Ways to Use Wallet Cards - Live with Lisa Week 91

February 23, 2022 0 Comments

Ways to Use Wallet Cards - Live with Lisa Week 91-Plymouth Cards

Hey friends. How are you today? I hope everything's going well. I am Lisa here at Plymouth cards. And today I'm going to talk to you about the, um, ways that you can use our wallet cards, cause jabbed with a hook back there. Um, You know, people think that our wallet cards are only for graduation announcements, and I'm here to tell you there's a lot more ways that you can use them.

So, um, of course you can use them for graduation announcements, which is, you know, then the number one thing, I'm just going through all the different things I have here printed out and ready to go. Um, definitely, definitely use them for graduation announcements. That's our, um, oops. So while I'm getting this organized, say hi, if you're watching, I'm Lisa here at Plymouth cards, I am in plant city, Florida.

I would love for you to say hi and let me know where you're watching from. It's always so fun to see where everybody's from. I really enjoy that. We actually shipped to all 50 states, Washington, DC, and all us territory. So. We can shift to Canada on occasion, but shipping the cards to Canada, we have found is very expensive and ends up not being worth it for you.

So, but we're willing to work with you if you wanted ornaments. We, the pewter ornaments that would definitely. Uh, reasonable. We can definitely work that out. So anyway, I digress. So the wallet cards, I wanted to show you some, all the different ways that I thought of to use the wallet cards. And if you have any other ideas, let me know.

I would love to hear them. So here is our standard wallet card. Two and a half by three and a half inch photo. And then w they are blank inside, but we do offer custom predict for an additional cost. Um, so there's just an example of one that we just did. And, um, Several font options. If that's something you're interested in, we work with you.

You don't have to have things in color. If you don't want everything can be black. Everything on this page that you see is a hundred percent customizable. So, so there's that, but we have wallet. And then just so you know, the wallet card can be used with horizontal photos as well. So you don't have to think that you can't get one.

If you're. Um, on a vertical, on a horizontal losing my words there today. Yeah. So, so that's, um, one way to use the wallet cards, but then have all these other cool ways and not everything involves a picture too, just so you know, which is really cool. Okay. Last June, or actually we did it last time this year because she plans ahead a 50th wedding anniversary.

We get that. How fun is that? And that is their picture from their wedding. I love it. And then inside, they, um, they did a party, they had a party and yeah, so, you know, this was the invitation to the party, which is how cool, you know, I love their, their picture. She sent me the picture. I printed it for her.

Um, did all the printing and we got that out. Look at the split to her so she could send those announcements out. So that's another way that you can use the wallet card. Okay. Um, of course, a birth announcement you can use it for and, you know, again, just custom printing that we've done, but, but you don't have to get our custom printing.

That's not. Uh, requirements, if you want that price that you see right there is for a 30 pack with custom printing. If you want a 30 pack without custom printing, it's $43 and 99 cents for the standard white envelopes. Just so you know, um, every week I say the same exact thing, so I apologize for anyone that's here.

Every. Facebook picks what it wants it to pick. I tell it what price point I want it. And it has a mind of its own and shows you something else. So it's, it's like roulette. It's fun. Right? Sometimes it gets it right. Most times it does not, but birth announcements are really cool. And the thing I love, I should show demonstrate again.

I know I've demonstrated it before. But just for anyone that's new today, the cards do fit most five by seven frames. So I'm going to just show you, you know, if you have a birth announcement, look at that. No, it's stuck on that. Here we go. Just like that it's fit in. It fits in. So you could, you, um, the recipients can then frame the card you send them, which is one of the things I really, really love about our cards is the fact that they do fit in.

You know, the, the five by seven picture frame. So have you thought of any other ideas on how to use these cards? So in looking at this, now it's picking 360 9, it's picking one card with custom printing. Uh, yeah. So, uh, we do have the wallet cards in the white snow is what it's called and then cream. So those are the, we only have those two color options.

I'm so sorry, but that's, that's all we have for this. And we found that these were the, the colors that people wanted. So that's what we, we do. So other ways that you can use this, um, the customers, you know, Mike, our customers are just so incredibly creative and this was one of their ideas. So I'm not going to take credit for this idea.

I did add a little bit to it, but artwork, right? So you can put artwork in it, but let me show you this other idea. You could add some ribbon onto it and look it, I'm going to pull it out and I'm not going to do it very well going to pull it out. Now it's stuck. There we go. Very bad demonstration here, but pull it out.

And it's a bookmark now, so you can send someone art or photo or anything, but just by adding this little bit of ribbon, and now it's a bookmark that you just sent them fun is. I love it. So that's, that's, um, you know, just the artwork, which is another thing that you can do, and it looks like I don't have one of my, Nope, I got it.

I got it. It's going to see if I could go the whole live without I don't. Well, I guess I've got the frame. Um, let's see, oh, I want to show you this other thing now pictures, right? Obviously a war unit photo cards are cards hold the four by six photos, but check out this picture, see how the, this is actually the Mayflower in case you're wondering the actual Mayflower was getting brought back to Plymouth and I, um, happened to.

Be alerted to that. So I went to the beach where you could see it go by. So I thought that was fun, but look at how far in it just doesn't look very great, honestly, you know, the picture isn't that great. But look at it now in our wallet card. Isn't that amazing how it just looks, you know, in my mind, it's it's like night and day, so I just love here.

I'm going to put both of them so you can see both. And it's just like, yeah. The wallet card just can really zoom in on, on the, oh my gosh, the image and it just, I don't know about you. What do you all think? Doesn't it just look so different and I don't know. I just think this looks, it looks so much better in this car.

I would be, I would frame this one, but I wouldn't frame this one cause I just feel like it's lost. Um, Yeah. So that's another, you know, cool thing about the wallet card, just having that smaller photo it's two and a half inches by three and a half inches is what it holds. And so there's that just so you can see that, um, let's see.

Okay. You can do a map. So we, I made sure Plymouth was in there, you know? We, um, raised our family and Duxbury. So I just thought that was cool. But the thing is just like the other bookmark I showed you, the person could slide this out and, um, could slide it right out like that. And then there it is. Now they can use this as a bookmark if they don't want to frame it.

So there's that. So that's another way. And then I just want to show you also how easy it is to transition this all you need. So I cut this down to be, um, six inches tall and it's two and a half inches wide. All you have to do is just put a whole. Ah, hole punch, right? Like that. And then I grabbed a piece of ribbon and I just put it through the hole, like just like this, pull it.

And now you got yourself a bookmark. So I think that's really a nice little surprise in the card. So it's, I think it's, it's just fun, a fun way to, to do it. So, and then I can, I will slide it back into the card. I find using my rubber fingertips. I don't go anywhere with, I have them everywhere. Put them in my pocket, my little rubber fingertips.

It prevents fingerprints, but it also grips the picture or the artwork or whatever it is that you're putting in. So now it's in its place. You can just tie, you know, hide that in here. It's a little surprised when they open the card, they'll see this ribbon and go, what is that for? And then they can pull it and they'll have their own bookmark that you made just for them.

So I think this is a really cool way. You need to do it. You can do a map. You can do. If you're an artist, you can make it. This is what it looks like before I trimmed it down. I wanted you to be able to see it. So just trimming off a three quarters of an inch on each side. This is four by six. And so what yeah, what I did is just three quarters of an inch on each side I trimmed off and there you go.

So, um, that's how I made the bookmarks. So it's not anything crazy hard to do. This is just, this is the same card stock as our cards and yeah, that's, that's what I did. So, so what ideas do you have for, ah, the wallets? Did you have a favorite. Uh, you know, the ones I just showed you, do you have a favorite one?

I, um, okay. Then I'm just going to take a sip of water and

the last idea that I have, I'm sure there's so many more ideas. So let you know, let me know, but is a gift card. You can put gift cards. You know, it's just fun. It was just a fun way to give a gift card because you know, it's there it's in its place. I didn't need to use any glue. I'm just going to show you no glue, no tape that just slid right in.

It's holding in place, which is nice. And then you can, then they can just simply slide it, pop it out, just like that. But, so those are some of my ideas on the different. Ways that you can use the wallet card. I hope those are all helpful for you. And let's see, I also have the, um, oops, I just have to shut this one thing real quick.

Um, let's see. Hopefully, oh, so if you're, if you are doing the, um, graduation announcements, I just wanted to show you our class of 2022 ornaments, just in case you hadn't seen them yet. Those are 1199. And, um, the price of pewter is going up. So this, I think, um, over the weekend, the price is going to be going up just so you know about that.

And, um, but we do have these in seven different colors. So hopefully that works for you. Let me show you if there's any other colors that you want. Um, let's see. There's.

Yeah. Let's see what else I got.

There's black.

And we have over 20 different colors, ribbons that you can, um, choose, which is really cool. All the ornaments are made in Massachusetts by my brother-in-law Allan and Casey or you're new. And I sourced ribbon that's made in the U S I have over 20 different colors. So you can pick those two. These would be a great compliment to go with the card.

Um, You could make them, oh, you could actually do a gift card for them. And then put the, the ornament with them could put it inside the card and high. Ooh, whoops. Just put it inside the card. But, uh, but that's um, we, we still have class of 2020. Left as well. So it's, those are something you'd be interested in.

We do have a bunch of those. Those are on the website. And for some reason, you know, Facebook hates me and did not put that as an option for me to show you today, but I, I can put it in the links in the comments. So that's, that's, you know what I've got for you today? It's just all about graduation announcements.

I just, you know, hadn't been thinking about them and then, uh, over the weekend we got slammed in a good way with, you know, lots of custom grant announcement orders. So I thought, oh, I should probably talk about that and let everyone know that we have these available and okay. Questions about how long does it take if you wanted custom printing?

So this is how. You place your order in the comment box, you type up everything you want. Give us as many instructions as you'd like. And then what we do is we get you approved. Via email for you to review and say, oh, make this change, make that change, et cetera. Then we give you another proof and you can approve it or make additional changes that you get to proofs in the price.

And then if you need additional changes after the first two proofs, it's $25 additionals, uh, um, pricing. And the cards will print and ship typically within one to three business days, we're on the shorter end right now. But as we get closer and closer to April, it's, it'll be on the other end. So it's, it's better to, if you are interested in graduation announcements and you want them sooner.

No, now's the time, you know, through March, obviously it'll be quick and then it will probably be two to three days in April and then may. Is is three days because that's when we get slammed, um, in, uh, yeah, we get a lot, a lot of response for these. So we've learned that, you know, people really like all the cards, so, oh, I should hold it up to, can you see that there is this ruled border right here.

It's it's a embossed or debossed because it's not a raised it's D it's in the card. Reduced well, and so there's, that goes through there's that border and the card weight is 80 pounds. You only need one postage stamp to mail. It don't worry unless you're putting anything else in it. If you're putting, if you're filling it out.

Other pictures or papers or notes or whatever, then it's going to cost more than a stamp. But our cards, our cards are designed to be one stamp when you just use a regular picture with the card. So I think that's a great thing that we we've worked at. So I think that's everything. If you have any questions and I'm not live, feel free to put them in the comments.

I do check those regularly and I will respond and. If you have any ideas, let me know. I'd love to hear them. You know, everyone's so creative. It's so fun. All right. If you need to reach me at any point, you can private message me through Facebook. You can get onto our website. There's a chat with us button, click that, and it will open up a chat and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also call 8 7 7 8 3 0 3 4 0. Okay. I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thank you so much for being here and watching. And I'll talk to you again soon. Bye.