Ways To Use Your Plymouth Cards

August 08, 2018 0 Comments

Ways To Use Your Plymouth Cards-Plymouth Cards

One thing we love about our product is that it's great quality, made in the USA from recycled materials AND so versatile! Okay so that was three things, but who's counting? Thanks to our amazing customers we have seen what you all are able to create and display with the help of our cards and we wanted to take a moment to share these amazing ideas!

1. Postcards

One way to save a postcard from a trip you went on or that was sent to you by a loved one is to frame it in a Plymouth Card! The 4x6 postcards slide in easily and can be displayed for years to come! The only question, picking which color will truly tie it all together. 

2. Cross stitching

What a great way to share the love with even more people! For those of you cross stitchers out there a card is a great way to share and display your amazing hard work!

3. Art

Whatever kind of medium you use we love seeing art displayed in our cards! 

3. Announcements

From birth announcements to graduation announcements we've got you covered. A card helps share your special news with friends and family in a way that they can keep and hold onto for years to come!


4. Pictures:

Of course! How could we forget pictures? One of my favorite parts of taking a great picture is trying to decide which color the photo will look best in (sunset below pictured in Heather).

5. Corporate/University Events:

What better way to make your event classy and coordinated than with a matching card?

5. Anything you desire!

And last but not least, you can display *anything* in a Plymouth Card! From Real Estate to school functions we do it all! No rules here, just make something you're proud of and we'll help you show it off!

Beni, PlymouthCards.com