New Holiday Cards & Ornaments - Live with Lisa week 111

August 03, 2022 0 Comments

New Holiday Cards & Ornaments - Live with Lisa week 111-Plymouth Cards


Hey, how are you today? Lisa here at Plymouth cards. And I'm here to show you some new holiday cards. I know it's August, but, and I just can't count myself. Quite honestly. I get so excited whenever we get something new in that I just wanna share it right away. I don't have patience. So. I know. So that's what I have. I have some new holiday cards, some and a whole new ornament line that I was gonna show you. You, you know, I just couldn't wait. They're they're just so fun. I wanted to ask you some input on one of the ornaments, some other cards that match up it's it's all fun. It's all good stuff. I'm really excited to be showing you today. But how are you? Let me know say hi, let me know where you're watching from. You know, it's always so fun to have someone here with me. And yeah, so, like I said, I have some brand new ornaments, a whole new line that I'm really excited about. And I told myself that I was gonna wait until September, but I just can't. I'm just, I am like the, yeah, impatient excited. I I'm gonna call it excited. Hi, Cindy. How are you today? Thanks for being here.

So I have this I know I showed you steel ornaments last week. Ooh. Maybe I'll go with the steel ornaments and then I'll talk about the other new ornaments. So the so I have, I showed some of the steel ornaments and the other day I came up with this. Oh my gosh. Why don't we pair 'em with patents? So we have cards that would totally coordinate with the ornament. So I thought I would just show those to you. And the cool thing is they'll just slip right into a card if that's what you just wanted to send as a little gift to someone. So there's that one, but check this one out.

Yes. I found sewing machine, sewing machine. Isn't that exciting. And then mixer. Mixer. So I think these would be like the perfect card. If you're gonna give this as like a little shower gift housewarming gift, you know, I, I just think it's so fun to have a coordinating card. I don't know. What do you think? Maybe I'm just goofy cuz I like things to match. Oh and, and on the sewing machine, I have two sewing machine cards. Here's the other. The sewing table. I have my grandmother's old sewing machine singer, sewing machine table. I love it so much. And then there's this one. Oh, thanks Cindy. I think these are so fun. I don't know. These are the things I think about when I'm supposed to be, I'm not working and I'm just, you know, taking my evening walk. I'm like, oh my gosh, patent cards would be amazing. And then I couldn't wait to get here to make them. So that that's that's me in a nutshell.

New ornament line. These are made from recycled circuit boards. Check it out. What do you think? So this is the first one. There's I think there's six. So this one, and I wanna ask your opinion on one of them in a minute, but a candy cane and I'll post a link to everything after I get off. If they don't have. Links anymore. So I'm just gonna have to do that. So hopefully that works for everybody, but are these like the cutest thing you've ever seen? So these are rec recycled. I'm gonna hold it up. They're not smooth. They actually have like, that's the actual circuit board piece or technology, whatever you wanna call it, equipment. It's right there. And so, but they're really lightweight. So they won't make you tree sag. Look at a snow. Oh, isn't the candy cane awesome. Cindy, I love these.

I, we didn't have a snowflake yet, so I got the snowflake it's blue. And to me, I guess I always thought that circuit boards, I don't know, maybe I'm naive or I always thought they were just black. I didn't realize they came in all different colors. Did you guys know that? So I learned something new, but I op you know, ordered them. So this is blue. This one is so adorable. check it out. It's a little robot. , isn't that so cute. And I should mention that every single one is different because they're being cut from, from circuit boards. So like, so this, this, you know, see how they're different. So you just, but aren't, they like the robot. How cute would that be for a a little kid that's so into computers and technology, a star. and, okay, so this is the one I have a question on. I I think it's super cute. It's a cat, it's a brownish black, you know, you know how I dunno if this happens to you, but sometimes when you're wearing black pants and you pair it with something, they look brown or blue, and then when you wear a different shirt with it, then they look a different color of the black pants. That's how I feel about this cat. It looks brown sometimes, but it looks black other times, but see, this is it. But then I came up with this idea, cuz I never stopped thinking about work. What do you think about with a, like a little ribbon around its neck with a little jingle bell? I bought these little jingle bells. Do you think. Good or should I leave it just blank? Really cute. Cat. Isn't the cat adorable. But do you think I should add the jingle bell or should I just leave it by itself and leave it alone? So that's like my, my question. I'd love everyone's input on that, but aren't they so cute. And again, they're all, they're just circuit recycled circuit boards. How ingenious is that? So. there's that. So if you're just jumping on now, you can scroll back and see this whole new circuit board. Oh, you like it by itself? Better. Thanks, Kristen. I appreciate that. Offer both ways. Oh, that's a great idea. Look at you. solving all my problems. I thank you, Cindy. .

So, so that's the whole new circuit board line there. So there's the sixth of 'em. If you're just joining, I will. I'll just do real quick. One more time. Maybe I won't. They got stuck. Okay. Snowflake, do you have a favorite? The cat, the candy cane has the little screen sat and ribbon already on it. The Christmas wreath with the red ribbon. And the robot is, I think that's my personal favorite. It's just so cute just for kids. I think that would be perfect. We always like to get, you know, special ornaments for, um, our kids whenever they were growing up. So that's, that's what we always did. We let them pick, I, I would take 'em to the store and just let them pick whatever they wanted and it it's quite amusing. Now looking back, you know, we have some very interesting ornaments and. Of that my kids chose through the years. So the other thing that I got again in my like excited, I can't wait to show you.

I'm gonna show you is I have the new holiday designs. There's four new holiday designs this year for cards, and I'm really excited about them. And so this is our first one it's called Nordic sweater. Okay. And I'll just pull it out so you can see it better. I'll hold it up. So, you know, those nor that's basically not very creative with the names, but let's just call it what it is. And so there's that one. I really like it, it adds, you know, I think this will be great with some winter scene pictures and let's see, I couldn't believe it. When we were making designs this year, we were looking at all the cards. , I didn't have a single card that said Merry Christmas. Isn't that crazy? Like what the heck? So now we have Merry Christmas. I think it's great. Just old pictures of my kids, but I, oops. I dunno what that, there you go. That's not very good, but let me hold it up so you can see it has a little tree here and then it has little yellow stars, little interest. So I think that's. And again, all the cards work vertical or horizontally they're design. So you don't have to know what picture you are using in advance. This one I've been wanting to do for probably three years, and I finally created the right design in my head or on paper and had I come up with the designs and we find the artwork and then I have a graphic designer who puts my visions. to paper or to computer, cuz I don't have that skill. I probably could learn it, but I can only do so much.

So, but check this one out. I call it tropical Christmas. Look at that. They're a little starfish with Santa hats and then a Palm tree with a ball and a present a beach ball and a present underneath. So I think that one's really cute. What do you think? So I'll take it out. So you may see my. There's that one and it's oh, I should show you like the waves in the sand. What is that? I have to put my glasses on too. How cute. Thanks. Thank you. Isn't this one? Like adorable. . I love the little starfish. They have like little facial expressions almost on them. They're really cute. So there's that one, the tropical Christmas.

And I will give credit to Vinny. That's my husband. And if anyone doesn't know and on our morning walk one day, he's like, why don't you do one with carolers? And I was like, carolers what are you talking about? But then I realized he meant Christmas carolers so here's this vision. His, I, you know, spurred this whole card, so it ha we have Christmas carolers here and then we have sheet music, jingle bells on it. So if you hate it, you go blame Vinny, but I think this one's great too, and I love how he gets involved with everything. So there's that, and I, I like the gray because. then, you know, it's in the background and your picture is more in the focal point for this particular heart. But I think it's really fun with the jingle bells and yeah, he just told me carless, I'm like, what about cheap music? And I love it when someone gives me an idea. And then I can just, you know, make it come to life and add, add onto it. So I really like that feature as well, or this card. Yeah.

So those are the new holiday cards that, you know, I thought I would share. And what else do I have? That's it for? That's all the new things I have and more is coming in over and over again. And yeah, we just spend, honestly, I know I say this all the time, but it's, it's been Christmas here. Just like we got all the all our holiday cards in last year, we ran outta Holly, which makes me very anxious when you run out of something, cuz I never want run out cuz I always want everyone to be happy and get their products. So I ordered more. then last year. So hopefully that will you know, meet our needs, but so we've got them but we're busy getting the sets packed so that when Christmas does come, it's easier for me to just get your orders out instead of packing and then, you know, putting 'em assembling 'em is the right word, I should say. Yeah. So do you have any questions about anything I showed y'all. I just really like, oh, I should. In case you missed last week, here's Clarence for 2022. Okay. Have him sitting on the table. I am like loving him so much. I just can't the passport, the luggage tag. That's a snowman with his name on it. The travel or bust, the north pole. Like there isn't anything I don't like about him. I just love him. But . So, I don't know what y'all think about him too.

So if you have any questions, if you think of something after I get off, you know, always put it in the comments or you can message me through Facebook or you can get onto my website and Plymouth and there's that chat with us button in the bottom right here in corner of the website. And you could always pop me a message there. I'm, I'm happy to answer them. If you wanna see me being. Ridiculous or see new things and learn about other stuff. I am on TikTok, Plymouth and yeah, I try to post some of them every once in a while onto Facebook, but yeah, I post about two talks a day. And you don't have to have an account. You can just get on there and watch them. If that's something, if you're looking for something to do and you wanna see some learn about the post office, I've started a post office series. So I will be posting those on Facebook sporadically though, as well. And I think that's, that's what I've got for you today. So I so appreciate you being here with me. It's always so fun. Having people chatting with me Yeah, it makes it really nice. So thank you for that. And I will be back next week with more. All right. Thank you. I hope you have a great rest of your day. Appreciate it.