Ugly Sweater ornaments & One of a Kind cards

August 17, 2022 0 Comments

Ugly Sweater ornaments & One of a Kind cards-Plymouth Cards


Hey, how are you today? I'm Lisa here at Plymouth cards, just in case you don't know who I am. And I so appreciate you being here today. I have so many great things. So today I have some new ornaments to show you. I know, I know it's still August, but I get it. I just wanna show 'em to you. I wanna ask your opinion about some, a card that I'm working on, and then I have some new one of a kind card.

So that's what I've got in store for you today. And probably other things as I think of them. And then I'll run out back and grab it like usual. Although I, you know, I always try so hard not to run out back. I always end up having to get something. So how are you today? Let me know where you're watching from.

Say. I am in Plant City, Florida, which is, you know, in between Tampa and Orlando, just in case you're wondering where plant city is and it's, you know, steamy today. I'm sure it's probably steamy where you are too, since it is summer, but yeah, don't be shy. Say hi, let me know what you, you know, where you are and if you have any questions or comments along the way, please pop 'em in there.

I put on my glasses today, so I'll, hopefully I'll be able to read what you write, right? All right, let me get into it. I'm not even sure what to do first. So I think I will show you, oh, should I show you the ornaments or, you know what? I'm gonna show you the ornaments in one second, but I wanna ask your opinion first on this these patent cards that I'm working on.

So a lot of the patents have some of them say United States post off patent office and some don't. So I'm just wondering which way do you like it better. If I manually have this put on before I print the patent, do you like it better with it or without? So that's my little question of

the us patent office on the top or without I'd love your opinion. You guys always give me great ideas. So thank you so much. All right now onto our brand ornament, these are the . These are like, so stinking. Cute. I can't even tell you. So they're ugly sweater ornaments, and I have, I have nine different ones to show you, just so, so you hold tight.

So we have a mountain Ugly sweater. These are made by the same company that makes our state heart ornaments. And so she I'm holding it sideways. So now we have an ugly sweater line. Are they just, I can't tell you how excited when I saw these and I'm just gonna pull them. I have a little stack here. I don't know what order they're gonna come into.

Ugly Sweater ornament are here

I got some states, not all states are available, but some states are, so you get your own state, Minnesota. and they're about an eighth of an inch thick they're made of solid wood. They're hand painted. And let me show you, whoops, here we go. We have Michigan. I'm definitely learned all my state shapes with all these ornaments that we've been doing, but here let me hold up.

The detail is that hopefully that's not blurry for you, but you know, it's really the the places where it's not red. That's actually indented. Yeah, it's carved. That's probably the better word that indented, but you all know what I mean? Here's Indiana. So there's nine of 'em. I have six states available and then three.

Ooh, that aren't states here. I'm gonna show you here's another one. Check this one out a snowman on your ugly sweater. I don't know. Hopefully that makes you laugh too. Makes you smile. , but they're all, you know, solid wood and they all come with the same kind of twine hanger. It has a little bit of gold in it.

Can you see that? So it'll sparkle on your tree. So let me know what you think about these as I show them to you or as you hop on. And if you wanna see something up closer, just let me know and I'll show it to you. I I'm trying not to go too fast, but then I don't wanna bore you either. Here's Wisconsin in.

So, and then I have California. So like I said, I have six states available and three oh, here's Ohio, Ohio. So, and last but not least we have a snowflake, so I have six states and then I have the snowflake, the snowman in the mountain for the people that I don't have your state for, but are they. As soon as I saw them, I dunno if I already said that I just needed to I'm like, I need to get those they're so adorable.

And they will all the ones that have the state will come with a little card that I've done up about just some like little facts about the state and the ones that don't have a. I don't know what I'm gonna do yet, but there will be something. So don't worry. I will definitely put something, but you know, so this, this little card about California, it says, did you know it became the 34 30 first state on September 9th, 1890.

The motto is Eureka. I have found it. The flower is the golden poppy. The bird is the California Val valley quail. And the song is, I love you, California. So you. I think it's always fun to include a little something with the ornaments. We started doing that. We didn't do it the first year we offered ornaments.

It was going viral and we honestly didn't have time to do work, do figure that all out. But now we've got it. We've got everything under control. So now we start adding cards in about different, the different ornaments. So we don't have any, we don't do it for the glass. We do it for the pewter and for the wooden.

So we're working on it. We're or if you have any ideas on other things to add, let me know. I'd love to know. So that's all the ornaments. Oh, I should show you a fun project I've been working on for a realtor. This is so, so not what I intended to talk about today, but here we go. she's having me print a picture of the house that she's selling right now.

And so I'm print, I printed it out on this matte paper. It's the same paper as our cards and it really looks like a little piece of artwork. And then she also wanted to see it as a stencil image. And I can just do this in Photoshop and yeah. So she's gonna decide on which one she wants and then they'll get wrapped up in a little set for her client.

And that's what I'll do. So just a little sidebar project that I'm working on, thought I'd share and oh, the one of a kind card. So one of a kind cards, there's all different ones. And as I introduce more and more, I will share them here with you. So alright, so I'm gonna do game pieces. Oh. On our website, go to greeting card.

One of a Kind cards can be found here

Greeting cards, one of a kind and they'll be there. And as they get added, you know, there's one of each, so as things change, it'll update quantities, et cetera. But so I'm gonna take. Monopoly money is the background and then cards as the front. And, and this is really fun. It's a greeting card. It's blank inside, like all our cards and then they can, the receiver can frame it.

So lemme show you, I have my frame ready today. So I have the frame. Can you just pop it right in, just like that. And now it's. there you go. So it fits right into a frame. I think that's really fun. It's very nostalgic who didn't play monopoly, but I have more games are coming more. Let me think of what I got over there.

I have life careers clue. Sorry. I'm gonna forget something for sure. But as I add them, I'll put it on the Facebook page. Okay. Another one of a kind. Option that I'm adding is stamps. I've been doing a whole series on stamps. If you've been following me on TikTok periodically, I post them here. But so I have some love stamps and I'm gonna make a bunch of different sets of different things, but this is some they're love stamps.

They've all been canceled. They're not you can't take these off and then mail a letter. They're all canceled as you can tell by the marking on them. But I have a heart with this is in avocado. it's Blake inside. Like, you know, and again, get your frame so you can send it to someone and then they can frame it.

So, and then I also did it in Harbor blue. So those are two one of a kind cards that they're on the website now. And so then I have doing the, like I said, I'm doing the game pieces and then I'm doing Movies. These are original VHS tape covers that I'm slicing and Dyson and making into cards. So I have these all on the website.

They're all available. Some, you know, but like they're under greeting cards, one of a kind, and you can just see them and this would be great for the, the little Kidding you or the kid that loves the movie, you could send them a card, you know, with their favorite Disney movie. If I have it available again, they're, you know, it's, as I get stock in I'll make them and put them on the website, but then, you know, you can send them, you know, wouldn't you be the special person to send them a card of their favorite movie and then they can put it in a frame and remember that you send it to.

So, so that's that if you have any questions, you know, let me know if you're not watching this live. Put the questions in the comments too, and I will respond when I get off. Of course, or I do respond periodically throughout the day. What else was I gonna say? Oh, all the ornaments that I showed you, the little ugly sweaters.

They're so cute. I love them so much. They all they'll come in the little bags, like I always do use the four different options just depends on what we have in stock and who if it's myself or Vinny on the weekend packing. So that's how that works. And, yeah. So if you ever wanna see anything up close and personal, if I'm not live to see your comment.

You know, put it in the comments and I'll grab it and I'll do another video for you. I'll tag you in it or do it right to your comments. So you can see, and that's what I've got for today. So the ugly sweater, ornaments I just love them so much. Hopefully you love them as much as I do. And yeah, so that's what I've got the ugly sweaters, the card.

I'd love to know your feedback on that. And then the one of a. I hope you have a great rest of your day. And I thank you so much for being here or I thank you for watching after the fact.