Plymouth Cards Unboxing with Beni

April 18, 2020 0 Comments

Plymouth Cards Unboxing with Beni-Plymouth Cards

Hi, everybody, its Beni. So, I just got my order from Plymouth Cards, and I figured I would open it up and show you guys what I got. They shipped super quickly, usually within the next business day, but if not within two for sure. One thing I love about my cards is that they are really focused on being environmentally friendly. For instance, this is packaged in newspaper, and it's actually reused in newspaper too. So, whatever the newspaper company couldn't use, they package. They have a little thing that just says they've partnered with their local newspapers to help just reduce weeks, which is really awesome. I need to get this ribbon off first. So, it's like another layer of tissue paper that is environmentally friendly, but it's wrapped really well. Then on the inside, you have a cardboard wrap, which is really cool. That little camera, that's a nice touch.

Oh, that's really nice that their company is printed on the back and the cardboard, I like that. Another really cool thing, if you actually look in here, you can now take some scissors and cut these out and use these to give us gift tags, which is really cool. Definitely just like another great way to reuse it. So, this is just like a sampler variety pack that I got. They have instructions on how to insert your cards. I can definitely talk about that in a second too. But yeah, I have a bunch of different colors. This is like their standard line. I also got like some pattern one, these are like their everyday patterns. I really like that, and I'll kind of show you guys what I use them for. So, you can put in four by six photos into these and then put them in a five by six frame. So, this is an example of one that I have framed, and I just think it makes it look a little bit nicer, and I have some pictures that I was going to be printing soon. But I was out of card. So, I want to place this order. I could have some variety to place my cards in. 

Also, this one is made out of recycled coffee bean bags, which is really cool, has a really nice texture to it, and I even got some nature ones and these are really like smooth, but they have little expects on them. Sorry, my lighting is kind of intense here, and then for every card that you ordered, they do send you an envelope to go with it. So, if you're sending them by mail, or if you're selling photography, and you want to have that envelope included, you can do that as well, and they also sent me over their catalog. So, you can just kind of see like what else they've got.

They have a ton of different colors as you can see here. A bunch of different lines, like their nature wine or coffee line, and I tried to get something from every line just to get kind of a variety. Sure, we have those. They have some samplers in different packs too. Overall, it's something that I really enjoy putting my cards in, I think it adds a nice touch. It's also a good way if you're giving a card to a friend to put in a picture and just make it personalized and then you can just write something on the inside. One other thing that I love is supporting small businesses is that they always hand write a little thank you note on my receipt, which is really cool. I just like that little touch of it. But yeah, let me know what you think about the cards. I know, I really love them. So yeah, let me know what you think, and if you could let me know which one you want to get, and which color or texture.

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