Week 110 - Live with Lisa

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Week 110 - Live with Lisa-Plymouth Cards


Hi, Lisa here at Plymouth cards and it looks like I'm having some technical difficulties. If you can hear me, it'd be great. If you could say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I am so excited. I have Clarence 20, 22 here. So that is very exciting. Yeah, let me, I just wanted to send a text to everybody and let them know I'm going live.

Clarence 2022. Are you as excited as I am? Because I just can't believe that he is finally here and not sure why my dashboard is not working, so let's see if we can get this working. Hmm. Okay. huh? Well, I guess we're just gonna go with it. sometimes things work sometimes they don't. So this is Clarence 2022.
What do you think? So he has a passport this year. Can you see his cute little passport? This is the year of travel. And what was I gonna say? Sorry. I'm just gonna make sure that this is working properly. I really hope it is to travel. It is perfect. Yay. Part of my technology work. So that's exciting.
So this is Clarence 2022. I can't tell you how adorable he is, how much I love him. So, as I was saying, here is his passport because it's the year of travel and we all wanna travel places and do things. So and then what else did I wanna show you? , I'm not sure. It's not showing up on my screen, but maybe it's showing up on yours and here's his suitcase.
So he has his luggage tag with his name on it and can make sure you can see that then. It's the shape of the us, because we're traveling this year, like I've said, and it says travel or bust. And then up here, he's already been to the north pole. So he got a sticker when he was at the north pole and he was traveling here in the mountain.
So he got a little sticker for that too. So that is our Clarence 2022. And let me know what you think. I'm not sure why I can't see anything, but it's just yeah, I honestly have no idea where the comments went. It's. It y'all, it just drives me crazy why it hates me this technology. I get it all set up and then it doesn't work.
So if you're watching, I'm going to pop up my phone just cuz I don't wanna miss anyone's comments if you have any comments. Yeah. And we'll turn that volume down so I don't have to hear, but. Okay. Okay. Rita said cute. Thank you so much. I love him, right. I am. I have him available in 11 colors right now and I only have this once.
Well, I have two samples that Alan just sent me, but they're both red. So they're, or this is Crimson, I should say. So they're both that. And let me see what other comments I see. Oh, Joan do thank you. I love it too. I love getting Clarence every year. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. I love coming up with his ideas and asking everyone for their help.
So I'm so glad you like him as much as I do. He he's the same, you know, I brought the 2020 just so you could see, and in case you're new here and here's 20, 21 and now we have 2020. So I just put him live on website. So you can purchase him if you wanna do pre-orders we're doing pre-orders right now.
I said the first week of September, they might be in sooner, but I'd rather you be excited that they're sooner than be mad at me that they're late. So that's kind of where I go with my, my dates. I always try to do a worst case scenario in my mind. Let's see if I have, does anyone else have as much trouble with tech as I do, cuz it just drives me crazy.
I try so hard to make it work. And it just, I think it really just hates me, but that's Clarence. Okay. So the colors, let me tell you the different colors we're gonna have this year. I have 11 different colors right now. They are going to be. And they're all the same as last year, but just remember that it just like anything, every time the paint gets mixed, it could be slightly different.
You know, he has the code, but it's just like, just like when they make paper or fabric or anything, that's color that they're making. It always can be slightly different each batch each lot. So, but I do have, I'm gonna have crims in which you see right here, I'll have purple, original, which is that turquoise, you know, it started as the medical mass color so that I will have orange, pink, black, blue, green.
We're going to do glitter red and glitter green. And let's see, that's what I've got. I think that's 11. So I so appreciate letting me know, let, oh, do you have any questions? Let me know. I have my phone here, here, so I can see this is so ridiculous. So but I'm just excited to have him show you all and, you know, see what we can yeah, just get it going.
So let me know. Same so pu oh, the back says Plymouth cards.com made in USA. You know, it just in case, like I said, in case you're new. My brother-in-law oh, thanks, Leah. Thank you so much. I think he's so cool too. My brother-in-law a makes all my pew ornaments. He is in Massachusetts. That's where his company is and I'm so lucky to be able to work with him cuz you know, he's awesome.
And they are all live on the. . Oh my gosh. That's so amazing. Thank you so much. Yay. I feel like I'm on QVC today. It's like I say something in your order. That's so exciting. So I know it's the little things that make me so happy, but yeah, so there it is. I love it. I just love him. I think the suitcase came out even better than I envisioned.
You know, when you come up with these ideas in your head and you. Yeah. And then when you finally see it, when you see it come to life, it's so exciting. So my, I forget, you know I just love the snowman tag. I feel with his name, you know, the luggage tag. I just feel like that adds a little bit of I dunno, just finishes it off for me in the north pole.
That was my daughter's idea. You know, we had a vote about the snowman, but honestly it was a family vote, but they were all gonna lose. Let me tell you I was doing the snowman I feel like I have the, the final say not that I do that a lot, but I just think the snowman is so cute. The tag with his name on it, you know?
He's. Yeah. So that's Clarence let me know what you think. If you have any other questions about it, we have, oh my gosh. I forgot to count up how many different color ribbons we're gonna have for the us made ribbon. Let's see, I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, different ribbon color options this year.
So there's that? And then you can also get a box if you want. Those are $5 more. otherwise they'll come in our cute little bags that I don't. Huh? Okay. Let me go grab a bag. Just so you, oops. I have one over here. Okay. This one's mangled, cuz I guess it must have been my purse, but they'll come in. They'll come in our little bags.
We have the burgundy ging. 'em well, why don't I just go grab them all so you can see them all. We have burgundy that green, the newspaper print. . Yeah. So these are the different, bad colors that we have. They'll come in it and they'll come in with a card. Oh, let me grab one of those too. It's not update the ones I have.
Haven't been updated yet because obviously this is brand new Clarence. So yeah, so, but you know, we, we started doing this last year. We have the cards, there'll be different prints depending on what you know, we have in stock. On the back. It will just give the story of Clarence and talk about that. So and then we'll add the 20, 22 version onto the card and there'll be a card with Clarence's story in every single bag.
and if you're just popping on now, I will show him again. This is Clarence 2022. He has a passport. He has his luggage, cuz he is ready to travel. It says travel or bust on the USA. Shape. It has a gift tag, not a gift. I keep thinking gift tag, it's his luggage tag, a luggage tag with his name. He's been to the north pole.
He has a bumper sticker with that. And then he has a little bumper sticker here of the mountain. So that's his luggage and he is ready to travel. Cuz I feel like for 20, 22, we can finally go out and do things and get back to, to life. So that's where we, we went with. So let me know, I'm gonna pop over to my comments again.
Let's see if I see anything else. Oh, hi, Donna. Thank you so much for being here, Donna. And let's see who else said anything? Just try to make sure I don't miss any comments. You know, I decided to do it on my computer today, so my laptop thought it would be easier, but actually I'm finding I'm missing the comment.
So. But that's okay. We're, we're making it work. So the bags, these are the four bag options that it will come in typically. It just BA basically what I have in stock. I usually use the gingham for the Christmas C ornaments, you know, but it just depends on what we have sometimes stock runs out and then we have to go to the other ones.
I love them all. Don't get me wrong. So there's that this one's a little mangled, but the newspaper, I think that's really cool. And this one's great for, well, actually I think they're, all of them are good for year round and not just the holidays. And then the. The brown bag. So, so those are the four bag options.
Well, you don't get to pick. It's just, like I said, based on what we have in stock, and then there'll be a card like this, but it will be updated to include the 20, 22 information. And then this side will be different again, it's just based on what's what we have in stock, paper wise. Yeah, so that is the.
The story of Clarence Tony, he he's continuing to grow. I don't have all the pictures you see on the website for Clarence. The colors are computer generated because they don't have them yet. So they, they will very slightly that's, you know, and just to remind you what the glitter looks like. I can't computer, I'm not this good at computer.
So that's what the glitter looks like for the red. And then I got the green one also, so that you can kind of see those, but the the glitter will have to wait until I get 'em in stock to put a, put a real photo up on there and let's see, I think that's it. Do you have any questions? Anything else you'd wanna see?
You want me to go grab, show you? Is there something you've been, you know, thinking about and you want me. Show it to you up, up in person? Not in person, but you know what I mean up live and I'm happy to go grab it. And yeah, so, well, I, I dunno what you're doing this weekend. I hear it's hot everywhere.
It's it's always hot here in Florida. Right now. This time of year, we're always in the mid to high nineties, we actually went to Las Vegas, the. The beginning or over the weekend too. Can we see the climbers coming? Oh, of course. Judy, of course. Here you go. Let me know. Is this close enough? Can you see everything?
Okay, I'll pull it. Let's see if I can do this. There we go. A path. Here's the passport. He, it says 2022. The, the only color on him this year is his luggage. Cuz I felt like that was the, the focal point of the, it has a gift tag. Oh my gosh. I said it again. Luggage. And he has two, you know, the stickers one says travel.
They're not real stickers. They're you know, it's pewter traveler bust north pole and then mountains. Oh gosh, Judy. I'm so glad you love him. I love him too. He makes me smile and, and it's just like the same qual. Oh, I should show you. Like I cannot bend. Well, I, you know, I could, if I put like every ounce of energy in, but they're solid, they're the same weight as usual, just about an ounce plus or minus, you know, they're not it's not perfect of course, but there's that and oh, the back in case you wanna see the back, it just says Plymouth cards.com made in USA.

So you remember where you got him that he's made, he truly is made in Massachusetts and. So there he is. Let's see. Okay. Oh, Judy, that makes me, I'm so glad you like him. I'm so glad everyone's loving him as much as I do. So yeah. Is there anything else? Oh yeah. I hope I hope you all stay cool.
I guess that's where I was going. Cuz Vegas, what I was saying about Vegas is it was oh, you're from Las Vegas, Judy cuz man I oh, are you, or are you from Massachusetts? I guess I'm conf yeah. Oops. They're durable too. look at that. Not a scratch. I dropped in and he's fine. So yeah, Las Vegas, I thought Florida was hot until I went to Las Vegas in the summer in oh, Boston.
Okay. Okay. That's where I'm from too. I'm from the south shore, obviously Plymouth cards, I guess you could guess where I'm in the area where I'm from. So, but it don't, I suggest if you ever go to Las Vegas, don't go in this summer. If you want to. Yeah. I've never felt heat like that before it literally was coming off of the ground, I felt like it wasn't a sauna.
I, it was the hottest it's ever, I just was standing outside and I was like sweating. I've never, it was craziness. So it was not my. My husband and one of our friends decided that that would be a, a thank you for the order. Yay. They decided it would be fun to go and it was, we had such a good time, but man, it was heat.

Like I've never experienced before and I'm not complaining. But there's that, so, so that is clearance. Let me know. If okay. I'm just gonna make sure there aren't any other things that I. You know what's I gonna say? Yeah. So there he is, all his glory. I'm super excited and you know, I'm gonna start, you know, we'll be posting about him and yeah.
Is there anything else? Do you wanna see a sneak peek of the new word or should I wait until until I get that on the website, what do y'all think. Since you're here with me. I can't, I guess I can show it to you if you wanna see it. I don't know. Or should I wait? What do you think? Anyone, anyone? So we're gonna do one new word this year and I finished I've been working with some other companies.
Of course you wanna see it? you're like me, right? okay. All right. It's not on the website. It'll be there this weekend. I just haven't I have to get this, it takes time to photo. Oh, but actually, what am I saying? What am I talking about? It is on the website. Just not with a real, it's a computer generated photo.
So here you go. Joy. That is the new word for the year, that or for, and I just think we all need some joy in our life, just like we need hope. And so joy is the word of the, hear. That is on the website. I forgot that I did sneak it on there the other day before we went away. But what do you think it's just like all our other it's the same font and of our other words.
So there it is so pretty. I, I agree. I just oh, thank you, Leah. Thank you, Judy. I think it is so pretty. I just love this font for these ornaments and. I just like being positive. I love the positivity. Oh my gosh. You're really seeing how durable these ornaments are. So yes, I won't drop yours. I promise, you know, I'm just dropping my samples.
Yeah. So joy is the word of the year. You know, we had hope we have peace. We have love believe. and now joy. So I think that's like a great an amount assortment. I think you should be able to find one that you like, and then there's always the positivity tree that has, that has it all. So there's that?
Pre-order done. Oh, thank you, Rita. I so appreciate it. That, that makes me so happy that y'all like it that much, you. Whenever you come up with a a new product. Well, I don't know if everyone feels this way, but whenever I come up with a new product and put it out there, I'm always nervous. I always worry.
so that's what I'm doing. Oh, so I'm ordering, what I was saying is I've also been today, I've been ordering some other ornaments from some of the, the wine bottle ones. Did I show y'all? I, I showed them, but I don't know if the people here watching right now have seen them. So here's some of the new designs that I've ordered.
The positive, which is my ornament gifts. Oh, this year. Oh my gosh. I think that poit. Oh, thank you. Thank you, Judy. And I hope you love it as much as I do, because I just love the tree. It was just one of those you knew I was talking to one of my sisters and not that you probably care, but I was just talking to one of my sisters and she was talking about some a tree of life.
And I was like, oh, oh my gosh, I should do a positivity tree because we need positivity in our lives. So that's how it all came to be. There we go. So these are the wine bottle, or these are made from recycled wine bottles. They're not for wine bottles they're made for either sun catchers or ornaments. And I'll just give you sneak peek of the new designs.
I, I think I showed them as possibilities, but I decided to go ahead and order them all because I, yeah, so there's this one and these will be up on the website over the. In for pre-orders. I just haven't done those. I know I haven't put these up yet and there's actually more than these four designs.
There was some other cute ones. And then I found another company that makes some ornaments out of steel and recycled steel. So I ordered some of those. And then, I don't know if you remember the the wooden little state ornaments she's come up with a new design for this year. And so I just I was in placing that order, so yeah, it's, it's definitely been fun finding.
Fun unique things that I would like, that's basically how I shop for this for the company is do I like this? Yes or no. And then if I don't like it, I don't buy it. So, okay. So there's this sneak peek of joy. It is on the website as well, under positive positive words, positive ornaments here. Let me tell you where it is.
I should know this under ornaments positive. And it's the second one in, so it's the positive tree, positivity tree and men joy. So there's that so, well, I hope everyone has a great weekend. If you ha do you have any more questions before I sign off for the the day? I am and if you aren't watching this live don't fret You know, write a comment and I will respond for sure.
There's definitely I check Facebook. I try to check it once a day minimum, you know, if we are traveling, I don't, I try not to, but yeah, sometimes I sneak in there and do that, but I don't have any travel plans for the next couple weeks until we go to Philadelphia in August, my daughter is buying her first.
and so we're gonna go there and visit and check that all out. So there's that? And what else do I got? That's it. So leave a comment. If you have any questions, if you're not watching this live, or if you did watch it live and you think of something, or you can hop over to the website, there's that chat with us button, click that, and it quickly gets me a message.
If I'm not on the site, it will. it will send you an email or you can pop back on later and see my response. Or you can always call 8 7 7 8 3 0 3 4 0 5. I love talking to everyone. Okay. Well, I hope you have a great weekend and stay cool. I so appreciate you being here. And now I have no idea that I did this on my laptop.
Okay. There we go. And , I appreciate you putting up with all my shenanigans here.