki. So those are the colors in the, or not in, well, there's the 20, 22 new color sampler, but these are, yeah, these are the new colors that we introduced for 2020.


And so that why we sell a sampler for a few months, we'll sell this so that, you know, if you want to try out all the new colors, you can, you don't have to buy them individually. You can display them in that great set. So let me know what you think. Um, oh, okay. Our pins, we have all our pins. I just got a new batch in of the pins.


So I wanted to show you, oops. And they all come with a card with a, with a quote. It comes with a little, um, this is the same size as the swatches and it will come with this. Or you can purchase if you want, uh, a full size car. Which I don't have of course with me, but you can also purchase a sized card with this message on it so that they could frame it if they so choose.


But that's the hope pin and all the pins are pewter. They're all made in Massachusetts by my brother-in-law Allen. He's amazing. Here's our Blessed. So I just think it looks really cute with this card, um, for you to give us a gift. And it does come in our usual little bad. Okay, here is Believe, oh, I'm moving.


So as you move the Peace, of course, here's Peace. I should do it in order, as it says, I'm just showing you everything in my, my order. But here's these, the price is right. It's $11.99 if you do want to add a box, that's an additional $5. Whereas here's belief. I love the spots. So. There's Believe and then let's see what else we have Blessed.


Yeah. So we do have these four word options that you can see the quotes that come when I started cards was a nice touch to go with that. The pins, instead of just, you know, plain old pin in the bag. I just think this adds a little bit of. Adds to it for you to give to whomever you're giving to. So there's that and yeah.


Okay. It doesn't look like the, or I miss the class of 2022 ornament. I did. I don't know how to go back. Here we go. Oh, is it showing it? Oh, it is. Oh my gosh. I just learned something new today. Yay. Yay me. So. Um, graduations are coming. And so I wanted to show you the class of 2022 ornaments. Again, in case you have a graduate in your life, we have this available in seven different colors, and I will show you each of the colors.


Now, I only put it here once, because if you click on this link, it will bring you to all the color options. So I didn't feel like I need needed to put each of them on there. So this is our purple. We do have. 20 different ribbon color options. If you don't see the rubbing color you want in the options, just, just re um, reach out and I can make a change for you.


So there's purple. They're, they're very thick. They're super like there's no way you don't have to be Hercules to bend or Luisa from Encanto um, yeah, not, not me. I won't be able to do that. So that's purple. And then we have red. So I love the, it has the lines here to just define it, makes it look like a cap.


I love that. Let me know what you think. So that's red, here's black, but I love that we have so many ribbon color options for you. So that way you can choose your school colors. I've been searching one. You know, hard trying to find all this Made in the USA ribbon because, you know, we try to keep our products are made in the U S and I like to make sure that everything that goes into the product or, or as part of the product is made in the U S so our ribbon is made here in the U S as well.


Your screen, so is interesting. I don't know, a fun fact last year's order. Um, school color that we sold the most of blue and gold. How was our number one seller last year? So I found that very interesting. I don't know why I didn't, I would have thought black would have sold the most, but no blue and gold was our number one that is Crimson.


Yeah. We always have to have a Crimson option. My oldest son went to Alabama, so we always have in. Did I show blue yet? I don't think I did. Here is blue. Wait, this is the only shade of blue we have this year. Um, we may add more. What we do is we've picked a certain, um, seven colors this year, our seven most popular colors.


And if we get an order for 25, have more of a single color. So if you have a color that you want, that I'm not showing, we can do a special order for you. And yeah. And then. We'll go from there. So, and then orange, and I just want to show you, this is Plant City is where I am right now, and this is their school colors.


So we have teal and then we have, you know, orange and white. For other schools. So, so just to let you, you know, see that we do have all these grad cap orders, we do have 20, 21 still available. If that's something you're interested in, if you didn't get one for your, if you have multiple graduates and you're just finding us now, that way you can get last year's as well.


And yeah, that's what I've got for you today. So if you do have any questions in, um, you know, in the meantime, after you watch this and you think of something you want to comment about something, feel free. I do check comments on a regular basis and we'll get back to you if I don't get back to you within a day or so, you know, just read comment and be like, hi, Lisa.


You know, I think you might've missed this comment because sometimes I do miss comments and then, um, What else did I want to say? I think that's all I got for today. Um, I just, you know, thanks so much for being here. I so appreciate your watching. I appreciate your continued support in business and friendship.


You're all. Great. Thank you. Have a great afternoon. Bye.