Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with Plymouth Cards

April 18, 2020

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with Plymouth Cards-Plymouth Cards

Earth Day is celebrated in the United States on April 22. It was first celebrated here in 1970 and in 1990 it was organized into a global Earth Day, observed by approximately 200-million people in more than 140 countries. Around the world it’s either celebrated on April 22 or the day the vernal equinox occurs

Those who celebrate nature and all its beauty are often moved to photograph its uniqueness. When those photos are shared, others are inspired to appreciate nature and perhaps wonder how they can help preserve it, restore it where it’s been lost or damaged, and enjoy it more often.

Earth Friendly Photo Insert Cards | Plymouth Cards

At Plymouth Cards, we practice conservation efforts every day. All our photo insert note cards and other stationery products are made of recycled paper or other eco-friendly, natural materials such as jute and coffee bean bags. Our paper products (gift tags, packaging, tissue paper, catalogs, etc.) are made from post-consumer recycled paper.

The twine used for gift tags and to wrap our card packages is made from cotton and hemp which are natural and biodegradable materials. The card wrap has gift tags on the inside for customers to reuse with the accompanying twine, resulting in almost zero waste. We even reuse shipping boxes and collect unused newspapers from a local newspaper company to pack customer orders. 


Every part of our business, from online orders to our paper catalog, from our products to the materials we use for shipping, is intentionally selected to help reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can. We celebrate the spirit of Earth Day every day, and it’s our pleasure to help our customers feel confident they’re using earth-friendly products every time they send a thank you card, share a photo card, or proudly display their photography.

Plymouth Cards has been in business over 15 years and we are proud to actively work at reducing our carbon footprint every year.

Visit our blog for other ideas on how we incorporate recycled items and support businesses that do.

Do you have any suggestions on other ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle? Comment below, we are always looking for ways to improve. 

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