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Why You Should Print Your Photos

September 03, 2018

Why You Should Print Your Photos

Pictures are something we have an abundance of, especially with social media allowing us to share them so quickly and effortlessly. Many may even wonder; is there still a need for printing photos? YES! 

There is something about holding a printed picture that you just can't get from seeing a picture online or on someone else's phone. It makes the photo more meaningful and allows you to appreciate it so much more. This is why during the holidays we send printed out cards to our friends and family and don't just email them. 

When you go through old family albums it is always special getting to touch and hold the pictures up close and personal, and it is up to us to be sure that our generation's kids and grandkids can have that very same experience when looking at our photos.

Now obviously we aren't trying to tell you to print off every picture you ever take, but all the ones with you and your friends and family that are good enough to be put on your Facebook wall or Instagram feed deserve a place in a family album somewhere! A picture is only as good as the paper it's printed on. Or even if you just want to hang the pictures up in your room to display!

Not to mention printing pictures is extremely cheap, it can be done at home on your printer or you can order prints online at a convenient store and they'll be ready for pick up within an hour!

Want some tips and ideas on how to start a scrapbook/family album? Be sure to stay tuned for next month's blog post to learn all about it!

-Beni @PlymouthCards.com

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