Live with Lisa - Week 90

February 16, 2022 0 Comments

Live with Lisa - Week 90-Plymouth Cards

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Hey there friends. How are you today? I know I said it was going to be on at noon. I had a little, um, I broke my stand for my phone, so I had to do a, a makeshift stand, but, um, I wanted to talk to you today about candles. I'm going to do this week and you're the first to know. For watching me live, I'm going to do a little candle special.

So I'll, I'll get into that in a minute, but I just wanted to talk about candle care and, and when you burn a candle, what you should be doing. So that, that's what I wanted to chat with real quick. And, um, talk to her about, so candles, it's really interesting. My insurance agent of all people sent me, uh, information that his, um, That he got from where did he get it from?

He got it from his doctor's office. That's right. So they talked about candles and you know, what's good and bad. And I was so excited because everything they said that is bad, our candles are the opposite. So that was really exciting. So one thing is, let me see. First things they say paraffin wax is bad.

Our candles are soy wax. Yay. So that's really cool. And, um, they also said that Ledcor wicks are bad. We use hemp wicks, they're cotton, hemp, wicks. They are super eco-friendly. So that's another good thing, right? So the candles are, cause you know, some candles when you, you smell them urine, um, You're inhaling those that, you know, the census, et cetera.

So you don't want that. So therefore, um, let's see. And then, um, synthetic fragrance. Well, all our candles are made with here. I wrote it down cause I didn't want to forget anything. A hundred percent organic paraben-free oh my gosh. Thanks. Oh, my gosh, I can't say this word right now. Gluten-free vegan and they are, uh, IFRA compliance.

So that means they're, they're safe, you know, the safest kind of candle that we can have. So that's, that's the great thing about. And I think I hear our mail lady, our mail carrier, Donna. She's amazing. So if I stop and say hello to her, that's why, um, she usually likes to chit chat for a minute, but, um, so that, that's the great thing about all our candles that they are, you know, soy wax and that they're they're, um, free of all.

Um, chemicals, which is amazing. So I wanted to show you a little show and tell on candles and I was, I'm hoping you can see it. Um, I'm not sure, but can you see that inner circle? Hey Donna, how are you? I'm on Facebook lives. Don't say anything bad about the post office right now.

Thank you so much. Okay. So this is what I wanted to show you about the candles,

but it's funny. Yes. All right. Let me just open this candle up and show you.

You are. Okay. You watch it right. I know. I know. See you Friday. Thank you. Okay. Sorry about that. That's Donna. She's awesome. I love her so much and she picks up my, um, the packages every. Well every day, but Thursday she has Thursdays off. So anyway, what I want to show you is the candles it's really important to burn your candle the first, um, when you're burning it the first time for at least two hours.

And that's because, and I did a demonstration earlier today, so I want it so you could see, see how it's. All the way to the edges. There's you don't see any it's called tunneling. See, on this one, do you see that indentation that is called tunneling and it's really interesting. Wax has memory. So if you burn it for less than two hours, This is what happens.

And then every time you burn it, this it's going to create this tunnel is going to go deeper and deeper. It's not going to go to the edge. So that's why it's super important to burn your candle for at least two hours. The first time you burn it. So that's this one I burnt. I, um, had lit for over two hours earlier today and the, this one I did for just 40 minutes that you could see what happens if you don't do that whole two hours, it's really important.

You know that you want to get the best life out of your candle. So therefore it's really important to do that over two hours. And that's something new that I learned. I did not know that when, um, when I first started burning candles. So we have, um, so the candles from now until Sunday are going to be. Buy one, get one free, no limit.

So byway stock up and I thought that would be fun this time of year. You want to burn a candle it's cold. Um, so that, that's what that will be. But I just wanted to show you some of them. So we have lit the eight ounce candles in the paint cans, which are adorable. This is, um, the, the movie night one, and they all come all the pink, canned candles we found made in the USA can openers, which are adorable, and those will come with them.

And let's see what else? Uh, here's the coffee one too. And these ones are so cute. They're great. Um, For just a small little room. And so we got those, then we have the ones that are in our rustic tins, and those are this look at them. This one smells so good. I it's really interesting. I learned something about myself recently.

Um, good. Better. Yeah, there we go. That might be better. Um, I like fruity smells, but I don't like fruit. Isn't that interesting? Well, I knew I didn't like fruit, but I just discovered I'm like, yeah, that's funny. I really like fruity smells and I like fruity lip balms, but I, I don't like. Fruit fruit. So I don't know, but there's, you know, we have, I think over 8 cents in the, in the rustic tens, we have 14 in, um, oh no, I think we have.

You know, probably eight to 10 in the pain can different sense. We have the popcorn, we have moved, oh, wait, well, it's called movie night, but it's popcorn and we have coffee and, you know, Yeah, I'm trying to think. Oh, I didn't ask you to say hello today. So I should say hello. Tell me where you're watching from.

It's always so fun every week, seeing where everyone's from and it makes me, you know, it's exciting to see where you're from. Do you have a favorite candle set? Let me know. I'd love to know. I learned, I love chasing lilacs. And I know I've told the story before my grandmother, um, had these amazing lilac bushes in her backyard grow.

Um, and when I was a kid, I would go there and I smelled so good. I just loved it so much. So, um, that lilac is one of my favorite sense, but I don't really think there's a sense that I don't like trying to think. No, I think I like them all. But my favorites are the chasing lilacs and cinnamon bonds, or it's a wonderful life.

That's our cinnamon Beaumont. Oh my gosh. That one is amazing. My son, Luke, he was like, mom, that is the best one. He loves the it's a wonderful life as well. It just smells so Dilla, you know? So, so homey, I guess that's what it is. So if you're just joining in say hi, um, I'd love to know where you're calling, where you're watching from and we're doing, um, candle sale.

This. Buy one, get one free. All you have to do is put the code at checkout B O G O for BOGO and then candle. So it's BOGO candle, buy one, get one candle. So in there's no limit. So if you want to buy two candles, you'll get two free. Just make sure you put the quantities in your cart when you're checking out.

So there there's that, but yeah, because it smells like it has, it says tobacco caramel and that's kind of what it is. Like someone's den smells really good. I like it. I really liked this one and let's see what other ones, but it's any of them, it's just not the candles. Oops. I just want to it's any of the candles they're buy one, get one free and there's no.

What do you call it limit? So, you know, you have, I I'm shocked the other day, a customer ordered something and she's like, yeah, I'm starting my Christmas shopping. I'm like, oh my goodness. It is February man. You know, I start playing the cards. You know, we are in the process right now. Picking out all our designs that we're going, the new card designs that we'll be introducing for Christmas, but I haven't even remotely thought about Christmas shopping.

What about you? Is she the anomaly or am I, am I the one that's crazy. That not that it's crazy, but I'm just like, oh my, I can't even begin to think about that. It's. But I was very excited for her and actually I like the early shoppers because then, um, you know, it, it does get super crazy here in November and December.

So it's nice that we do have customers that shop early. Another thing, if, um, if you're just joining now I talked about candle funneling, which is, we're not funneling the tunneling, which is see that indentation. That means the candle didn't burn enough on its first burn. So therefore it's going to continue going down when it burns.

It won't go all the way to the edge like this one that I burned. But the other thing is, see how the wick looks this. I had just finished burning this one. See how the WIC look. It looks so funny like that you want to trim that down to about a quarter of an inch. So it burns really clean. So that's, those are my candle burning tips.

Hopefully that's helpful. And, um, you know, let me know if you have any other tips, joy. Let me tell you joy smells like it's so fresh, just fresh, like a spring morning. I think that's a great way to, um, to see it, but see how. This w there you go. Can you see the wake on that? I love all our tins, you know, like our little pink cans.

They're so cute. These, the glass ones are made from recycled wine bottles, which I love. And then after you burn it now, oh, another tip I just learned when you, when you burn it, don't burn it down past a quarter of an inch, which I don't think most people would do, but don't do that. It can cause, um, It just by sitting.

I didn't know that. And not just, I'm not talking about just glass, like any candle. I didn't know that. Um, I just learned that fact when I was doing my Campbell research before I got on, just to make sure I knew everything I should, um, tell you about candles. So that was really fascinating. And, but what I was going to say is, after you're done using this candle, since it's in a cool glass jar or recycled wine bottle, you can, um, Use it for a pencil holder and you know, um, what else could you use it for?

Oh, it would be really cute as a little base. You can put some fresh flowers in it. So there's so many things that you can do with them, but that, that's what I, I got. So the candles, like I said are through Sunday, you just have to enter code B O G O candle, all, all upper case. And you will. For every candle you buy, you'll get one free, but you have to put the quantity in.

Cause we won't know what candles you on. If you don't put the Campbell's all in your cart and then you'll see the total com um, at checkout, the total will get reduced by that. So, um, if you have any questions about this, it's all candles. It's not just the ones I showed. It's all candles that are. I love saying that isn't that fun full go.

Um, so that is all the candles, the paint cans, the rustic tins and the wine bottles. So buy one, get one free, but oh yeah, that's what I was saying. I sidetracked myself all over the place here today. You could do some early shopping or just think about who has. Um, birthdays that you give at spraying, you know, Easter will be here before you know it.

So if you give gifts, that would be something great. Um, what else? People are buying homes right now, so they'd be great for a home buying, um, house-warming gift. There's so many reasons to give a candle and I, I just think you can't go wrong giving a candle as a gift. That's my. But I don't know if you agree or disagree.

Let me know what you think. So that's everything I've got about candles today. So, oh, if you have any questions about candles or anything else, just write it in the comments. If you're not watching this live and I will be happy to answer them. And I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will see you again soon.

Thanks so much for being here. Bye.