Crafting An Encouraging Get-Well-Soon Card 

July 11, 2022 0 Comments

Crafting An Encouraging Get-Well-Soon Card -Plymouth Cards

Writing get-well-soon cards isn’t something anybody really likes doing, and that’s because it usually means someone we care about is struggling with an illness or injury. Whether the pain is only temporary or your loved one is dealing with something that is likely to affect them long term, get-well-soon cards are a great way to lift their spirits and help them maintain optimism throughout their healing journey. Plus, it’s sure to remind them that you’re in their corner and ready to support them however they need during this difficult time. 

What warrants a get-well-soon message? 

We often get asked about the criteria for warranting a card or message when someone is struggling with sickness or injury and the answer is that there is nothing too small to deserve an uplifting message. Here are a few examples of reasons you might want to consider crafting an uplifting card for someone in need: 

  • Common cold, the flu, or a rare migraine 
  • Bed rest during pregnancy
  • Mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Injury; broken bones, pulled muscles, stitches, or something more serious 
  • General health concerns; awaiting diagnosis, recent diagnosis, etc. 
  • Serious illness; cancer, heart condition, brain injury, etc.
  • Treatment plans; chemo treatment, therapies, etc. 

This is just a short list of the reasons that might warrant a get-well-soon card or message from loved ones and friends. If someone you know is struggling with something physical or mental health related, it’s always a good idea to check in with them and let them know you care. If you’re not sure what to say, keep reading! We understand that it can be tough to put the right words together. 

Get well soon card example

How to thoughtfully wish them well…

It’s not always intuitive to know what to say when someone you love is struggling. When it comes to minor injuries or manageable conditions, the light at the end of the tunnel can be comforting to mention, as it’s optimistic that they’ll recover in time. When navigating more serious conditions like cancer or brain injury, there simply aren’t words for how unfortunate the situation may feel. In those moments, it’s important to express how much you’re willing to support them and what they can expect from you as a friend. 

Start by reminding them that you’re there for them if they need someone to talk to, help with an errand, or just some company at home or at the hospital. Next, remind them that they’re loved and express your willingness to help as much as they need. This is also a great time to acknowledge that you likely can’t fully understand what they’re going through, which can help them feel seen and understood. Finally, share a funny memory or uplifting sentiment that will help them feel showered in love and maybe even make them smile. This will go a long way in ensuring that they feel supported and comfortable reaching out if needed. 

It might feel like a heavy, touchy subject, but try to avoid writing anything that feels overly sad or blue, as the goal here is to really lift spirits and support as much as possible. Keep it bright and light without ignoring the fact that they are going through something difficult.