Week 93 - Live with Lisa

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Week 93 - Live with Lisa-Plymouth Cards


Collection items of the Monthhttps://www.plymouthcards.com/collections/collections-of-the-month

Hey there. How are you today? Friends? I am Lisa here with Plymouth cards and I hope you're doing well today. I am really excited to show you the March collection items. I know they're always on sale for the month of, for that month. And, um, what else did I want to talk to you about? I don't know. I guess I'll remember as I go along, I hope you've been having a great week so far.

I have for sure. I've got a lot of planning going on, um, in the works for everybody. So Kimberly, this is week 93 of me doing these weekly lives. It's pretty amazing. So I'd love for you to say hi, let me know where you're watching from. Uh, I here in plant city, Florida, and today at any rate now it was supposed to it's really.

So bummer, but that's okay. I'm inside. So I guess it's fine that it's, it's raining. Um, yeah, so I know it's March. So kind of like for the March collection, I was kind of thinking St. Patrick's day, just to give me an idea of what to go on. It's kind of hard, you know, when I'm making these collections trying to figure out what, what would be fun.

So I came up with a card collection and that price of. That is a much, that's a price for, um, a 36 pack with, with the AI. Craft brown envelopes, I believe. So. I want to show you, this is our collection for the month. Yes. It's all greens. So what you will get is I put pictures in some of the cards to see, you can see what they look like, but this is a fun collection.

Cause we don't do a lot of six different six card color collections. So this is $33 in 99. And you get one, I'm not one, you get four each and all these six colors, so I'll hold them up for you. So you can see, and all the cards are blank inside as usual. So here is our meadow. Meadow is a smooth texture card, but it does have these, um, uh, um, dimension to it in the sense that it has, you know, like flex a pattern in it, but it is.

So hopefully that makes sense. So that's a meadow and I'll show you that it's I think inside for you to write your own special message and then we've captured. So these are all part of our special March collection needs only available for the month of March when March 31st or when April 1st comes here, it's gone.

So, and this is, you know, these collections are always at a, um, lower price than if you bought the cards separately. So the cards are dollar 59 each, but by buying the, um, this special 24 pack collection, you get that for 3,300. So Shamrock is another one of the colors, again, blank inside. And if you're not watching live, or even if you are watching live, say hi, let me know where you're watching from.

I love knowing where everybody's from, where the reach is. So this is forest green, and that's another one of the colors in this special collection. Then we have decreased. And this one is really cool because can you see the texture to this? This is part of the coffee collection, which is made up of those Juden sisal coffee, bean bags that I talk about probably more than you want me to talk about, but, um, that has like a nice rich texture to it.

And then finally, there's green in this collection. So it's the, we call it the, um, car collection. Let's make it easy and you get for each of these up going to, um, I'm trying to just hold them so you can see them, um, better all the, you know, my picture won't be in it. No, I can't. My fingers are not working this morning or today.

It's R E after lunch, there we go. It's live it out. All the pictures are really cool. Well, not just pictures. You can use our cards for our work. I have people that use it for embroidery cross stitching you paper, craft, paper, quilling. There's so many options, but I love the fact that you can now I'm not going to be able to demonstrate because this picture is in.

There we go. There we go. I told you my hands are not working right now. You can just slide. And that's really cool because then it doesn't ruin the card. And if you want to use it for some, another picture that you have, or another piece of art, if you can. And I really liked that about it with the cards.

So that is the, the collection. So sick, not six for each of these six colors are in this great set. So this is perfect for all your nature photos, your nature artwork. I just think it's a great collection for this month and then they all get wrapped. And of course we'll put a little Semrock on it. Cause how cute is that?

That car matches you? Oh my God. It does. Doesn't it? I didn't even notice that, Lisa. Thanks for being here. That's so funny. I did not even notice that I just put on one of my green April, I have two greens and I put on a green one cause I'm talking about, you know, all my. March items that are green based this month.

So they'll all be the pack. The set will come in our usual cardboard wrap and I'll open it up so you can see what they look like inside. It's really cool. Um, we tie them so that, and I'm not doing a very good job now. I'm going to probably have to, well, sure. I T I tied them so that, uh, or Vinnie and I tie them so that you can get the tag off.

With I'm having trouble trouble today, but it caused a knot or, well, it's not supposed to do not, but anyway, you take the twine off and you can use the twine, look at this inside the cardboard, wrath, our gift tags that you can cut out and then you can reuse yourself, which is really cool with the twine that, um, Comes wrapped in on it.

We try to be as eco-friendly as possible and make everything so that you can reuse it. So I think that's really great and I should have used my tray today. So I, I apologize for having to keep going back and forth between my table. I didn't get, um, organized as well as I should have. All right. Soap of the month is winter garden yet.

It is very, very refreshing is I guess the. I just so that it, and again, green, cause I don't know, I just had fun with it. Why not? Right. And it ties into the theme. Let me see. Oh, before the, the soap is all made from. Goat milk here in Florida, which is really cool. I actually visited the farm and got to meet the goats, which was really fun doing that and picking out all the different scents that I liked.

And then she was, um, they're really cool. They make the, um, they put our information on the soap, so that's, but it is, it's all natural, um, soap. So get that, um, candle of the month scent of the month is peace. And oh my God, it smells so good. I know I have to get better at describing sense. I've learned this is just, it's a musky smell, but it was so nice.

And this one is called peace and we, um, it's in our usual wine bottle. So this is a recycled wine bottle that, you know, you can turn it. So if you don't want to see the tag, you can do that. And the cool thing is, is that after you're done. I'm using this soy wax candle, you can clean it out and then reuse this vessel.

You can use it for some flowers on your desk, a pencil holder. I'm trying to think of what else you could use it. Penn. Yeah. Your pens and pencils, scissors, that kind of thing. It would look really cool. And you're just, if you're an artist, you could actually, um, paint on this. If you have a Cricut and you do designs with that, you can use that vinyl and put a design on it too.

I should do that and show you I'll have to do that. Um, once I burn a candle all the way to the end, what I've been doing is every month. Burden the center of the month and I never get to the end. So, um, I have a lot of candles in progress so that, that you could do that, but they're really great. These are, um, the are, oh my gosh.

12 ounces of soy wax. And they use all organic, um, fragrances. So they're not harmful. It has a hemp wick, which is also better for the environment in us. That is the candle of the month, which they're usually 27 99. And for them, this piece one for the month of March is 1899. So that is phenomenal price for you.

And let's see, moving on. What do we got next? Okay. Our exclusive our greetings from the past six pack of the month. So of course I do have some St Patrick's day cards in there, but there's a couple of birthday ones too. So don't don't despair we have. Okay. This one is I'll hold it up for a moment. So you can see the different designs.

They're all made from our recycled paper papers made here in the U S they're blank inside. And I don't have the card I wrote on. There we go. Definitely not a pro at this whole camera thing, but you, you, you work with me. You guys are great. If you have any questions while I'm chatting, feel free to ask them.

And if I'm not live, if you're not watching this live, I will. I promise I will enter the question. As soon as I see it, this has been our number one, selling St. Patrick's day card. So I thought that should definitely be in the set and yeah, you get one of each of these. Oh, here's the one I wanted to show you.

So the cards are blank inside, but I use the gold pen to write a little message on it. I just think the gold pen looks really cute with this card. So I want to show you what that look like. Here's another one of the cards. This one, doesn't say St. Patrick's day. So you see you don't ha obviously you wouldn't have to use this.

You could just use this for any, any event that you have that you need to write a card. And then we have two birthday cards. This one says, just thinking of you and your birthday. I think it's great because spring is coming. So that's a great one. And then this one is fun, especially if you have to send a card to a kid, you know, a tweet.

Because then they can cut it out and put the little candles on the cake, which is fun. It's a little, um, you know, paper doll, reminiscent of paper dolls. So, and it's a really nice card stock, these, uh, oh, just so you can see, this will slide out for them. And then on the back is a postcard, so they could, they could write you back a message or you could, um, or they could cut this out, whatever they prefer.

So that is the greetings from the past six weeks. And they, these are all vintage, uh, postcards that we, um, recreate. So there's that hopefully that is, yeah. The card sets, you know, people really enjoy our vintage cards there. You know, I don't know. I love sending cards. My daughter sent me a card the other day.

It was really fun getting one in the mail. So that was fun. Um, let's see. Okay. Our coasters, our coasters are core. They are they, oh, I should've shown you. I just took the twine off. They wrapped in spine and they will have a little tag on them also, which is cute. And so I'm doing the positivity coasters for this month.

Um, this month in our collects in collection. And let's see, there's four coasters there, cork. And what should I tell you about them? They have four different sayings, so they're not all the same. And don't overthink today is one.

Focus on the good, you can see how thick they are there. I'm about a quarter of an inch or so thick and they're, you know, they're corks. So if you, if you bent this in half, obviously it would crack, but they are nice quality. Let's see, laugh, more worry less. And finally. She was kindness, courage, love. So those are our coasters for this month.

And so that set is, um, usually 1199 and they are 8 99 for. And if you, um, oh, you can click on each product as it shows up on your screen. If that's what you're interested in, or you can go to the website and on the website, the navigation bar it's says photo cards and then right to the right of, oh, that's a lot of rides to the, directly, to the right of photo cards.

It says a limited collection. And that's where you'll find in, see all these March items at their store. You don't want to go and find them with their, you know, you don't want to go to the candles and see it with all the candles. Cause the peace candle won't be, that'll be the regular price and you want to get the special price.

So go to that limited collection spot and that's where you'll see it all. So there's that let's see ornament of the month. Oh, I love this ornament so much. It is the heart because she knows. At the end of the rainbow, I just thought rainbows. It goes with our whole St Patrick's theme. So you can, that will be included.

Um, yeah, this is, so this is our, uh, Automated the month. These are made from our recycled, not our, we don't do them here. I have this lovely woman Carol in West Virginia, and she's so nice. And she makes these out of recycled wine bottles. I made a video. Maybe I should post that again so people can see it on the steps on how the line bottles are made.

Um, how these ornaments are made. She's very talented. She paints these all by hand. So, so each one is different, but these are wine, you know, how cool was that? Is that we're, re-purposing something. So, and they are beautiful sun catchers. So if you put this up to the window, the light is going to, the sunlight will dance all these colors on your walls, all your floors.

If you have a cat, they'll love, you know, chasing it. If, if it's, you know, moving, build that like that, a lot of they come with this, um, hook already on them and it was. Um, some plastic, little gems, it's just add some character to it, which is really nice. Every single one of these is different though. So just so you know, that they're all amazing and love the little things.

Okay. So we decided, I decided, um, she put a tabletop frame. These are mainly. By a family as well, and not our family, another family that makes these for us. These are four, six inches by four inches. Well, you know, what I'll do is I'll take one of these pictures that I took out of the car and, and show you that it's the same side.

Check that out. It's the exact size of a picture four by six. So just to give you the dimension, they're two inches wide, which is really great because they will stay right on your tabletop without you having to, um, you, you don't need to stand on the back. You don't need that at all. And then this, um, little, can you see that?

It's a holder, so it will hold your photograph. Just let it. Well, hold your photograph. Either orientation works or if you have something a little thicker, like our cards and just try to get one very ill-prepared here today. Yeah. I should've got help to get my tray from now on, uh, yeah. So it will hold your card too.

So if you have cards and the really cool thing is check this out. There's two, um, slots. So if you have two different kinds, I know this is these don't go together because that, but I just wanted to show you that if you had a taller. Um, I picture or item that you want to display with a smaller one. You could put two things on these hooks on these holders.

They have two slots, which is really cool as well. So that is our love, the little things, and those are typically 1299, and they're going to be nine 90. While supplies last now. Oh, I should mention that everything that you're seeing that I'm showing you does have a limited quantity at these special prices.

You know, we don't typically do make major sales, although get on our email list because next week I can tell you as a secret sale. So, but it's only going to be for people on our email list. So get on that, go to our website. You can sign up, it'll pop up and. It will enter you into a contest if you're not already on our list, but yeah, you want to be part of it.

You want to see that too, because it's secret. Oh, I didn't tell you that if anyone asks so, but that's, I love the little things, tabletop frame. I love them here. I'll show you it. Can you, yeah. You just pop it right there and it just stays right on and you know, Started you don't have to worry about it flopping over.

So that's the tabletop frame. And what else was I going to talk to you about? Oh my gosh. If you didn't see me, I went online yesterday because, oh my gosh. I was so excited. So I'm going to just tell you again, in case you didn't see yesterday's live soft yellow, uh, got discontinued because. Some colors are getting discontinued by the paper manufacturer.

So soft yellow is discontinued. We ran out and when I was going to, um, pull some, a box of cards to get on the shelf of harvest gold pack for our customer, lo and behold, the boxes were, were not labeled properly and there's opt yellow. So we have soft yellow back in stock, and I know. I know that several people, including myself were so, so disappointed when soft yellow got discontinued.

It's so pretty. It's a buttery yellow just it's. So it's just soft and beautiful, but we have it back and we have a good, a good amount of boxes were labeled improperly. So bad news for Harvard's cold, but good news or soft yellow. So, um, yeah, it's back on the website. Usually, well, it's a dollar 59, a card 1499 for 10, and then 43 99 for the 30 packs.

So let's talk upon those. Oh my gosh. It's so exciting. But like I said, secrets out next week. You don't be on the lookout for that, you know, but you do have to be on our email list to get the specials. So it's going to be, we've never done one of these before, so that's why I'm kind of like. At sign up. And so just sign up for the email right on our website.

Just go to Plymouth cards.com if you don't know the website address. And then if you're on the website for, I think it's, you know, 15, 20 seconds, and then the pop-up will show up to show you, um, does ask you to sign up and yeah, so I get that. And what else do I have going on here? Um, Busy working on the Christmas designs.

I'm going to post those in the next few days or week. Once I get a better handle on the designs and then see what you all think because you guys are great. You're always telling me, you know, what you think, and you never lead me astray, which I so appreciate. And that's that. So let me know what you think about all the.

Our March collection. Is there something you would've liked to have seen that you don't see? So I can plan ahead for April, you know, let me know. And working on that, I've already got the April collection special one already plans I've been working really hard on at, you know, being more organized. So, you know, I am pretty organized, but just sometimes things, you know, fall behind and.

Yeah. Okay. It stopped raining. The sun is now shining. I heard thunder. There was, it's crazy here, I guess today, but I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will be back again real soon. Thanks for being here. I so appreciate you. Bye.