New Glass Suncatchers & Ornaments - Live with Lisa Week 112

August 10, 2022 0 Comments

New Glass Suncatchers & Ornaments - Live with Lisa Week 112-Plymouth Cards


Hey, how are you today? Lisa here, at Plymouth cards. And it's Wednesday. How are you all doing? I am doing fabulous. And

, and now it seems dark. Can you see me? Okay. I'm not sure what just happened, but we'll just go with it. I'm not sure what just happened. I'm gonna put my

my, there we go. That's better. Okay. Yeah. How are you? So I have some, they just came in yesterday afternoon, the new, you know, how we have the. Ornaments that are made for recycled wine bottles. Well, I just got all the new designs in and I thought I would share them with you. They're all up on the website.

I made sure before I, , got on here so that you could see them and oh, actually before I even start, I have a quick question. Is anyone an, a apple expert? I am having trouble. I was going to go live today on Facebook and Instagram for like the first time in four years. And it didn't work out because look at, does anyone else ever have this problem with their I, my iPad has this apple.

It won't go away. . So if anyone knows any tips on how to fix that, I have been online. I've been trying different things, but everything they say isn't working. So I didn't know if anyone else has had that problem, if you do, let me know. And, , I'm not sure why it's not letting me.

Is it still, I think I'm still alive. I literally can't see if okay. There. All right, say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I'm Lisa Plymouth cards. I'm here in plant city, Florida. And today I was gonna show you all the new wine model designs that just came in. So, alright. And they are, they're all up on the website.

And I know I say this every week. I know it's only August, but I get super excited and I thought I would show you all the new ones. So you can just keep it in your mind when you're, when you start your planning. So we got a. and these aren't just one, , ornaments. They're also some catchers, so that's cool.

So we got a cute little chef. and let me know when you see them, if you have a favorite. Ooh. Okay. So, , and if you wanna see any of the, , other designs from last year, I have those all replenished. I have that whole stock replenished as well. I'll show you, but I was just gonna show you, I think I have nine new designs right now.

So, look at that snowman and we could say that's a baby or the little kid playing either way. I think that one's cute too. So, oh, I love this new new house. Like how creative in IGL, because of course that's where a snowman would live. What do you think? , I think that one's adorable too. I like them all, obviously, cuz I honestly, , I don't buy things for the, , for us to sell if I don't like it.

That sounds funny, but I don't really cuz I feel like if I don't like. I don't think y'all like it. Who knows? Maybe I'm crazy. , oh, we got this one in holding a bottle of wine and a glass of, , a glass of wine. So that I think this would be really fun if you do book club, , would, you know, to give, , if you do gifts for that.

And so there's that, , cool. Get this one in. It's an engineer with his train. I love her. , this was not one of my ideas, but I just love that she, , is always receptive to my ideas as well. I got this one singing snowman with the Cardinal and the sheet music. Do you like any of these so far? , everyone's being so quiet.

, I'd love to know what you think. I'll just see. Yep. , Ooh. Oh, okay. So here we go. I got wedding and there's three wedding ones so that we have all options. We have the bride groom, and then we have

the two brides and then you guessed it. We have two grooms that way everyone's included. And yeah, I think those came up really nice. Let me know, are you in agreement? And then, , we get the, I mentioned, I think the survey before, but I did the survey and one of the, , requests on the survey was hummingbird and she had hummingbird.

So I thought, oh, why not? I love it. It's so cute. This is you. If I had a kitchen window, I would be buying this. It's really interesting in Florida. Well, in the area where I'm living in Florida, the kitchens don't have windows to the outside, which I'm not used to, but I guess in new England, where I, or where I lived in Massachusetts, the kitchen was in the back of the house.

And then you would look over the backyard and now kitchens are on the side of the house. So I guess you would just be like looking into your. Window. So maybe that's why they don't have 'em, but, but anyway, that's a long version of why I don't have a kitchen window, but look, I like this one too. The dragon fly.

So they're great. They're anywhere from two to four inches, they very in size because. There each one is cut and made separately. They're all individuals. So the, the painting is, you know, she does it all by hand. So each one will be different. So if you bought more than one, you would, , you know, they won't be exactly the same size, shape colors, you know, not colors, but you know, the color, actually, the colors can very slightly, depending on if she, you know, how she makes the.

and let's see,

are there any other ones that you want me to show you today since I'm here and I've got them all right there. I don't know if you can see them all on the wall. , I'd be happy to show you any of them. And, , so I have. oh, so next week I will have the wooden ones that I've been talking about. They'll be in next week.

I just got the notification that they shipped out the getting them on Friday. Hopefully I can wait till Wednesday. Who knows? I'm so excited. Inpatient. And so there's that. Oh, and I wanted to show you a new card idea. Hold on. I'm gonna go back and grab it. I forgot to get it when, , I got on, let me go grab it and show.

I thought this was a really fun idea because, well, maybe you're not like my family, but, , board games, you know, when kids are growing, when kids are growing up and they're playing with the board games, they, the board games always seem to get ruined. And then you end up, well, maybe you. I ended up keeping a bucket full of the game pieces and I'm like, oh, I could do something with these someday.

So I came up with this idea to put them in a card. So it's all monopoly pieces. What do you think about that? And then I thought, you know, I think this will be so great for a, a game room or someone that likes to play games, put it right in a frame. I. I really, do you have any other ideas of things I can put into cards?

You know, I've been really working on coming up with some fun ideas. I've done sewing, quilting. What else? So sewing quilting, embroidery comics, , sheet music. Oh my gosh. There's so many things. I, but lottery tickets. , Obviously photographs and artwork. Those are, you know, the two most popular, but I just thought it would be fun to show, show some more ideas on the, on the guides, but we've got that and okay.

, Clarence 20, 22 is almost here. I have all the holiday cards in stock and I have a new order of cards coming. Just the everyday cards they're coming next month. Yeah. This is like the busiest time for ordering and taking in new inventory. So, yeah, it's a little crazy. I have this whole, I don't know if, yeah.

I'll show you right here that big, all those white. That is all the envelopes that I just got a big pallet of those. And I don't know, maybe you saw one of my videos of me unpacking those all. That's always, , I'm gonna do that in another day or two. I just need to make space. That's what I've got today.

If you have any questions, if you're not watching this live and you have any questions about the, , the recycled ornaments from wine bottles, let me know. Or, and sun catches. I just always default to. Ornaments, but they are sun catchers too. If you have any questions and wanna see one up close and personal that I didn't show, just write it in the comments in, I will definitely give you a screenshot or a link right.

To the website so you can see them and you can get in touch with me by. Doing chat with us here on the Facebook page, you can get onto the website and do chat. , you can call me at (877) 830-3405. And I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks. Thanks for being here. And I appreciate you watching.