New Card Collections - Live with Lisa Week 108

July 06, 2022 0 Comments

New Card Collections - Live with Lisa Week 108-Plymouth Cards

Collections can be found here

Hello? How are you today? I'm Lisa here at Plymouth cards. I hope you're doing well. I have two new collections to share with you today. And yeah, just general to chat. I wanted to find out about some ornament ideas. See what you thought and how are you? I am doing great. It is. Wednesday. It is hot. It is Florida.

I'm not complaining. How is it where you are? I'd love to know. Yeah, it is. Yeah, just a great mother, Dave summer here though. We've been just getting things organized for Christmas. I know. I keep saying that, but it is, you know, That's all we're talking about right now is getting ready. But, but I do have these two collections that I thought I would add.

51 99 is not the price. It's 33 99 for the 24 pack and it is called Java. And the reason why it's called Java is it has all six of our coffee collection cards. And I'm gonna show them to you and talk to you about the different Why is called the coffee collection. So this paper is made from recycled jute and sizzle bean bags.

So, you know, those coffee burpy kind of bags, they're actually ju so all they take those and they chop 'em all up and they make 'em into paper. And then this is the result, these cards. They're absolutely beautiful. They have this really rich texture. I don't know if you cans. See, I'm gonna hold them each up.

Can you see the texture in them? So I thought it would be fun to have a collection with all these papers. So there's six colors and they all have the traditional back tra not traditional the modern back, the new back, which means it is just our little logo in the corner right here. So that's what that means.

and so these are the colors. Oh, I should tell you the names. So you get four of each of these colors in the collection. Let me hold them up for you so you can see. So there's latte, they all have coffee names, just so you know, latte. And then we have cherry. Then we have pumpkin spice. Decaf, dark roast and a, a espresso.

I, oh gosh, that word is such hard for me. I always wanna put an X instead of an ES. Does anyone else do that? Anything that's E X for some reason, I always want to make the X in the S in X and it , and then it messes with my head. So then I'm like, what am I, am I saying it right or wrong? So this is the new Java collection.

It's 33 99 for 24 cards. And so there's that? Yeah. Let me know what you think about that one. And then I have another one, another collection that I've added. They're both, I guess one is not showing up, but well, there we go. The other one is the spring collection. We've had the spring collection before.

There was some colors got discontinued, so I just stopped it all together, but I re redone it. So this is the new spring collection and I love the colors. It's 33 99 for a 24 pack or 48 99 for a 36 pack. So it is. Six of each of these four beautiful colors. They really compliment the outdoors. And I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna, I have everything ready today.

All right. So we have pale green is one of the colors. I thought it would be nice for you to see pictures. So you in the cards, just to give you an idea, soft pink, who doesn't love a little kitten. Soft yellow and of course babies and puppies, and then pale blue. So this is brand new collection. It's on the website live now and it is.

33 99 for the 24 pack or 48 99 for the 36 pack. And I know it probably says 51 99 down in the corner. That's that's if you're buying a different type of envelope, the standard wide envelopes, it's 33 99, 48 99. So let me know what you think. Do you think this is a good color combination? I think it's really pretty.

I think it'll look good with all your outdoor photos, you know, really look nice with flowers or if you're a cross stitch needle point embroidery, I think it would look really fabulous with all the different, you know, pieces of art you can make. So, and if you are watercolor artist, wouldn't that look amazing?

So that's the spring collection. Here you go. And yeah, let me know what you think of them. I think they're both great. And I love adding new collections. I think I'm gonna work on some more collections just to give you some more choices and, you know, maybe retire some of the older collections. So, so spring is back and here we go with some pale colors and then I also have the, the Java collection.

Cause you gotta keep the coffee theme. Of course. So that's the, the new Java collection. So, but if you have any ideas, well, first say hi, if you're just joining, I'd love to, for you to say hi, let me know where you're watching from. And then secondly, if you have any color card accommodations that you think would make a great collection, please feel free to share it with me.

It's always fun to make new collections. So and, and it's fun. Yeah, they can just grab the cards and put it on the website. I don't have any higher up that I have to run everything by, which is nice being a small business. So there's that. But just working on Christmas, like I said, and if you have any ideas for any sorry I heard something outside.

I just wanted to make sure it wasn't to someone coming in. If you have any ideas about. Christmas ornaments that you may want. Let me know. I did do a survey. I got some really great feedback from that, but I don't know. There might be something that you didn't think to put on the survey and now you'd love to know.

So yeah. Feel free to this is really, I got a notification that I'm live on the, on my phone. That was weird. I know I'm live. I'm talking to y'all right now. So, so that's yeah, definitely. That's what I'm working on. I'm placing the order. in two weeks, no, in a week and a half, I'm placed in the order for all the Christmas ornaments.

I know, I know you probably don't even realize, well, maybe you do realize if you spend in, you know, retail, but you just have to plan so far in advance and, and hope you make the right choices. So the survey was super helpful and. Yeah, I have some great, great ideas. And the woman that makes the wine bottle ornaments, the ones that are, Ooh, here, I'll go grab one.

So you can see what I'm talking about. So she makes these beautiful ornaments out of wine bottles, bottoms. And I will, I'm gonna just bring a few over so you can see what I'm talking about. So these are bottoms. So what she does is she takes the bottom of a wine bottle and then cuts it off. She's super eco-friendly.

She uses, you know, she gets the wine bottles from local vendors. and then she hand paints them. It's gorgeous. I put the process on our website last year. Maybe I'll put it on Facebook again this year. So she's come up with some new designs. So really these are last, you know, not last year. These are the designs I have in stock right now, I should say.

And I am gonna be facing it over for some really new, fun designs, but I love them all. And the great thing is, is with the wine bottle. I call 'em wine bottle ornaments. They're not ornaments for a wine bottle they're made from wine bottles. I guess I should be more specific in that. But the great thing is, is that they're not just ornaments, they're sun catchers.

I have this one hanging up at my house and you know, through the window, you can see all the beautiful colors playing on the wall. I just, I just love that. So there's those, but Yeah. So, like I said, she's added a bunch of new designs for this year and I'm really excited to get those in so we can start sharing them with you.

And the new word for 2022 is in the works and Clarence 2022 is in the works class of 2020 threes in the works. What else is in that? Yeah, so it's, it's, there's a lot going on here. And so, but I just wanted to show you these two new collections. They are live on the website now. And if you think of anything you want before between now and the I don't know, next week, feel free.

Put a comment here. If you're not live, I'd love to know. And I will be back again. Soon. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate it. Have a good afternoon.