Week 92 - Live with Lisa

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Week 92 - Live with Lisa-Plymouth Cards

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Wine bottle platters

Card collections 

Glass ornaments made from wine bottles 

 Hey friends. How are you today? I am Lisa here at Plymouth cards. I hope you're having a great day so far. And if you're on the west coast, good morning. If you're on the east coast, good afternoon. Hopefully you're having a great lunch. And, um, today I'm here to talk to you about our. Program where we can give you either $15 or $25 and Plymouth cards, money.

And so I wanted to talk to you about that. And I also wanted to share with you some items that were dangerously low on quantity. So if there's something, if there's, if it's, uh, if it's something that you'd like to do. You might want to buy it now because we're almost out. Okay. So I'm just going to start this little thing, but, um, so the, um, what was I going to say?

Oh, where are you watching? Oh, okay. Wait, let me see. Where are you? Oh my gosh. Why is it cutting? Linda. I'm trying to see where you're from and it's oh, it says watching U F R dot.dot. So my system is cutting me off. No, I'm so sorry about that, but thank you for being here. I so appreciate you watching me. I am here in plant city, Florida, so I can't wait to see where you're from.

So I don't know why my phone would cut it off. I just, if you're, if you're a. New here or even, or I always struggle with technology if you're not new here, you know, that I always struggle with technology. So it's just, I don't know if it's just, it's just the way. I can see, I guess he names. So I see Linda is here and that makes me so happy.

Thank you. Um, so, um, what was I going to say last night? We went on a food tour around Tampa, downtown Tampa, which was kind of fun. We, um, it was a great group of people that, uh, we didn't know, it was just Vinnie and I, and, um, he had bought me a gift certificate to do this food tour probably. It was pre COVID.

So we finally went and did it last night and it was really fun. Yeah. So if you have not done a food tour in your area, you should consider doing it. It was fun. We wanted to just, you know, we've been in Tampa for almost five years now and we just hadn't been everywhere. So it was kind of neat to just see the lay of the land and see some of the hidden gems.

So, um, yeah, so that's that, but I wanted to talk to you today about our, um, write a blog post program. And it's a way for you if. You get, um, we have two options to, um, that you can, um, do whichever you prefer. Cause some not everyone's a writer, not everyone wants to write and I get that a hundred percent.

So the two options are, um, there's one for $50 and one for 25. So the $25 option is, and I will post a link to the, um, to this after I get off. But if you will. Anxious and you want to go read it yourself while I'm talking. You can go to our website and in the search button and in the, um, listen to me with my hands, um, in the top right-hand corner of the website, there's a search function you can write, right?

You can type in, write a blog and it will bring you there. It'll be the first one. I will tell you about it right now, just in case you have any questions. Cause I would love for more people to participate in this program, which I've learned is very secret, not on purpose, but not a lot of people know about it.

So I thought what better way to fill people in and to talk about it online. And if you have questions you can ask and hopefully I'll be able to see them who knows. So the, I guess I'll start with the $25 option. Just to start with one. So how it works is there's, um, you answer to, I'm just looking at all the questions kind of here.

So there's 12 questions, the first five, or, you know, what's your name? Where are you from? Kind of like five kind of, you know, just get to know you kind of probe questions and then. We have 14 other questions listed and you just get to pick seven of them. So you can just answer however you want. It's no pressure.

It's supposed to be fun. It's not supposed to be stressful, not judgemental in any way. Like I'm not a judgy person here on this. You do, you know, done is better than perfect. Um, so, so there's that. So if you wanted to do that option, that's great. You do have to provide a picture of. You can, it can be with you.

It doesn't just have to be you, if you feel more comfortable with your pets or whomever to be in with it, that's fine too. You shouldn't be shy. You know, I used to not want to be in front of the camera and obviously now, you know, I'm, I've gotten over that, so it's okay. So that's option one. And, um, for you doing that, answering those it's five staff mandatory.

Seven other questions. And if you have something else that you'd rather do, instead of one of our 14 other, you know, you get to pick from the 14, you know, that's great too. Um, I'm pretty flexible. So you would get $25. So then if you are a writer and you, or you enjoy writing, um, there's another option to get $50 in Plymouth card, um, money it's a G it's.

It comes in as a coupon code. That's how it works. And, um, So you can't use it with any other coupons, but it is a $50 coupon and you can spend it on whatever you want on our website. There's no limitations on that. And you just have to write, um, a 500 word blog, which really isn't, you know, 500 words.

You're like, oh my gosh, that's so long. But it really isn't actually, I'm, I'm always surprised when I do 500 words that it's, it's just about a page. So. It really isn't terrible. And we do have some suggested co um, if you're stock and you don't know what to write about, there are some suggested topics, but, you know, if you have a great topic, you know, obviously we want it to tie into Plymouth cards.

It can't be like on how to change a tire of it has to be more on a Plymouth card items. So, you know, um, so, um, let me see some suggested, we just did some. What do you call about it? Um, we came up with, sorry. My phone, um, messages were coming through that always distracts me. So. Some of our suggested talk topics, but obviously pick your own, the importance of taking and printing photographs, how Plymouth cards has helped you grow your business, because I know a lot of people buy our cards and then resell them.

So how did you, how did that process all go for you? How did you start? And, you know, I've had customers that. When they first start, they're nervous, which I would be too. Of course, whenever you start something new, they'll buy, you know, 20 cards, 30 cards. And then, um, and then they buy 'em 125 cards. And then, um, you know, recently I've had some customer, a couple of customers, you know, they bought 1 25 and then they bought 500 and now they're buying them in thousand increments.

So it's, it's really fun seeing, um, customers. Had that wonderful success, which is what I'd love for them to have. And there are you thinking, oh my God, they're buying a thousand cards. Yeah, we do offer quantity discounts. Again, if you want to go onto our website and you search quantity discount, you can see the pricing there if you buy them in bulk.

So, um, those that is an option, but those are, um, a couple of our, the blog that's about the blog post. So if you have any questions about. Feel free to ask me. And I would love to have you be part of the team, write a blog for us and we will feature it and we will promote it. I'll put it on our Facebook page.

It'll go on our Instagram. Um, you know, we, we post them occasionally on our, in our email, so, and we will definitely use your name too. It's not like you're a ghost writer for us. We give you credit. So, um, hopefully that's all information. That I can, that is relevant. I will post a link to that as soon as this is over, but there's that, but then I wanted to get into some of the items that we have, um, that we're just not going to be.

We have a limited quantity of, and so I thought I would let you all know about that first. So the wine bottle platters, we do have a very limited quantity of these and I will pull one up so you can see, this is what they look like. And then we have them in three different styles. So we have the, the, um, the box DC that these are made from recycled wine bottles.

In case you didn't know that, um, they're made in West Virginia, this is the moonshine one. Look at how cool though it is. So you can use these sh coterie boards, um, anything like that. Also, oh, I should show you the green one. This is the green one with this, Chris. I love the green. So, um, she does a fabulous job with these on her.

Um, yeah, on recycled. These are red cycle wine bottles. Each of them has a hook, so you can display it if you want. They all come with the little, um, cheese knife.

We also have, I also have the dragon dragonflies. Can you see the dragon boy right there? It's right there. And so we have this one. Multiple colors also, but what we have is what we have. We're not going to be getting any more in, unfortunately. So that's, I just wanted to make sure that you knew about that.

Pretty sure. The blue one. Isn't that amazing. I love the Bluetooth, especially when you hold it a key. Oh, I'm trying to hold it to the light so you can see how fabulous that. It just looks great. And these, you know, these are really great for housewarming gifts. If you just want to do a little, um, fancy recruitery board for yourself and, you know, whoever's in your house, like I've, I make them sometimes on the weekend for, you know, Vinnie and Jared and myself, and we just nibble on it.

Cause you don't need a huge one for just a couple of people. So this is kind of nice just to do that. So I did want to let you know that what we have is all. That's all we have. So, um, and I know I'm so bummed out that we're not gonna be carrying those anymore, but that that's what we do have with those.

So I wanted you to see all that. Okay. The 20, 22 sampler is here. You know, we did introduce that at the beginning of January and we make a limited quantity of the sets and we have, I counted, we have 16 left, so they're good. It's still now until the end of March. So if you want to get the 20, 22 new color card set, which is 33 99, 48 99 is if you're buying a 36 pack, if you want to buy the, the 24 pack, then it is 33 99.

And in case you haven't seen our new card colors, I grabbed some. So you could see them. I do have pictures in them already because I was using them for another project that I've worked. Yeah, I think I'm going to try to turn off this light, so maybe you can see better. Um, yeah, there's less of a glare that way and say, hi, I see Sherry's name just popped up.

I'm Lisa. Nice for you to thank you for being here. So this is our wisteria color. It's a new lighter purple great. For spring. Um, I put a rainbow in it. I thought that looked great. And then our second other color is Africa hoops. Um, I felt that looks good, even though it's a fall picture. I think the apricots looks, it looks nice.

And the great thing about our cards is they all, they work with horizontal and vertical pictures as well. So there's no, um, you don't have to buy two different cards, especially if you don't know what your picture is going to be this way you get to, um, yeah. You get to, um, use it either way. So. Hopefully, I'm trying, I'm struggling today.

Here. There we go. There's the apricots, which is a, you know, like a peachy color. There you go. There's Africa. So that's two of the, the four colors. Then we also have, um, daffodil, sorry, struggling there. So daffodil is our one of our evening yellows. And then I also have, um, I know you can see the ring light.

There we go. Maybe that's better, but you could, those are the two yellows and then we have Misty blue and he can't. So that is the set. So there's 24 cards. There's four of each of these cards in the set and you get them. But like I said, we only have 16 left. So if you want this discounted sat because they are at a lower price than if you bought them individually.

There you go. And they come. If you're new, they come in our cardboard wrap. That are eco-friendly and then inside are gift tags that you can cut out and reuse the Twilio. So we try to be as eco-friendly as possible and think of ways to be able to reduce reuse, recycle. So there's that, um, Let's see. Okay.

The coffee collection is almost sold out as well. We only have five left. So the coffee collection are these three colors you ask, why do we call it the coffee collection? Well, the reason why we call it, the coffee collection is the cards are made from recycled coffee, jute and Sissel bean bags. So, you know, those bean bags, not the one that.

That you get that you can with the Ziploc at the grocery store, but the ones that are burlap, you know, that well they're made from June. So, so what they did is they took that and chopped it all up and made specialty paper, which these cards are made from, which is so cool. Right? So there's dark roast.

Yeah, of course. We named them all cold, dark roast latte and. They have to be coffee names for the coffee collection and you get E eight of each of these. Now the only difference between, um, that the thing why these are marked down to 24 99 versus the typical 33 99 for this size set, there's nothing a hundred percent wrong with these cards.

These are a hundred percent first quality cards. The reason is the back. And I will show you. So this is the back on the coffee collection shows our logo, barcode, our eco-friendly information. And now this is what the back looks like now on our new cards, it's just a quarter size logo in the bottom corner.

So there's that. Um, so that's, I just wanted to share that with you, that we do only have five of those letters. Fantastic price, especially if you're new and you don't know how the cards will work for you and how that will all work out. That will be, that's really, uh, a really great way to test them out.

So, um, at this price, so there are only five left. So order now, I know I'm not really one of those now people, but, and I know I probably said that more than I should, but I do want you to know that there are only five. And so you get to know because you're watching live or even after the fact. Um, and if you are watching after the fact not live, ask me if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

I'll be happy to answer them. Um, if I'm not watching or if you're not watching live, I'm happy to answer questions. So we do have a few of our, um, Easter ornaments. I thought I just, I know Easter is not until next month, but I just thought, um, I would just show you these ornaments. Hopefully I'm just, okay.

I think I'm just going to fight with, I'll be darker, but you can see without the ring light being there. So this is, um, a bunny with the chick and the. Easter basket in the middle. All of our glass ornaments are made from recycled wine bottle bottoms. She makes them the same woman that makes the platters that I was just showing you.

She makes these as well. She's the nicest person, you know, I really enjoy working with her. And so we have the dog and the bunny. So there's that. And then, um, oh, I guess I forgot to check. And we have a cat and look at the cat of course is mischievous. So it's knocked over the Easter basket, which is so cute.

Now, not only are these, you could use these as ornaments, but they're also fabulous sun catchers. You put these in your window and the light, the colors and the light, just, you know, dance along your walls or your floor. So there's. So I wanted to show you that we do have those, um, it should be getting more in stock soon, but we do have a few available on the website right now, if you're interested in those, but that, that's what I've got today, you know?

I'm working on some new blogs. So if there's anything you want, you know, I did ask, you know, I'd love for customers to take part of our program where you can get $50 just for writing a blog post for us, or twenty-five dollars for doing a quick Q and a. So, um, I feel like, you know, I'd love to have you do that.

And, um, you know, we need things on so many, so many things you can write about. You know, there's really the, the item. The topics are endless of what you can write your blog about. And, you know, as long as it ties into one of our products, somehow it has to, you know, we can, like I said earlier, I can't have you writing about, you know, car repair.

So it does have to be about something Plymouth card related. But if you wanted to write something about, you know, The best things to write in a Valentine card or how to, um, write a sympathy card. You know, those are always hard to write. And, um, if you wanted to, I'm trying to think, you know, the, um, Importance of why, you know, oh, like I said earlier, you know how Plymouth cards helped you with your business.

If you're, if you are one of the people that buys our cards to resell love to have you write about that, you would inspire so many other people, you know, That, that would be amazing. And, and the topics really are endless. If you're stuck or you have an idea and you're just not sure it will work, you know, give me a call or write me an email and I'd be happy to go over it with you and we can hone it in and make it.

So it'll be really great for you. And I would love, love, love to give you the $50 to spend here. I think it's a win-win for everybody everywhere. So, um, don't be shy about it. I'd love to have you be part of it, the details. I will post them in the comments as soon as I get off. And, um, yeah, if you have any other questions, so feel free, you can put a comment here.

You can go to our website and there's a chat with us button in the bottom, right hand corner, click that, and it will open up a little screen and you could chat with me. Yeah, and I'd be happy to answer anything there as well. So thank you so much for being here. If you're LA um, if you're watching live, if you're watching after the fact, I so appreciate you watching after the fact and, you know, ask, ask me anything and I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will be back soon.

Thanks thank you for everything. Bye. And it's not going off. There we go. I'm having this issue today. It's not, I'm hitting finish and it's choosing not to Ed's didn't I tell you, I have these tech issues. Like nobody I ever know, but.